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Yoga Entrepreneur to Marry Billionaire Investor George Soros, World Takes Deep Breath

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Once upon a time, a billionaire liberal philanthropist/investor married a 40-something health and yoga entrepreneur and they gave all their money to charity, making food, water, shelter and yoga accessible to everyone in the world creating a global shift towards universal consciousness and world peace. Huzzah!


Well, at least the first part is true. George Soros, an insanely wealthy man, at 82, is engaged to Tamiko Bolton, a 40-year-old entrepreneur who has something to do with yoga. The lucky third lady (Soros was married twice before, Bolton once before) has been described by multiple news sources as a “yoga firm boss” or “internet yoga entrepreneur” or “MBA-degreed” who “operates a website about yoga.” With a moderately quick search on the interwebs we can’t quite find what yoga site she could possibly run, though it’s supposed to have something to do with a “Web-based yoga-education platform.” Anyone else have a guess?

Tamiko Bolton and George Soros Partner Yoga

Well maybe world peace is a little too optimistic, but just think of all the good and probably outrageous things they could do! If the recently defeated founders of GLBL Yoga are paying any attention this could be their golden ticket. Then they could put on, like, the biggest yoga class, like ever ever!



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  • Stewart J. Lawrence

    Another Shakti gold digger scores! Woo hoo! What is this, two yoginis in just two months? This lady puts Anna Nicole to shame. Spread those legs honey! You know, yoga – especially in America — really is a VERY TRADITIONAL practice. I keep learning that every day.

    What a spiritual leader! I tell you, yoginis like this woman are such pioneers and role models for our young women coming up. Awesome! I can feel the flower in my heart, singing KA-CHING!!

  • I have no problems with who marrying who, whatever the age. However I do have a problem not finding any information online for an ‘internet yoga entrepreneur’. In this day and age, even my small business, Plank, heat activated grip yoga mats, has minimal SEO & still come up in the first pages of a Google search. When one has created a successful internet company, wouldn’t one own at least the top 5 spots of a Google Search.

    • Stewart J. Lawrence

      Did you Google “Wheelchair Kama Sutra”?

      • Too funny, you had me going to the Google toolbar and then the penny dropped… Seriously I can’t find the internet entrepreneur…

        • Stewart J. Lawrence

          Let’s face it: these days yoga is really just “conceptual marketing” – a convenient “signature” for hawking anything even remotely related to body self-obsession and mindlessness.

          Apparently, she operates a “website related to yoga.” It could just be video porn chat site for all we know?

    • turtle

      Doreen, I’m wondering the same thing.

  • Stewart J. Lawrence

    I love the silence from the female peanut gallery on this post!

    You might as well fire away ladies because Soros isn’t going to give you a fucking dime — and you’re wasting your time thinking about how you might sidle up to his mistress-turned-wife to convince him – or her – to?

    Madame Dork’s fawning over this lady is pretty embarrassing – no question. But imagine if it were an 82 year old male yogi and a young yogini student – you guys would be all over this decrying this terrible and abusive yoga patriarchy?

    I love it.

    • pretty embarassing, no question

      Dear Stewart,

      Please unsubscribe me from your newsletter.

      • Stewart J. Lawrence

        Oh come on, you posted this incredible swill. And you’re constantly extolling the virtues of your favorite yoga celebs, slamming the ones your jealous of, and beating up on all the boys (you’re also jealous of). I think adding a little reporting on the latest bimbo eruption in the yoga world is fair game. You brought it up? Toodles. Always a pleasure.

        • pretty embarrassing, no question

          Oh dear, sweet Stewart, I am so sorry to have missed your rant. I was spending all my time reading the comments on the new post about periods, waiting for you to jump in half-cocked with another misogynist rant about how women ought to use their vaginas.

          Also, you seem to have me mistaken. I’m not YogaDork, or a lady for that matter. But I do weary of seeing your name pop up so reliably here, your little nuggets of wisdom flecked with demeaning terms for women, like partially digested corn in a turd.

          But I do realize you’re entitled to your opinion, and your right to express it. But then, so am I… whatever shall we do, you little knob goblin?

  • Stewart J. Lawrence


    Turns out that George Soros was bonking a 28-year old Brazilian aspiring actress and he got tired of her. But before his latest bonk, the our gold-digging yogini Tamiko, moved in on the ex’s “turf,” Soros made the mistake of promising his ex- a “dream condo.”

    Well, she’s history and she still doesn’t have her condo! Waaaaaaa….

    But the plot sickens. Soros agreed to make-up sex with the Brazilian and when he was “done” – ahem – he whispered into her ear, for spite I guess, “I gave your condo to Tamiko.”

    Well, that was it, of course. Now the actress and our beautiful yogini Tamiko are engaged in a running catfight in Soros’ building.

    Each party is bad-mouthing the other to anyone who will listen – neighbors, doormen, security guards, etc. And both have filed charges of harassment.


    What is it about the Tantra that women just can’t handle?

    Jealousy, sex, murder — it just seems to bring out the worst in you guys.

    Yoga during PMS? No way, madame Dork, if I want a free-fire zone, I’ll go to Afghanistan.

    btw — All of this is in the scandal press – somehow the Dork, in her love of all things yogini, forgot to mention it.

  • Stewart J. Lawrence

    If you want the Full Monty of Yoga Trollop Tripe, here it is —

    George’s girls —



    Fun reading for a Thursday afternoon.

    I love yoga’s Olympian heights, but those depths! Like a running sewer…Phew!

  • Lauren Parker

    Stewart, you sound like a misogynist and you should use your more constructively . Perhaps reread the Gita- the trash you are on about does not belong on this website.

  • Lauren Parker

    Stewart, you sound like a misogynist and you should use your time more constructively . Perhaps reread the Gita- the trash you are on about does not belong on this website.

  • char

    !♥Steve Read♥!

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