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This Week In Yoga: Yoga Wins Gold Medal in Reducing Stress | PantyGate Shakedown | Hate/Love Yoga Lessons

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Welcome to August! Yes, we know it’s been over a week into the 8th month of 2012, but this year’s been speeding by so quickly Usain Bolt is struggling to catch up, so we felt the need for a reminder. After all, very soon it’s back to school and you know what that means. Back to school yoga, of course! We’ll don our new shiny shoes and freshly pressed trousers, and we may even have a new trick or two up our sleeves to share for show and tell. Stay tuned.

Speaking of hat tricks, shout out to the USA Womens Soccer team for winning gold! (They’re yogis, you know.) And congrats to the Olympians world wide for giving it their all over the past two weeks to achieve their dreams.

While you were out perfecting your race walk techniques – Rio 2016! – a few things happened in yogadork land. Cha-cha-cha.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

Being stressed is so stressful! If you’re a momma, your yoga could help you blast the blues. Study Says Yoga Reduces Depression in Pregnant Moms

Then again, maybe it’s your yoga. The latest in YogOpinions by J. Brown: Facing a Stress Epidemic, Getting Intimate With Yoga

As if practicing wasn’t enough to stress you out, try opening a yoga studio. This candid post by a former studio owner is a raw account of the rocky journey. *spoiler* she learns to love it again! ‘If You Want to Learn How to Hate Yoga, Then Open a Yoga Studio’

It’s unfortunate that tragedies are sometimes what it takes for us to all pause and reflect on the past in order to make the world a better place to live in the future. This is one of those “hm…” articles. The Kirtan – Hate Punk Disconnection in Wisconsin’s Tragic Sikh Temple Shooting

victoria's secret yoga panty

So it’s not all doom and gloom news. What do you think this is? One of those yoga blogs that just whines and rants about everything in snarkitude? Ha!

OK, here’s one more dirty fresh one for ya. The Cracks in Victoria’s Secret Yoga Pantygate

And hey, once you decide how you feel about VS Yoga Panties you can download that knowledge and get all the glory!*

You Can Help Tara Stiles Design Her New Reebok Yoga Clothing Line If You Love Her and Stuff   *glory in this case takes the form of Reebok schwag and a feeling of fashionable self-accomplishment.

Last, but quotably not least, a new fun game!  YogiQuotes: Guess Who Said It?

Betty Crocker says, have a gold medal weekend!

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