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You Can Help Tara Stiles Design Her New Reebok Yoga Clothing Line If You Love Her and Stuff

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Next in the running to become America’s Top Yogapreneur! Lookout Russell Simmons. Yoga hipster Tara Stiles sets her sights on the yoga apparel industry, prepares to launch her own line with Reebok.

Why? Because being Deepak‘s muse and guru isn’t enough. Because she’s done everything else, including cure you with yoga, so why the hell not? And because everyone knows if there’s one thing we need more of in this world it’s yoga clothes!

There’s no sneak peek yet, but Stiles describes the line as “super soft, fun, cool, easy, and the fit is really really great!” with items designed for class and street. Which, let us digress, we kind of don’t understand. Is it too much trouble to bring a change of clothes so you can get out of your sweaty, smelly, fungus-y yoga attire? (you know it’s ick) Why must we feel the need to blend the two? Couldn’t you just throw on a tunic?

Anyway, if you want to add your two cents and suggestions for the yoga line debuting January 2013, there’s a focus group happening at Tara’s studio Strala on Thursday, August 16th (coincidentally the same day as the failed World’s Largest Yoga Class. So, consolation prize?) For your input you get Reebok schwag. But you kinda have to already love Tara Stiles and stuff.

Here’s the full invite via Tara’s blog:

Do you love Tara Stiles? Are you a regular participant in her classes? Does her style of yoga fit just ‘work for you?’

If you are a woman and feel these statements describe you, then Reebok wants to talk to you!  We’d love to learn what you love about Tara and her classes; to hear straight from your mouth what the best things are about it and why you can’t stop coming back!

What to expect:

Attend your STRONG classes with Tara as usual!

The discussion group will be held Thursday, August 16th from 5pm-6:30pmat W 26th St. (at 11th Ave).

Some tips to how the group will go:

There are no wrong answers.

Your opinions and thoughts are greatly appreciated and valued.

There is no need to raise your hand; everyone will get a chance to speak freely.

You will be asked questions on the “Strong” class, , your lifestyle, fitness apparel, and other topics.

Everyone will be asked to stay the full hour and a half in order to fully participate in the group discussions.

After the group has finished, you will be free to go enjoy the rest of your evening!

As a thank you for your participation, you will receive a Reebok tank top the day of and a pair of Reebok sneakers in the mail after the group.

For more information and if you are interested in participating, please contact Kim at kim.verna@reebok.com

Your Name

Email Address

How long you have been practicing yoga

How long you have attended classes with Tara


Your hopes
Your dreams
Your income bracket
If you’ve ever lied about losing your homework in the past
How many times you’ve gone to pee during yoga class, and how many of those times was during handstands
If you’ve ever gone to yoga topless
If you’re a thong, a commando or a panty line show-er

You know, the normal rigamarole.

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  • Steph

    YES to the weirdness of having to wear something “studio/street” appropriate. Why is this necessary??? If I’m not practicing at home, I attend a class after work, arrive in my work clothes, change into something stretchy, then put my work clothes back on to walk to my car/coffee shop/wherever I’m going after. Not that difficult.

    • abbylou

      Usually my studio clothes are also street appropriate. I might throw a tunic over. I don’t change back into my work clothes after class.

  • Arlet

    Since I can’t make it in person, I have one virtual request– camel toe free yoga pants, yoga capris please! http://extendyoga.com

  • Twisted Yoga Sister

    How about some yoga clothes that fit real women?! Most of us do not fit into the Lululemon image and size for women. Lets get real when it comes to yoga clothes for women! A size 12, 14, 16 or larger. Most women are not a size 0, 4, 6, 8, 10.

  • VQ2

    Your hopes

    That I could retire while alive

    Your dreams

    Fewer hassles, more joy

    Your income bracket

    If you are Tara Stiles, none of your business, but probably quite a bit less than the size-8-to-0 in 60 months target demographic you’re short-sightedly courting …

    If you’ve ever lied about losing your homework in the past

    Maybe. I’m far too much older than your target demographic to remember

    How many times you’ve gone to pee during yoga class, and how many of those times was during handstands

    If I have a bladder control problem, again, that’s none of your business

    If you’ve ever gone to yoga topless

    No. At home, alone, a few years ago once or twice. I’m sorry – not part of your flattie target demographic … some things flop around too much

    If you’re a thong, a commando or a panty line show-er


  • Serenity


  • honomann

    Why the hell would I want to support Tara Stiles in anything. This lady has “yoga for hangovers” on Youtube. She has absolutely no regard for the practice.

  • I am a huge fan of Tara stiles and believe she is the best in the business she has got a very cunning way of teaching yoga. It is nice that she is working with reebok.

  • And the whore-if-i-cation of yoga continues….

    • ryan

      Is your first name Truth?
      Yeah, the whore-if-i-cation is a real drag.

  • Leon

    Not only is miss Stiles trying to make even more money by selling out yoga, but teaming up with a sports brand famous for sweat shops and pollution? Very classy…

  • Why would I want to do this esp. In light of Reebok insulting yoga practitioners with their new yoga ad.

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