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The Cracks in Victoria’s Secret Yoga Pantygate

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victoria's secret yoga pantyAnd then Victoria’s Secret went ahead and created yoga panties descended from the heavens! Have they gone too far?

YogaDork Ode to underwear:

We need em, we love em.

Sometimes we shove em,

up in our drawers to save and say,

thank you, when it’s yoga time and it’s laundry day.

Perhaps you play the thong the-thong thong thong song. Or maybe you’re part of panty-line show-ers anonymous – I’m Karma Tiptoe Spirit and I’m a panty line show-er. Or, maybe you say forget it altogether, I can not deal with that nonsense, it’s yoga commando for me! Either way, if you’re a lady yogi (and sometimes you dudes apply) underwear somehow manages to wedge its way into your yoga class attire.

It’s not surprising then, that a major provider of underwear and other skivvies, who’s already been selling a line of yoga pants for years would go a layer deeper and offer, you guessed it, yoga panties! We’re talking about Victoria’s Secret and their specially named Yoga Panties line boasting a “no show, smooth and stretchy fit, perfect for yoga pants” available in stores (see video below) but mysteriously absent from their website (?) The underwear has been around for a while as a stretchy alternative to standard cotton underoos, but they’ve just recently plastered the Yoga label on them, because you know, yoga is totally cool these days. Have you heard?

VS loves yoga so much (read: sees it as a cool marketing opportunity) that they even celebrated the launch of new lingerie and body care collections with a special VS Angel-ic yoga class in the city earlier this week. Several VS models such as soon-to-be second time mama Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr have spoken out about their yoga regimens in the past.

What makes them yoga panties, you ask? Nothing really, besides what the tagline suggests. We, of all dorks, understand the surrounding frustration and virtual shaking of fists at pop culture using yoga to hit you where it counts, this time in the privates, but we have to side with the angels on this one and call it like we see it, or don’t see it, if we’re talking about panty lines here. Frankly, call us radical, but underwear lines are of our least concern in yoga class. However, comfort IS important when we’re getting all sweaty and our granny pants are riding up in places finding bandhas only Patanjali could have known about.

Therefore, Victoria’s Secret Yoga Panties? Sure they say the standard ridiculous PINK things like “Make My Day,” “Party With Me” and “You Want Me” but they go under your yoga pants. And let’s face it, we can be thankful they’re not trying to be all righteous with yoga-inspired quotes and manifestos. ahem.  There’s plenty of room for criticism of VS presentation and marketing in general, but overall? These under garments are essentially innocuous, and not any more harmful to yoga than Snooki’s public display of babushka yoga. Unless, of course, they give you wedgie-asana. Because that’s just offensive!

What do you think?  Underwear or UnderWTF?



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  • Pam

    Truth is these “yoga” panties are really made to wear under yoga pants, not to yoga class. Anyone with a daughter of middle/high school age knows that yoga pants are high fashion these days. My 15 year old daughter bought the panties because they don’t show lines under her yoga pants (I am a yoga teacher/practitioner, she “doesn’t like” yoga). Anyway, the Pink line is geared toward and popular among that age group and twentysomethings and really has nothing to do with yoga. As a matter of fact, yoga pants are so popular that her school specifically addresses them in the dress code–your shirt has to cover your butt.

  • Holly

    Oh, that explains it.

    Several months ago they had already offered something called the “Yoga Thong,” which was part of their Pink line and is a comfortable panty that I chose because it was usually cheap (around $3 to $5 when on sale) and comfortable, came in solid colors, and didn’t have a lot of ribbons/lace/cheesy sayings/and the like.

    However, during their semi-annual sale I noticed that this popular “Yoga Thong” was no longer available. I was confused, as I was going to order more. Seemed like a popular item, why would they — oh, wait, there it is. It’s rebranded as the “Seamless Thong Panty.” I wonder why they did that?

    Well, now I know. Because they had to re-release some new something as the “Yoga” thing. Got it.

  • Angela

    According to the blog It’s All Yoga, Baby, these panties (specifically, their *ahem* messages) are meant to SHOW THROUGH your yoga pants in, say, downdog. Which, if true, takes this to another, far ickier level.

  • Kew

    Seriously those that don’t wear underwear of any sort under yoga pants SHOULD, as a teacher I can say for SURE that no yoga pant it totally opaque! so please wear something between either thong or full knicker, it’s better that your true self…..

  • I was done when she said that you can see the letters under your yoga pants so you might as well get beige. My interpretation, These are pointlss in yoga pants except for this one color, unless you want to show the world what you’re wearing. *sigh* I think it’s dumb but let VS have their fun I suppose

  • Marie

    They are silly just like a lot of underwear marketed towards teenagers and young women. And if they don’t ride up when exercising, that’s great. My favorite underwear to workout in are, in fact, a set of VS cotton underwear I’ve had since college. I graduated 20 years ago. I bet these new ones don’t last as long.

  • Lelsie

    I’m a show-er…….If I want to look like I’m not wearing any, I dont wear any.
    A quick comment about the ‘Love Pink’ slogan, it is directly referring to loving vagina. I’m not sure if the young girls/young ladies/grown up women who wear this brand are aware that they are peddling their labia to men everywhere. When a man sees that, he either thinks about the’pink’ or actually glances in the direction of your ‘pink’…… just sayin’!!!

  • Lelsie, where did you hear/read/learn that the ‘Love Pink’ slogan (or anything related to the Pink-branded line) refers to “loving vagina”? I’m curious because I’ve never heard that before. If it is backed up by some Victoria’s Secret document, or marketing or whatever, I’d like to be able to point to it as the source. If it is a regionalism of some sort (I’ve never heard of “pink” used as a slang term to refer to the vagina, but I know anything is possible) I’d like to know about that too. (The latter intrigues me almost more, having just come back from Michigan where “Beaners” coffee decided to rebrand itself as “Bigby”–for the big B in their name–after moving into markets where the terms “Beaners” was a racial epithet.)

  • I enjoy the dark, curvy roses in #2 using the curvy lines
    in the chair. Possibly welting out of the coral/pink
    within the small flowers?

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