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YogiQuotes: Guess Who Said It?

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Welcome to YD’s Who Said It? a fun game where we post a quote and ask you to guess the person who said it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Today’s quote is brought to you by the letters Y for yoga of course, and B for beeswax.

“The great yogi, the great athlete, & the great businessperson are really operating out of the exact same watchful state.”

Which male yoga fan uttered the above quote?

A. Yoga mogul Bikram Choudhury

B. Mogul yogi Russell Simmons

C. Rapper mogul Jay-Z

D. Olympic Basketball Coach, Michael K

Click here for the answer!



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  • some guy

    this is embarrassing. russel, stay out of yoga, please. You clearly don’t get it, just go away. Keep opening factories in developing countries paying people next to nothing and working with leather and fur while pretending that you understand anything. Seriously, get lost.

  • arthur

    its a cute thing to say 🙂
    great… depends on what you mean by great. I hope his variegated expression encourages people to act with attention..

  • love this new quiz feature on YD! fun! and i guessed correctly, woohoo! although i must agree with ‘some guy’ above: uncle rush doesn’t lend much to yoga’s credibility.

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