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This Week In Yoga: Topless Yoga Olympics Takes On Facebook Yoga Retreat, Cool Koshas Chart

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And the gold medal goes to…Yoga! Above: Gabby Douglass aka the “Flying Squirrel” in Flying Hanumanasana! Are you tired of The Olympics yet? Tapas, yogsters, tapas. But speaking of “Chariots of Fire,” don’t forget if Bikram Choudhury et al have their way, we could see Asana champions standing on the podium by 2016.

Then again, if he doesn’t pull it off we can always look forward to his Rolls Royce drag races! We kid. But what if yoga does make it all the way to The Olympics? Would it look more like Jimmy Kimmel had imagined with a Kung Fu kick?

Ouch! We’ll stay on our own mats, thanks. Let us know when they start the Savasana competition. We have news to discuss!

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga

First, winners! Big congrats to Leslie, Angela D and Pam for winning a copy of Yoga for Meditators by Charlotte Bell. Thank you to everyone who entered by sharing their fun, inspiring and overall entertaining responses to “If you could sit in meditation with anyone, dead or alive, real or fictional, who would it be and why?” including the Dalai Lama, Rumi, Steve Jobs, George Harrison and Janis Joplin.

More good news! Study Finds Yoga Benefits Stroke Survivors with Balance, Confidence and Stress Relief

Remember a day when Facebook didn’t take up 12 hrs of your day? Then Farmville came along? It’s not looking any better from here. New ‘Yoga Retreat’ Facebook Game Targets Our Idle Minds

Do you play an instrument? Assume your position! Now stay there. For hours. Repeat. Then please read this: The Mind-Body-Instrument Connection – Yoga for the Arts

So you’re mad that men can take their shirts off and you can’t. Keep your pants on, ladies. Topless Woman Insists On Topless Yoga in NYC to Promote Equality

Yoga Koshas Chart

Here’s the truth: We love charts. We love infographics. And it’s no secret we love yoga. Put them together and you get pretty, informative, lovely stuff like this to love. Five Koshas Infographic Study Chart

OK we have to squeak in a teensy bit more Olympic stuff here, because this is kind of adorable. Deron Williams Tweets Pic of Coach K’s Olympic Yoga

Have a great weekend, champs!

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