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Deron Williams Tweets Pic of Coach K’s Olympic Yoga

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Coach Mike Krzyzewski Takes a Yoga Time OutTwitter is playing an exciting role in this year’s Olympics, and the US basketball team is taking full advantage of the social media platform. Already, tweets of sleeping teammates and silly Opening Ceremony uniforms have made the twitterverse feel like we are backstage horsing around with our champions.

Coach Mike Krzyzewski was enjoying a little pre practice yoga routine when Deron Williams snapped a pic and posted it to Twitter.

Caught coach K working on his yoga before practice! #dedication http://instagr.am/p/NtNT_DIjoT/

Now over 200,000 followers are free to observe and critique his child’s pose, not unlike Kevin Durant’s twitpic of his own vulnerable “awkward haircut” stance.

Now take your shoes off, Coach K!

Go Team!

[Larry Brown Sports]



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  • honomann

    Looks like all that coaching tightens your hips.

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