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This Week In Yoga: False Gurus, The Heart of Teaching Yoga, Get Your Yogi Name…We’re Baaack!

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Oh, hello! It’s been a while, where have you been?? We’ve been busy working on our new business venture, the Yoga Studio/gastropub/clothing store/ laundromat/Ikea/post-Ikea couples therapy. We’ve been dragging our feet setting up an online crowd-funding campaign for $1.75 million but stay tuned!

Let’s see, how about we toss you a riddle to catch up, yeah? Here goes. Which rock and roll star shares with the late Pattabhi Jois not only his birthday, but an affinity for the Royal Queen of asana?

Give up? It’s this guy!

Mick Jagger!  Did you guess correctly? No big deal. Because the news, ALL this news is a big deal (don’t worry we won’t rewind too far back, you lived it after all).  Drum role please…

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga (and a little extra)

First, the latest breaking news in bureaucrat-asana gives NYC studios a big sigh of relief. NY Yoga Studios Will NOT Have to Pay Sales Tax on Classes

Less breaking, Lululemon has a style-cramping stalker and their name is Athleta. Athleta Creeping on Lululemon to Close Gap on Yoga Market

Gurus have been making the news quite a bit lately. ahem.

The Hot One is still in a hot mess of a lawsuit sandwich. Bikram’s Million Dollar Lawsuit War Rages On, What Does He Have To Lose?

And another totally fake one comes with a very real message. Read this brilliant article by guest blogger Alexandra Moga about the very relevant false guru Kumaré: Man in the Mirror: Reflections on an Enlightening Prankster

Then see the real Stephen Colbert interview the real documentary filmmaker Vikram Gandhi about his fake yoga guru on the fake-ish TV show The Colbert ReportStephen Colbert Interviews Vikram Gandhi On His Fake Yoga Guru ‘Kumaré’

Also in the surreal dept. The World’s Largest Yoga Event asked us all to fund an unprecedented $675k gargantuan yoga party in NYC’s Central Park. Turns out that was a bad idea. Organizers cancelled the event, but promised (threatened?) to re-strategize and return in 2013. (some folks have decided to go anyway. August 16th, great lawn?)

woody harrelson does yogaAnyway, cheer up! Woody Harrelson would tell you to relax and climb mountains because pot will only take you to the top floor. Er, just read it: Woody Harrelson Leads Yoga and Meditation for Cast of ‘Bullet for Adolf’

In the ‘For Teachers’ file we have to share with you all three of these must read articles that have struck a chord. Seriously, read all three. Take your time, you have all weekend.

Oh! And hey, we’re a little sort NYC is slow on the uptake after San Fran’s airport yoga studio, but go Texas! DFW Opens Yoga Studio in Bid to Become Healthiest Airport

Funsies for the weekend:
superhero yogaSuperhero Yoga from the Land of Geekdom

Comic book geeks rejoice!

what's your yogi name

What Is Your Yogi Name? Read This Chart and Find Out

Hang with the ranks of Raja Seeker Everlasting and Shimmer Shanti Spirit (Sir Michael Philip “Mick” Jagger and Woodrow Tracy “Woody” Harrelson).

Welcome back! Happy day!

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