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Stephen Colbert Interviews Vikram Gandhi On His Fake Yoga Guru ‘Kumaré’

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Kumare's Vikram Gandhi

Vikram Gandhi aka Kumaré aka documentary filmmaker who, in creating a fake guru, pulled the wool over the eyes of some unassuming folks seeking spiritual guidance, taught them to find the guru within with his Mirror philosophy, then spilled the beans revealing the regular dude in guru clothing, was a guest on The Colbert Report Monday night.

If you’re not familiar with the film, you’ve gotta check it out (trailer below) or at least read this brilliant piece by Alexandra Moga about the false guru and his place in this era of revealing the people behind the guru curtain.

Our favorite part of the interview is probably when Stephen Colbert coyly probes Gandhi about Kumaré’ getting a lot of tail from his female followers, to which Vikram artfully responds:

“The rules of a fake spiritual leader are a lot stricter than the rules of a real one.” ba-dam tsh.


Movie trailer here.

The film is in select theaters now across the country. Check out the screen listing here.



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  • AM

    Hells yeaaa! Go Colbert for featuring Kumare! Go Vikram! I would have been peeing my pants nervous

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