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Woody Harrelson Leads Yoga and Meditation for Cast of ‘Bullet for Adolf’

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“I have always been a big believer that as an actor, it’s best to be in a state of relaxation before you get into a scene or an entire play. So we do yoga, sometimes a little meditation and then vocal exercises. Your tools are much more accessible if you are relaxed as opposed to being tense and uptight.”

woody harrelson does yoga

Actor and overall laid back dude, Woody Harrelson, shares his grounded point of view and working style, something he also shares with the cast of  Bullet for Adolf, his new off-Broadway show that he co-wrote and is directing in collaboration with his old pal Frankie Hyman.

Something else he might pass around? A doobie. But like Woody says:

“Yoga and smoking a joint are very similar things. One, you take the elevator to the top floor, and the other you climb up the mountain. But the one gives you ultimately a deficit, whereas the yoga continually pays dividends.”

Climb those mountains Woody.

[Broadway.com; photo AccessHollywood]



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