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DFW Opens Yoga Studio in Bid to Become Healthiest Airport

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And while we were hemming and hawing over the hippies in San Fran with their fancy new yoga room, the folks in Texas – Texas! – went ahead and hopped on the yoga train, or we suppose that’d be plane. Even the Texas news crew can’t hardly believe it. The Dallas/Fort Worth airport opened their own special yoga room this past spring in the hopes that customers could find a little grounding and un-bunchedness when travelling through The Lonestar State.

“One of our goals at DFW Airport is to really be one of the healthiest airports, one of the best places to travel in the world,” said Amanda-Rae Garcia, the DFW Airport Wellness Manager.

“It’s even just taking a couple of minutes to sit down and just have a couple of breaths and center themselves.  This is good for all ages, all levels of fitness,” Garcia told CW 33 News.

The DFW Yoga Studio is located at Terminal D at Gate D40 and is stocked with yoga mats, hand sanitizer, a yoga DVD playing on the overhead TV and an opportunity to reclaim your peace of mind no matter where your baggage is. (They might invest in some mat spray while they’re at it, but we’ll take it.)

Everything bigger in Texas? Let us know yogi travelers!




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  • Ron

    Love it! Spent a lot of time in Texas and at DFW. Lived there for a year and flew frequently. What a breath of fresh air.

    Yes, everything truly is bigger in Texas. One of my favorite things about the state.

    • Elizabeth

      Parking spots are NOT bigger in Texas. The pickup trucks, unfortunately, are. My poor little hatchback never had a chance, and it’s good I’m skinny or I would literally have been parked out of my car (both sides with trucks parked so close up against the doors that I couldn’t open the door wide enough to get in).


      ~former Austin resident

      • Ron

        Love it. Having been in Texas with both a Mazda GLC and a Ford 4WD pickup I understand your plight from both sides.

  • Arlet

    Can’t wait to see yoga get into more and more airports. It’s awesome! Knowing me, I’d probably miss my flight bc I was in the zone and not paying attention to time while practicing! 🙂 http://extendyoga.com

  • Brian Borchers

    I had a three hour layover at DFW on Wednesday night, and wanted to go for a walk anyway, so I stopped by the DFW yoga studio. My brief review follows.

    First, note that this is located in the hallway between the D and B terminals. The simplest way to get there is to go to gate D40 and then look for the signs pointing to the hallway to the B terminal. The studio is just a few meters down the hallway.

    The space itself is simply a wide spot in the hallway with a screen on one side and a window overlooking the tarmac on the other side. There’s a thin plastic mat over the floor, a few yoga mats for public use, and a TV running an instructional DVD.

    This is actually one of the quietest spots in the airport, but you still have the distractions of people mover carts rumbling by, muzak on the loud speakers, and so on.

    I wasn’t really dressed appropriately for yoga, but I sat down for a few seated postures. After about fifteen minutes of this I finished off with a few rounds of Nadi Shodhana and sat in meditation. I felt surprisingly refreshed.

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