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Russell Brand’s Kundalini Raising Eyebrows, New Chakra Tattoos

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Today in the celebriyogi file…Russell Brand and Kundalini teacher Tej Kaur Khalsa chum it up for the kids and raise some Kundalini eyebrows. The two were sighted exiting a meeting “in support of homeless teenagers” according to the UK’s Daily Mail who snooped them out. Good for do-gooders.

Russell Brand, funny, oft raunchy British bloke and former Mr. Katy Perry, has been spending quality time at Golden Bridge in LA. It’s rumored that lady Katy’s increasingly partied lifestyle was interfering with Russell’s sobriety (he used to be known as an addict) and, yes, his yoga practice which played a role in his filing for divorce. (We didn’t see Part of Me 3D so we can’t say for sure.)

It seems Russell is quite serious about his studies. Besides his movie yoga antics, Brand’s been popping up often in public classes and even stopped by the Sat Nam Fest earlier this year, an event recounted on the site Spirit Voyage in their post about how celebrities are making Kundalini yoga mainstream.

Check out his new chakra tattoos.

And here is Russell at the MTV Movie Awards he hosted back in June, with his date, Golden Bridge teacher, Tej Kaur Khalsa. According to twitter it was the “highlight” of his evening.

Pretty adorable. But some, like Gursant Singh, a member of The Gormukh Yoga Forum find the “celebrity figure-hugging” atrocious and a mockery of Sikhi, pointing fingers at the controversy involving Harijiwan Khalsa, former husband of Tej Kaur, who spent time in prison for mail and tax fraud over a decade ago. Singh is apparently on a mission to air any and all questionable activities of 3HO members (an organization promoting Kundalini lifestyle and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan) and has a facebook page full of documents.

Now that’s opening a big can of serpents. For now we will admire the chakra tats, ponder the likely collision of orgasm jokes and Kundalini rising in Russell’s brain and call it a day.



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  • Cute. I used to take Tej’s classes when I lived in LA—she is very sweet and humble and down to earth.

  • Joe Wills

    Who cares about Gursant Singh, he got busted in India for taking kickbacks during his India trip, and thier is a outstanding arrest Warrant out on Gursant Singh!

    Gursant does not own Sikhi nor Sikhdom!
    Sikhi is Universal, it does not limit a person from full life, it enhances it to the Ultimate. Lokk at Gursants videos see how old and haggard and tierd and miserable unhappy he looks! And then look at the Kundalini Yoga practices and Real Sikhs and see how they are beaming and so happy and making life better for all Beings, uplifting the worlds. I am Gursant Kutaa and I say stip tarnishing the Gursant Divine Spiritual Name! All Tom and Harry are not the same, yet he has managed to tarnish? Now 3HO things all Gursants are same?? 😉

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