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Supporters Defend GLBL Yoga’s Hefty Price Tag While Organizers Reorganize Budget

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We’re not surprised by the defense of the massive GLBL yoga event set to take over NYC August 16th and then conquer the world with vinyasa care bear stare-like lights of goodness.

Elena Brower, whose “ferocious honesty is as admirable as her face is glowing” as described in a recent interview is one of the staunchest defenders of the event. She’s also one of the featured “talent” (which is the most obvious choice since she has much experience leading massive yoga classes).

“There are just so many people who are writing to literally gain eyeballs. That’s the bottom line. Everybody knows it, everybody talks about it. The truth is what we’re doing is so much bigger than eyeballs on a blog,” said Ms. Brower.

Funny that being part of the most insanely large yoga class with the most high profile teachers in the arguably most popular city in the world is pointing fingers at blogs who take issue with the overly marketed event and incredibly high price tag. But, c’est la vie.

We can say that all the hullabaloo did yield an updated funding breakdown on the GLBL Indiegogo campaign page. They’ve scaled back $100k on the marketing and promotional push to squeeze in the generous donation to charity partners we were so curious about.

The updated budget (here’s the old one):

Staging, sound, video screens, signage, permits, site
cleanup and restoration, photography, video production,
project management, stage management


Donation to charity partners


Marketing, promotion, website, merchandise






Indiegogo admin / credit card fees (7% of funds raised)


TOTAL $675,000 
What’s the bottom line again?
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