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Snooki Takes on Prenatal Yoga

in YD News

Well, we already knew Snooki was a yoguidette, or at least we’ve seen the pictures. Now she’s preggo, and following the popular celeb (and reality TV?) trend of prenatal yoga. TheInsider.com has a sort of awkward exclusive clip from the Snooks and her fiancé Jionni LaValle doing some yoga at NYC’s Prenatal Yoga Center. (there’s a video. if you can’t see it below go here)

Despite what you may think of the little orange jelly bean, we’re glad she’s considering yoga as a way to stay healthy during pregnancy. Just please somebody tell her she’s supposed to gain weight during pregnancy. Actually, someone please tell everyone else to ignore most or everything she has to say.

:volume on mute:

But look, she’s doing prenatal yoga with her baby daddy!




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