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Mick Jagger’s Never-Before-Seen Shoulderstand (photo)

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Salamba Rockstarasana

It was surprising enough to learn last year that Mick Jagger has beauty secrets, let alone does yoga to stay fit and keep calm in between spurts of explosive energy and hip gyrations. It seems Mick’s yogi roots grow deeper than we thought. Thanks to the late and legendary rock and roll photographer, “fly on the wall” Jim Marshall, we get a rare look at the Jag’s previously unpublished shoulderstand – amongst other intimate rock n’ roll photos from the 1972 Rolling Stones tour, of course. CNN has the full spread, though, sadly, there aren’t any more pics of Mick’s yoga sequence.

We eagerly invite you to add your own caption to this gem!

“Mick Jagger backstage prepping for a rock set featuring songs from popular Rolling Stones albums such as Their Sattvic Majesties RequestSticky Mat Fingers, and Let It Breathe.”



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