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Actor, Rocker Jack Black Rocks His Yoga

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Sure, it’s always nice to hear when sex symbols like Adam Levine and Robert Downey, Jr. yoga it up, but funny dude Jack Black holds a special place in our hearts.

Mr. Jack Black, one half of Tenacious D and one whole Buddha-bellied Kung Fu Panda likes to get his yoga on. He was spotted popping into an Ashtanga class with a couple of pals in Glasgow earlier this week where Tenacious D is currently touring.

This is interesting and adorable for two reasons: number one, we love the idea that the silly, spaztastic and hyper mobile Jack Black actually enjoys taking it down a notch (or a few hundred notches) to find some quiet on the mat (and we hear he’s been looking to trim down, so more power to him). Side note: We suppose this explains how he keeps so damn limber!

Secondly, we can’t help getting giggly over this man, the co-writer of tracks like “Kickapoo” and master of spontaneously breaking into comedic song, getting serious enough for an hour plus long yoga practice. Can we expect a Tenacious D parody on the way?

According to yoga teacher Siobhan Fitzgerald, Black, apparently an experienced yogi, asked to join the class, though Ashtanga might not have been his usual bag.

“I don’t think he or his two friends had ever done this type of yoga. Afterwards they looked like they’d got a bit of a fright!” said Fitzgerald.

But ‘ol Jack, he pressed on.

“Jack was focussed and put 100% effort into it. He’s well-built and some of the postures are quite challenging, so I was adjusting him and helping him at times.

“He’s definitely used to chanting. Everyone’s heads were turning when he started and I had to get them all to re-focus.

“There was another class coming in immediately after  and someone said to him that he looked like he’d been in a sauna.

“All Jack said was ‘that was intense, man’ but  think he enjoyed it.

“Someone said later that he likes to do yoga before playing a concert, so I hope it helped him the following night.

Sounds like he and fellow yogster Robert Downey, Jr. got a little yoga in on the set of Tropic Thunder, too. Cute.




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  • Shamanic_Rite

    What, you didn’t see that demonstration of Black’s gymnastic ability in some of the production numbers in School of Rock?

  • John I

    Never underestimate the agility of a fat man.

  • chang

    this is such a pointless piece. who cares?! if a celeb plays basketball, would a blog about basketball talk about how great it is that he or she plays basketball and why would anyone really care?

    this contributes to the dumbing down of humanity

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