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What Would Your Yoga Barbie Look Like?

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If you’re just tuning in, Mattel created the inevitable, a Yoga Teacher Barbie made exclusively for Target as part of the “I can be…” line, which ended up looking a bit more like Paris Hilton at a pajama party. While some cheered the plastic lady yogini for bringing yoga awareness to kids, others ridiculed Babs for insensitivities to real women body proportions, being stereotypically thin, white and blonde and for her a cute yet befuddling down-dogging chihuahua. Woof!

Sure Barbie is Barbie, and she’s been loved by little girls as long as she’s been criticized, generally for perpetuating unhealthy body images and stereotypes. But since the “I can be…” line was designed to “ignite a national movement to inspire girls” according to Barbie.com, we understand why people take it a little more personally when an intended role model for a practice teaching self-acceptance and contentment is sashaying around with a whittled waist, giraffe-like neck, in full makeup on her tippy toes.

So we figured we’d open the question up to you. What if you could design your own yoga Barbie (or Ken)? What would she/he look like?* We posted the same question to our twitter and facebook page and received responses like these:

smaller boobs


wear less makeup

flat feet, bigger arms, and no chihuahua

an Afro and be sweaty from hot vinyasa flow!

no make up, hair done in a more practical do, less ‘trendy’ outfit…and no tiny dog!

she’d be the right size and shape to fit in all her internal organs

a real woman

Et tu?

*the question is intended to celebrate all of our real bodies and differences, ones we can be proud of and in an ideal world see represented in our dolls (toys, yes, but sometimes in effect role models) especially as yoga folks.



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  • Mine would have fine lines on her face, especially around the eyes from smiling, and nipples, she’d have nipples. She would be thicker, everywhere, and have short hair and tattoos. She would have a bulldog, not a chihuahua. She would have a city bike and reusable grocery bags, an eco-mat, glass water bottle, yogi toes. Oh, and blue sparkly nail polish, my Yoga Teacher Barbie would have blue sparkly nail polish.

  • Dharambir

    tattoos and mala beads!

  • I would want my Yoga Barbie to look like the Blind Yogi, she’s a true inspiration!

  • An eco-friendly yoga mat and a big bright smile because she is doing yoga after all.

  • Suzanne P

    Mine would be a size healthy! Everyone is different and unique in their own way!

  • Amy Lynch

    Mine would have big light brown eyes, long curly hair almost to lower back, but have a hair tie to put it up in a high bun… she doesnt come with the brush ;), hence the hair tie. She also has a few tattoos and the extra long manduka mat. I loved barbie growing up.

  • flutter shy

    mine would be made from bpa-free moldable plastic (or silica if possible) and she’d have a hatch on her head you open up, attach a tube to and blow “prana” in the doll, inflating her to whatever size you like, and you could squeeze this and that part to make her “pear” or “apple” or whatever, plus immersing her in cold or hot water would make her stiff or limber. also she’d come with five random rescue animals from the shelter in a mystery bag, which also hides an assortment of baggage and issues for my barbie to work through.

  • SoBeach

    Mine would look fit, strong, and healthy. And she’d talk. She’d laugh and say things like “Ooof, headstand’s just not gonna happen today” and “Do you know where the corkscrew is?”

  • Shamanic_Rite

    Verrry skinny …. in the wallet
    Deeply in debt
    Loving OWS …
    Her “yoga teacher” is programmed into her smartphone
    Sorry, can’t afford to keep a pet …
    A tent with her name on it … (just kidding on that last one)

  • Lana

    My yoga Barbie would def have my little rescue Pomeranian with me. I’d have a big smile, glowy sweat, my bright aqua mat, tattoos, fresh pedicure, hair in a crazy mess on the top of my head, cleavage (lots), and my tank top would be tucked under my bra to reveal my tummy. Oh, and a funny clashy-matchy outfit.

  • Sweat. Barbie would sweat, and have muscles.

  • She would be a grown-up version of Dora the Explorer.

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