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Classtivity Makes Taking a Yoga Class (Or Any Class) Easier

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NYC yogadorks rejoice. Finding yoga classes, even last minute and in any neighborhood around the city, may have just gotten a whole lot easier.

Classtivity is a new startup founded on the idea that “finding a class shouldn’t be harder than taking one.”  Think OpenTable meets Yelp for finding and taking a yoga class. Or any class for that matter – the site is not limited to yoga, or fitness – their database is an aggregation of classes on anything from dance to photography to baking or arts and crafts. Personally, we’re inclined to feed our try all the new yoga studios habit while booking a few pottery and knitting classes for good measure. (doesn’t everybody else know how to knit now??)

Founder and superstar sister woman, Payal Kadakia came up with the idea when she was googling for a dance class after work one night and had a hell of a time trying to find one. She thought, in this day and age, why should this be so hard? And then decided to build something so it isn’t.

Classtivity is one of the select few startups chosen to be a part of smart people incubator TechStars, and they’re about to give their pitch to investors for Demo Day (today!). If our vote of support counted for something more valuable (like money!) we would surely cast it a few million times.

Still in development phase they’ve just launched a private beta by invite only. If you want to be one of the first dorks to check it out, test out the technology and provide feedback we have your special invite right here. woot. But it’s only for open for the next 24 hours so get on it.

Yogis on the west coast can look forward to Classtivity expanding to LA and San Francisco later this year. The site will be opening up expert ratings and review section as well as an “Expert says” feature for profiles on teachers and classes.



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  • Dee

    I like this site and it’s super easy for users to find activities, but what about the business owners? This site offers no real software of its own..what isn’t going to stop someone else from using lets say Mind Body API and becoming an aggregator as well?

  • Some guy in Madison, WI has done the same kind of thing, except non-commercial. http://www.madtownyoga.com/

  • Josh

    This is also being done in Chicago, but with a twist. Name your price on classes. https://classfill.com/ They’re new, been out about a month. And a much cooler name.

  • zaini

    yeah , classtivity makes yoga easier . and yoga is best exercise for losing weight if you want to lose weight then attend yoga classes or start yoga even in home or at office.

  • Maybe it shouldn't be so easy

    Sure, it’s convenient, but I don’t think that today’s culture of “drop-in-ism” really serves the student. It makes it easy to try new classes at convenient times and in new neighborhoods and whatnot, but does anyone seriously think that this scattershot approach to class attendance maximizes student learning? I don’t. Students get a mishmash of instructions and ideas without any cohesive foundation or systematic learning, and I think that’s really sad.

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