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Blind Yogi Inspires a New Perspective

in Yoga Heroes

Laura demoing her headstand

Your feelgood story of the week comes from Seattle, Washington where 51-year-old yoga practitioner Laura Caparosso approaches life with a different perspective. You see, Laura is completely blind. She lost what eyesight she was born with at the age of 7, yet she’s managed to keep a fulltime job, raise her twin daughters, compete in the Paralympics and squeeze in some quality time on her mat to master the art of salamba sirsasana. Yoga has become for Laura a tool for relaxation and stress release.

After high school, Caparroso earned a full-ride scholarship to attend Wellesley College, also in Massachusetts. In college, she learned yoga and instantly realized it was an outlet for relaxation. Her instructor taught Caparroso the nonexplanatory names of the positions and helped position her body to do the moves properly.

“People have always been helpful,” she said. “The more verbal they are the better.”

“Yoga is a way of releasing tension,” Caparroso said. “Sports have always been my stress management.”

And a vehicle to clarity, no doubt. Sometimes it doesn’t take eyesight to see yourself, and the world, from a different perspective.




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  • Brigitte

    i can’t do tree with my eyes closed. I’m so impressed by you Laura!
    Thanks Yoga Dork for something positive inspiration.

  • This is a fantastic story, how wonderful! I love the joyful smile Laura has on her face.

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