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Yoga Breaks Boost Productivity at the Office

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“Exercising as a group has really helped us bond,” says Ellison. “People are less stressed and more productive. Those who have never done yoga before might dismiss it, but when they realize that they can try it in just five or ten minutes, they think of it more positively.” Tony Ellison, Founder and CEO online office supply retailer Shoplet has found yoga to make  “a world of difference” in his staff’s productivity, energy and focus.

Yoga breaks have become the new coffee/cigarette breaks. We’ve already heard yoga has become a major perk at awesome companies. Ellison encourages employees to take mini yoga timeouts throughout the day.

“It really helps people disconnect from those eight to ten hour periods of sitting in a chair—it helps to diffuse energy in more positive ways,” says Ellison.

Right on. And they don’t even need one these fancy newfangled gadgets to do it! Maybe it’s not peacock pose in the middle of a spreadsheet update. We’re fans of meditating in a moment. Here’s how.

Do you yoga at the office?




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  • Vision_Quest2

    Aaaand …. another yogalebrity, corporate wellness-consultant edition …


    particularly where Job Requirement: ability to lift at least 50 pounds …

    Guess this replaces being sized up at a job interview as being able to play center fielder on the office softball team …

  • Rabi

    I do yoga at the office. It is how I got into out of office yoga and it is a great way for an employer to supplement their wellness program and keep health insurance premiums low. So, its a win/win for everyone.

  • Embee

    I do yoga at the office, but not in a group. Several times a day I will close my door and move through a few sun salutations, and maybe some warrior poses (for energy) or camel (to help with my anxiety).

    It helps so much.

    • Vision_Quest2

      I used to – on occasion – be able to do my yoga-based “corporate wellness program”–an entire 60 minute sequence that I put together myself–(only one local yoga teacher knows about this) primarily before my job shift a few years ago.

      No yogalebrities being utilized or harmed in this production, either by me or my too small to do these things, company ….

  • We have a gym in our office so I often go there during lunch for some sun salutations and a hand stand. The hand stand is really invigorating!

    I also do twists at my desk and *shh* forward folds in the bathroom stall! Deep breathing at my desk on a hectic day gets me through. I couldn’t make it through my workday without some yoga!

  • crystal

    I would very much like to see a photo of employees doing yoga at places like Shoplet. It would be interesting to see how they have set things up – it might give other companies some pointers. Thanks.

    • Jason

      I worked for Shoplet for 4 years, there has never been Yoga also, Tony Ellison spends no time getting to know his staff and would instead request people from his staff to be a part of borderline illegal tasks. This is the reason I resigned, I couldn’t be a part of this anymore.

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