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Lululemon Murder to Become a Book

in YD News

It’s true. The tragic murder that took place at a Bethesda, MD Lululemon store two years ago, the gruesome details that surfaced thereafter and the sad conclusion of loss and life without parole will be turned into a book, The Washington Post has reported.

The Post’s Dan Morse, who covered the story from the first chilling newsbreak, signed a deal with Berkeley Books to tell the tale of what he describes as “the heartbreak and tragedy for everyone involved.” Sigh.

As far as we know and hope to high heavens, it will not be a yoga book*. Though we wonder how the story can be told without mentioning that the tragic events all happened at a yoga-inspired retail store. In any case, prepare yourselves now for the Lifetime made for TV movie. If you’re curious if maybe then they’ll let everyone rest peacefully, we can not confirm.

If you’re curious when they’ll turn the John Friend saga into a book or TV series, we imagine it can’t be long now.

*already a question from the yogi gallery on whether or not the book will make your butt look good. Again, no confirmation as of yet.



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  • Rhonda

    What is so sad about this whole story is that a life was lost. Please remember this when you buy the book or whatever. Life is precious, and if anyone should benefit in any way from this – that just adds to the horror.
    So, who benefits from the proceeds from the sale of this book or the ‘movie’ deal? The victim’s family – probably not. The great thing about Canadian Law ( not that I am an expert), NO ONE the ‘guilty’ cannot reap the benefits of their horrific actions. That is not to say that some author cannot -there is another crime.
    If I were to be granted one wish/belief it would be that EVERYONE who reads, gets any gratification from reading such horror would hold a candle to the darkness and this light would let the victims & families know that we are there, we share your grief, pain, and hope for a world where this horror is NEVER glorified, idolized but is put into darkness – where it belongs.
    Peace – Rhonda

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