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Yoga Art, Just Like Paris at the Turn of the Century – Robert Sturman, Photographer

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Some of you have already heard of this guy, maybe read about the girl in the red dress or have seen his latest photo feature now on The New York Times blog. That’s one thing we can count on in The Gray Lady, they tend to do a bang up job on the yoga art slideshows (see yoga tattoo piece).

Robert Sturman is a photographer and his yoga photos, some say, are works of art (or perhaps are capturing moments of art?) In any case, if you’re a fan of the artistic side of the human body in yoga forms and pretty photography you might enjoy. Personally, we enjoy the YD Gallery just as much!

Robert gets all poetic and romantic-like about his photos and subjects in the NYT Q+A. His latest subject being the World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher, Ms. Tao Porchon-Lynch (above).

Q. How did you begin photographing yoga postures?

A. This started in 2003, when I started to get a practice in yoga. I wanted to really go deep into it to make a personal transformation, but I noticed everything around me was so beautiful, and I started to make art of it. Yoga offered me an opportunity to change my life, but it was also something that was so beautiful to study, the poetry of asana. It started growing from being able to photograph people on the beach to being invited to a penitentiary with yoga programs to do yoga asana imagery there.

Q. How do you find your models?

A. They are people who teach or who have a devoted practice. They are interested in catching their moment of mastery on film. They find me. I find them. It’s like a movement where we all know each other. It’s like Paris at the turn of the century.

Just like Paris. We smell a Woody Allen film.

Here are a few more…see the NYT gallery of his work here. See the YD DIY photo gallery here. Ah Pah-reee.


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  • marinathecat

    I quite love these photos: can you suggest some other photographer-artist focussing on such subjects?

  • Kim Mohiuddin

    Sturman’s photos are inspiring and beautiful. So what if most of us can’t do the poses. Most of us can’t paint like Picasso, but we still like to go to the art museum and look and feed our souls.

    YD self portrait gallery is wonderful… it’s just a different genre.

    Spread the love, YD.

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