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Alec Baldwin on Yoga and Being in a Nutritionally-Compatible Relationship (video)

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In this Hollywood Reporter clip from Cannes, ’30 Rock’ star and Jack-spired guru, Alec Baldwin, shares his problems getting started with yoga and how being in a health-compatible relationship has helped him feel and live better. Baldwin’s fiancé is NYC yoga teacher Hilaria Thomas, whom he recently defended from yogarazzi ‘slime’ and whom he credits for his better nutrition via the cuteness of the “cracker face.”

Here Alec drops the wisdom from his hot pink yoga mat.

“The thing about yoga is, like anything, it has to do with investment. For me the problem with yoga was I have such long days and sometimes I can’t work out and I would say. ‘oh I need to do the calorie thing, just run or spin or whatever.’

This is part of life, to take personal responsibility for how you live.

Everyone wants to be with someone who eats and drinks and is compatible with them in that way. I’m with someone who is very, very, very healthy.”

Sooo you’re saying it might be time to ditch the cheese doodle-stained chain smoker we’ve been dating? Sigh. Smoking’s cheesy anyway.



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