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Sadie Nardini’s ‘Rock Your Yoga’ (A Poetic Review)

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If you haven’t heard, rockstardom does not limit itself from the radittude of yogahood. In fact, YouTube star turned TV show lady, Sadie Nardini is so certain YOU too can be a rockstar yogi she is currently starring in her own TV show entitled “Rock Your Yoga” in which she teaches you how to, you guessed it, become a yoga rockstar. We caught the first episode they’re giving away as a free download in exchange for your email address and have decided to include a brief review of it for you here, in limerick form*. Please enjoy.

Being a yoga rock star on TV ain’t easy.

But production/script borderline cheesy.

Bright colors like whoa, the talking ain’t slow,

Camera switches making us queasy.

Though we expected it to ROCK us,

Essentially mild and innocuous,

Somewhat awkward, yet breezy Nardini.

*extended limerick. poetic license, ok?

Sadie also has some Q&A videos posted on the show page, covering several subjects from PMS symptoms, to how much of a rockstar ninja she is, to the touchy Yoga for Weight Loss. Comments are mixed, and some are less than ingratiating, which may be one reason why today Sadie asked everyone via facebook and twitter to join in the conversation:

Please visit my new TV show’s webpage today and leave a comment encouraging others to try my style/show, or let us know if you’ve seen the show! We’re introducing the country to a new type of yoga and vibe, and I’d love your voice in there.

With only the first episode out of the gate, we’re curious to see where this goes. Our advice? Slow down and stop saying ROCK so gd much.

Did you watch it? Let us know.



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  • is Rainbeau Mars going to guest host?

  • Jedeye

    Thanks, this just threw a dagger in my third eye.

  • You caught the well-timed FB pitch too…. Hehe

  • Well she is certainly guilty of trying too hard. It’s sort of obvious to her “helpers,” especially Sam the Sullen, which makes it impossible for the viewer not to notice as well. It would work better if she saved the, “too cool for yoga,” moves until later in the program once we the viewer have had a chance to absorb her personality a bit. When she front loads it so much, it’s kind of jarring.

  • I don’t understand what this show is supposed to do. I can’t figure out if it’s supposed to help students learn more about different yoga styles and develop a practice, or if it’s supposed to help teachers/studios run better classes/businesses/whatever, or what.

    I have really never felt the need to “rock my yoga” either. I just like to practice. I also like to teach. Is that enough?

  • I Don't Understand

    I don’t have “the facebook” which I gather is Sadie’s principal medium, but I’m going to wager a guess she’ll be browsing thru here sooner or later, and if so:

    Sadie, I am getting mixed messages. All over the place (here, Well + Good, the show site) this show is being billed as yoga’s first reality show. But I watched, and it looks to me kinda like a regular old yoga show. No “seven strangers picked to live in an ashram and find out what happens when people stop being nice and start being enlightened.” No mala beads ceremony where people are sent home. How is this a reality show? In the sense that the people are…real? If your intention is to use everyday people, why are so many of them yoga teachers?

    Also, I just read your recent piece about getting hate mail from some Christian guy on elephant journal. Bummer. Your response seemed all level-headed and great. And then I see all over your show, you are “rocking” the sign of the horns, which, while it means many things in many cultures, in the culture of rock music it is abundantly associated with the occult, both in the sense of the evil eye, and the devil. So… while I understand your desire to rock, you’re rocking in a way that’s kind of insensitive to Christians. Not that you have to be sensitive or inclusive toward Christians, it just seemed like you said you wanted to.

    As I said, I am the only person in the world without facebook, and I don’t know how to write you at your show. But I’ve seen you comment on here, and if you read this, feel free to answer it, maybe on your show!

  • John
  • Emly

    Sadie is a very good teacher and she is getting her feet on the ground with this new platform. I feel saddened by the yoga community being so rude and insensitive. I expect that from the average person who is not living this yogic path. She is a sincere person with her student’s best interests in mind. I suggest you examine your strong reactions maybe their source. I am certain it is not from what you see on the screen. After a self inquiry if it is not for you, then that is ok too. But, I am going to keep watching and take a few notes. Peace yogis.

  • Rosa in Salinas

    I like her and as a former TV news reporter let me tell you talking to camera is harder than it looks. She’s fit and fun and nitpickers are jealous. Rock your yoga for the people Sadie!

  • Colette

    I prefer Yoga For Life. Sadie talks too much and I never feel like I’m getting the workout I get with Kurt. The cutesy phrases and “schtick” are incredibly annoying. If some people prefer Rock Your Yoga, fine. I just wish that Veria would air Yoga For Life as well. They were up until this past week. Now it’s completely gone.

    I’m not the only one who prefers Kurt. Take a look at her page over at Veria. Brutal.

  • Hi guys,

    Nice poem.

    Just an FYI, I hadn’t even read the show comments before I sent that FB post out, I did it to help people find the show, and to ask my community who already does my style of yoga let people across the country know what it was like, so they’d watch, and try the show. That’s it. Most rational people with a new TV show would do that. no comment-guarding involved.

    Anyway–I hope you check it out, and see what you think! There’s some proper yoga in there, every episode, which I invite you to also try.


  • Mary Ann Goya

    I love the feeling of bliss after a great yoga class and have practiced seriously for the last 15 years. I like my body to feel it has worked, maybe challenged and my mind relaxed. Sadie is a narcissist who likes to hear herself talk. She spends more time talking about herself than teaching yoga. If you would like to advance your yoga practice, please look elsewhere.

  • jenny singh

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