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YD Interview: Diamond Dallas Page on DDP Yoga, INTENSE Inspiration, ‘Head Fakes’ and the 90%

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Diamond Dallas Page WCW to YOGA

Diamond Dallas Page may be a former 3 time world champion wrestler who eschews yoga “mumbo jumbo” in exchange for chaturanga pushups. He may have been that guy posing with half naked women touting “T & A” to promote his EXTREME yoga workout. He may be the in your face hard ass with the rock ‘n roll intro music, a punchy ‘fist’ed logo and a joking and somewhat cringeworthy tagline “It Ain’t Your Mama’s Yoga!” Pow!

But he’s also the guy who brought his yoga to Iraq and Afghanistan, who helped coach war vet Arthur Boorman literally back to is feet and who is incredibly excited by the prospect of helping people and utterly beside himself about how huge DDP Yoga has blown up in the past couple of weeks.

DDP is a Jersey dude. And he’s got a Jersey attitude (in the best way possible). He loves Bryan Kest, says Shiva Rea is awesome and believes lifestyle change is more important than diets and fads. He’s toned down the boobs and bare bottoms a touch from his original foray in YRG (Yoga for Regular Guys) days almost a decade ago, though his approach may still be more for the P90X crowd than the pious practitioners. But as a veritable antidote to yoga rockstardom and/or the bastard child of yoga, DDP says, who cares?

With a catchphrase like BANG! in short, this mofo is INTENSE. Here’s an intro if you’re unsure what we mean.

We caught up with D over the phone on his way to an acupressure appointment with the “humpty dumpty” doctor who’s been keeping him together since his wrestling days. We spoke with him for over an hour and were treated to a yes, an intense session of impassioned storytelling. Read on. (It’s long, but worth it!)

So there has been quite a media frenzy surrounding the really inspiring video of war veteran Arthur Boorman, a DDP Yoga practitioner who lost over 100 lbs. and was able to walk again after debilitating injuries.

We’ve heard Arthur found DDP Yoga by googling “yoga” and “broken back.” Tell us, how did the video come about?

Steve Yu, a filmmaker, documented Arthur from the beginning and told me about the YouTube video. When it went viral it wasn’t to sell shit, but it sold like crazy. It wasn’t an advertising thing. I did it to inspire people that anything is possible. Steve did it because he’s Mr. Inspiration. [he has a documentary in the works called ‘INSPIRED The Movie‘]

How did you end up working with Arthur?

As part of the program he took pictures and sent them to me and I was like, Oh my god, how am I going to help that guy. The weight thing didn’t bother me, I help plenty of people overweight. But this wasn’t weight, this was knee braces…I didn’t know he was strapped into a back brace, I just thought it was canes. We were emailing at first and I said send me your number.

Do you connect personally with a lot of people who sign up?

I call 6-10 people every day. I used to try to call 27 people in a day. Most people fail because they don’t have a support system. I have one for you [at TeamDDPyoga.com]. Have a question? I write you answers. I taught myself how to read and write in my 30s and 40s. If it’s hard to read (huge belly laugh) I gave you being dyslexic.

As part of DDP Yoga you incorporate diet and food plans. You’re not a fan of fast food. How did that work with Arthur?

At the time I was working with a very good friend and mentor of mine, Dr. Fred Bisci. (http://anydoubtleaveitout.com/) He’s 82 and in awesome shape, and he’s helped so many people through nutrition. Arthur and I talked about a diet. I said, you send me what you’re eating every day and I’ll critique it for you. I’ve done it for a countless amount of people.

I told Arthur, I don’t need to add an MD to the end of my name to tell you, dude, the rate you’re going, living like this, you ain’t going to be living like that much longer.

I said, Arthur, as great as this workout is, as awesome as this eating plan is it’s 10% of the equation. The 90% is between your ears. I did a talk I call “Living life at 90%” and it’s all based on life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% on how you react to it. It’s all about reprogramming your brain for a positive attitude. And that was a pretty big deal with him. I’d say it was the biggest deal.

Not exactly the late Pattabhi Jois’s 99% practice, 1% theory, but it sounds yogariffic. It seems to have made a difference. How did that help?

Two weeks later he told me he lost 4 inches off his stomach and 20 lbs. He asked How do I keep it going? I said that’s awesome, man. Keep doing it. How often are you doing the workout? He said I’m doing the 15 min workout (thats all he could do) 5 days a week. So I said do it 7! If you’re doing it in the morning, try doing one or two at night. Eventually he went from 2 nights a week to 5 nights to 7 nights.

Somewhere around 8 or 10 weeks he sent me his food update and he wrote on the bottom of the page “I WILL WALK AGAIN” in big bold letters. I thought Wow. That’s a bold statement. I’ve always been about writing down your goals.

He lost 100 lbs. in 6 months. But more importantly the knee braces came off, the back brace came off.

Yes, that’s impressive. You don’t promote it as a weight loss program, though?

It isn’t a weight loss program, it’s just an awesome side effect. If you’re overweight I tell you step in, drop to a knee.

I’m gonna disagree with everybody who says that hot yoga is where it’s at, especially for people who are out of shape, because your heart rate goes so high just standing in that hot room. If you’re exerting yourself and you’re not in top condition and your heart rate’s through the roof? In mine [DDP yoga] you stay in your fat burning zone. You don’t over train.

Something you learned in your wrestling days?

I’m doing stupid crazy strong stuff, a guy who go the hell beat out of him for years. I do a lot more working out because I’m 56 years young and I want to show you that if I can do this what can you do.

When I my retrained my body I did 3 hours a day, seven days a week. My goal was to get back in that ring. That was my goal. At 42 I just signed a multi-billion dollar 3-year deal. I had 3 doctors telling me it’s over, great run.

As a pro wrestler you must’ve gotten beaten up pretty good. What injuries did you have?

I’d torn both rotator cuffs, my meniscus, my ACL before, but that wasn’t enough to take you out. It was when I ruptured discs in my L-4 and L-5. Like jelly doughnuts. Where’s that shit gonna go?

Ouch. Is that when you started doing yoga?

I kept doing rehab. I was living on the road 280 days a year, but I was home because of my back. I went to 3 different doctors and they said I’m out. I’m done. I was married at the time, her name is Kimberly, and one day I saw her come up from downstairs soaking wet. I said what are you doing down there? Did you do the stairmaster like a mad woman? She said no, I’m doing that yoga tape. HA! I laughed.  She said, no seriously, you should do it, it could help heal your body. Fuck that, I said, I won’t be caught dead doing yoga. That was my attitude.

But then she hit a nerve. She said let me get this right, the guy who will try and do anything, the most flexible guy mentally I know won’t try yoga? And it could actually help heal your body, maybe? So I literally gave in and told her don’t you tell anybody.

Ah, the macho nerve. So who was your first yoga teacher?

I went down to Bryan Kest, who I think is one of the coolest fucks on the planet with a capital K. He was one of my mentors. Three years ago he told me “D you are the doorway to yoga.” He said you’re a mainstream, regular guy and you’re going to relate to people that no yogi can relate to. Now I see it.

I was doing Bryan’s tapes. I couldn’t do half the moves, but I figured out how to modify them. In 3 weeks I started to feel a significant difference. I started to do the moves without the VHS tape. I’d do modified versions of Chaturanga, slowly added some pushups. I started doing all these other moves and incorporated counting to control the breathing.

There’s a reason why in the military they do the “I don’t know but I’ve been told…” while they’re running, because it’s harder to do, but it’s also controlling the breath. Once I learned how to breathe my life changed.

And that’s when I started doing yoga and I did it. I got rid of the spiritual mumbo jumbo, not that there’s anything wrong with that! I really appreciate people who dig that. It wasn’t for me. I just took it and put it over here, and took those awesome yoga positions and combined them with old school calisthenics.

About the mumbo jumbo stuff. Have you read the Sutras or other yoga texts?

laughs. Stop, stop. Uncle! If you go listen to “Live Life at 90%“*  you’ll see I live it. I walk the talk.

[he sells the full talk on his website, and it’s free to those in the program]

So that’s a no.

But breathing has changed me as a person. Do I still get fucking pissed off? Yeah. I’m still that guy. I’d rather be the other guy. The happy positive inspirational guy.

Does DDP help you keep your cool?

Oh, absolutely. It relieves your tension. DDP yoga was the glue. I could still feel bad and I would be stressed out of my mind. I would hit the mat. Unstoppable.

Do you have a meditation practice?

I do a breathing practice and I don’t do it enough, but I do it at least 2 days a week. I do it when I’m burned out. I breathe in for 10 out for 10 hold for 10.  Then I go for 15, then I go for 20. So I breathe once in and out in a minute. Then I do a practice breathing in for 3 out for 3, in for 5 out for 5, in for 10 out for 10, then 20 and on. When I get too crazy I just make myself go to the floor and just breathe. So if you call that meditation I guess it is.

Minus the ‘mumbo’ there is still a philosophy behind DDP Yoga. Where does that come from?

The psychology comes from Randy Pausch, the Carnegie Mellon professor who was dying of cancer and gave his famous last lecture. [See his full lecture here http://www.cmu.edu/randyslecture/ and the reprised version on Oprah below]

Who else in the yoga world has inspired you?

I really love Shiva Rea. For me it’s Erich Schiffmann, Shive Rea and Bryan Kest. To the yoga snobs out there? Well…I’ll just leave it at that. laughs.

And about those detractors?

When the YRG book first came out, I told Bryan I really want to tour around the yoga studios, are there any out there that are cutting edge and might accept me? He said to me that all these studios are so ‘yoga yoga’. He said that when he first started doing the power yoga thing he was like a bastard. They said he was screwing yoga. He said, What are you talking about?

Anybody who’s helping anyone doing anything that’s yogic, ANYTHING works. I’m not going to let anyone belittle what I’m doing. If people don’t like what I’m doing or don’t understand it that’s ok.

So who is DDP Yoga for?

I didn’t make the program for yogis. I didn’t think they’d understand it, the whole gruffness to it. I’m not trying to market to the yogis humming and chanting. I’m marketing to the guys who wouldn’t be caught dead doing what I’m talking about.

So do you think DDP is the gateway drug?

Back to Randy Pausch and the “head fake” (see video below). He had kids thinking they were playing games on computers and while they’re doing it they’re actually learning how to use computers. With yoga I get the guys to do it, and when they’re realize they’re doing it they’re not afraid to go try other stuff.

So many of my friends who would never be caught dead doing yoga not only do my stuff, they go to yoga class. And I think that’s awesome.

Here’s another inspiring and dramatic transformation thanks to DDP Yoga and the continuous support system.

* “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it” is a quote from Charles R. Swindoll, an American writer and evangelical Christian preacher. DDP was inspired by Lou Holtz, former Notre Dame football head coach, whom we imagine must have been inspired by Mr. Swindoll.



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  • Jessica

    I think that this interview is fantastic! I watched the now-viral video a few weeks ago, and was blown away that anyone would turn a student away…especially someone that felt that they were at the end of their rope. DDP’s yoga might not necessarily be “traditional” yoga, but it is doing wonderful things for people! Keep it up!

    • DDP

      Thanks Jessica it’s always Kool when someone gets it:)

      • Jessica

        I am a firm believer in getting on your mat…no matter how you get there, or why you are there! You get what you need when you need it! If you are succeeding in getting more men onto the mat with the style that you teach, keep rockin’ it out!

    • I just posted an astrological analysis of DDP:

      Aries Sun, Aquarius Moon: The Old School Rebel and the New Age Outlaw, A Lightning Bolt Down the Road Less Traveled

      (@YogaDork: feel free to delete if you feel this is off-topic or not relevant. )

  • Adam Jay

    I first heard about Mr. Page while watching the Documentary “Y Yoga”. His approach seemed perfect for military personel. When i saw the video of Arthur Boorman’s transformation, i really took notice! In my first 6 months of yoga, i lost 50 pounds and that was mostly thanks to a new gluten free diet, a local monday night vinyasa class and the occasional yogaglo.com class.
    DDP Yoga definitely isn’t for me, but it clearly works, and works well for others. Any form of yoga that can improve the quality of life should be acknowledged and respected.

    • DDP

      Thanks Adam you are absolutely right DDP YOGA is NOT for Everyone … I appreciate your comments:)

  • nice! I always liked DDP even when he was the “heel” in wrestling….

    • DDP

      Thanks Linda but I think many yogi’s would still think I was playing the heel:)

  • meh.

    I saw DDP in “Enlighten Up” and thought he was a cad. I don’t think that’s really changed much after reading this interview. “Manly yoga” is no worse than Sadie Nardini’s “weight loss yoga” though…

  • meh.

    I’ll add that I wish someone who didn’t call the yogic philosophy “mumbo jumbo” would make a serialized set of yoga DVDs that build off one one another. I do see value to the DDP method. I just don’t think I could spend 90 minutes of time with his intensity.

    • DDP

      lol that really made me laugh out load meh… you’re probably right but I guess you’ll never know will you:)

  • meh.

    He calls the warrior series “road warrior.” What is the point of that? I really can’t take him seriously. Imagine going into a yoga class, having the instructor call for triangle, and not knowing what to do because you’be been taught to get in keg stand or something. Give me a break.

    Okay, I’m done. I promise I’ll stop commenting on this post…

    • DDP

      Thank you for your positive comments… Just so you know most of the people who end up doing DDP YOGA with me weather it’s our troops, in the gym or on a field have the mindset that they wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga… After experiencing DDP YOGA many would try other forms of yoga as well… It’s not for everyone:)

    • DDP

      SERIOUSLY MEH ??? You mean every yoga class around the world uses the same names for all the yoga positions??? Really? So I’m the first person to change the names hun? Wow I never knew that? I think YOU have to give me a Break on that one meh:)

      • VQ2

        No, you’re not. Most kids’ yoga classes on the planet do the same thing.

        Wouldn’t be too surprised if some kids like the DDP program, too.

        • DDP

          Thanks VQ2 for your comments about kids… When I finally do my DDP YOGA for kids … I’m going to have the kids turn Green when they HULK IT UP coming out of what I call Diamond Cutter (at standing cobra)… Their going to love it:) I have a bunch of kids doing DDP YOGA with their families… a couple of 8 year old girls are like totally Warriors… Skyler can do four 10 second push ups… she’s amazing… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHBNw5kD77s

          • VQ2

            Fantastic! The class you’re teaching her looks interesting. If she could keep the practice up for 40 minutes–what an attention span!

            She looks far from bored, and also looks strong …

            Just don’t play Tchaikovsky as the soundtrack in the video (long ago memories of a failed adult ed ballet class at around that age), it will be a winner …

  • simply yoga

    I like what he’s done for a certain segment of the population — he’s obviously worked miracles with so many, and I applaud that to the max. I do have concerns about the more sensitive not-quite-so “manly” military types who have this as their first and only introduction to yoga. Not every male is psychologically built to appreciate this approach. I guess it’s better than nothing, but I cringe a little when I think of the folks who might not have another outlet thinking this is the sum and total. Hopefully they won’t get discouraged and if interested, find another means to study.

    But hey, it’s great for some.

    • DDP

      DDP May 17, 2012 at 2:35 am
      Thank you for your positive comments… Just so you know most of the people who end up doing DDP YOGA with me weather it’s our troops, in the gym or on a field have the mindset that they wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga… After experiencing DDP YOGA many would try other forms of yoga as well… It’s not for everyone:)

  • simply yoga

    The fact that DDP counts Erich Schiffmann as one of his inspirations is very telling. That’s a really really good thing in my book.

    • DDP

      I think Eric is one of the Kooler Cats on the Planet:)

  • David

    Yay! Finally someone to take all the flack that Bikram usually gets for being bombastic and over the top!

    • DDP

      HA! You’re Welcome bro… But it all works 🙂 I love when people take myself to serious!

      • DDP

        That was supposed to be…

        I love it when people take themselves to seriously… Ha! I think it reads better now David:)

        • David

          DDP –
          Love that you are hitting this comment section and really engaging people one-on-one. Says volumes about who you are and what you are committed to. Thanks for taking a stand to have people take on their helth and wellness!

          Seriously, how much have you looked at Bikram and his method? I’m hearing a lot of similarities, which is think is great. Not to get you to be a convert, but simply to see how Bikram brought yoga forward from a vantage point of cutting out the western craving for mumbo-jumbo and getting down to basics: get in the room, get on the mat and start dealing with that there is to deal with; namely YOURSELF! All else will follow.

          Take a look a how Bikram constructed his method and notice how well thought out each and every piece of the 90 min actually is. It is a stripped down practice that leaves you face-to-face with yourself.

          Keep it rocking!

          • susan

            i thought he cut out the mumbo jumbo because westerners were not born Indians so can’t be Brahmins so can’t make use of the mumbo jumbo

          • David

            @Susan – You may be correct and I am not certain as to “why” he did what he did … just that my experience of the method is that distractions are reduced to a minimum so that it is just you, your body and the pose. Any spiritual or psychological benefits come as a by-product of the physical practice.

            I have read/heard that the sub set of the 26 postures from the classic 84 are all ones Bikram choose which have minimal potential for injury. And, that each of the 24 are all restorative or regenerative, with each pose targeting different organs, joints, muscle groups or systems in the body so that, by the end of the practice, 100% of the body has been exercised in one way or another.

          • DDP

            Thanks bro … I appreciate you sounding back… I have done Bikram and I dug his flow and no nonsense ATTITUDE… Ha! I just didn’t dig the heat… MY heart rate was through the roof and my workout is all about the heart rate I really like to stay in zone… it’s True DDP and Bikram have a few similarities but I like to heat my body up from the inside that’s why I Never workout without a heart monitor… Do you live in NYC area by any chance because I may be coming to PURE YOGA in September and I would like you to experience DDP YOGA:)

          • David

            @DDP – wow, thanks for the invite! Im in the PacNW so won’t be able to visit you in NYC. But give a shout if you are every out West, would love to check it out!

            Re the heat, I get it! It is a primary difference between Ashtanga (and all the power/flow variants) and Bikram’s take on traditional Hatha. Given that Hatha is not “dynamic,” and thus the practitioner does not generate internal heat, Bikram looked back in his past and realized that it was the ambient heat in India which made the difference in the practice.

            As for the hear rate, that too is deliberate. The theory goes: maximum exertion & maximum rest. Each of the 26 poses that Bikram selected has a specific restorative or regenerative property to it. By pushing up the heart rate and then intentionally cutting off blood flow to different parts of the body (organs, muscles etc.) for very specific amounts of short time, once release comes the body rushes fresh blood (oxygen & nutrients) back to those areas. I like to call this the “pressure washing” effect! All the bones and tissue in that area get blasted with fresh goodies! As well, the compression, twisting and massaging that all the organs get promotes their proper functioning.

            So heat and heart rate have nothing to do with what we in the west think about heat and heart rate: burning calories. Bikram method is NOT about burning calories, it’s about working every single muscle, bone, joint, organ and system in the human body. To protect the body and promote the effect, the heat is necessary.

            There are also great “psychological” impacts in that you have to train your mind to stay clam and consciously breathe normally … so you are retraining your grey matter at the same time!

            Anyway – glad you are up to what you are up to and hope to see you out in the great Pacific NW area soon!!

  • Kell

    He said SO many things that agree with my philosophy as to why I practice yoga. I don’t read the Gita, I don’t sit and meditate legs crossed ( I walk), I believe that what you find spiritually comes from how you treat yourself physically. I am a person of physicality first. And Bryan Kest is my guru too, I plan train with Bryan next year. I don’t feel like such a yogic fraud after reading that interview… thank you! It makes yoga more accessible to EVERYONE! If you practice yoga first, the rest comes without book study… it comes from within.

    • DDP

      I always find it extra Kool when someone gets it:) it’s Ok that people don’t get it… I know many consider me the black sheep of yoga and that’s Kool with me… BUT it is amazing to me how many yogi’s can bust my balls… then go and put the Never Give UP Arthur Inspirational Transformation on their sites and have (their) yoga take credit for it:) Hmmm very interesting:)

      • VQ2

        It accomplishes as two things:

        1- a catalyst for anybody who thinks they can’t do yoga to come to them
        2- expiates their guilt for ever having turned away a non-traditional, non-ideal yoga student to their class
        2a- everybody knows that the way they market their classes is for the young and already fit–they just want to get them away from “Happy Hour” …

        Hey, I learn something NEW every day from the “yoga scene”–
        I, too, can rewrite my own history with yoga teachers and yoga studios and Elephant Journal, etc.

  • I sent you an email through your web site DDP. I hope to hear from ya. 🙂

  • Westley Anson

    DDP, don’t let anyone “sweat” your style of Yoga. If you can get even one additional guy to do something Yoga-like I would consider as an accomplishment! Good luck and Namaste my fellow Yogi.

    • DDP

      Thanks bro … I really don’t sweat it … Ha! I’m just not going to let anyone run their mouth to my face or in print without standing up and firing back… I know the Real Yogi’s Get it…

  • Dear DDP,
    I’m into the Mumbo and way into the Jumbo. I have a daily japa practice, study the sutras and the Gita, think a lot about my relationship to the divine and to my fellow beings. I also teach and as a teacher I know I must meet the student where the student is. That’s what you’re doing.

    And you are making an offering of your gifts in order to be of help in the world. And you are moved by the spirit you see in others. And you want to inspire others. That’s not a materialistic goal. Admit it, man. You have a spiritual practice. You’re a yogi.

    • VQ2

      … and maybe moreso than those who seem to talk the talk, walk the walk and look the look …

    • DDP

      David THANKS for pointing the that out bro… When I was being interviewed by YD… I never said I didn’t have spiritual side… What I said was I can’t go to THAT spiritual side or I’ll lose Credibility with my people… And most the people I work with are pretty hard headed about what they think yoga is and what they don’t want to do… For some it’s just ignorance (that would be me before I ever started any kind of yoga) for others they are looking for exactly what you were just talking about they just don’t want to hear the words That Way… It’s why I talk about Randy Pausch and the “head fake” (see video above)… Actually Every yogi should watch Randy’s whole 1:17 minute talk… It’s Amazing … then they might understand what I’m doing… but if certain yogi’s don’t get what I’m doing I have no problem with that either… I’m all about the positivity of what’s possible … I never said I was not a yogi… I said I don’t fit into the yogi box like so many yogi’s think I should… Ha! I think you get the fact that if I did a daily japa practice, study the sutras and the Gita … I wouldn’t have the people following me that do… I have chosen the path Less Travel… I chose to create a form of yoga that really wasn’t for yogi’s who WE’RE Open Minded… The yogi are looking for kickass workout do Get it… I chose to develop a form a yoga totally by accident for those who wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga:) but for some reason would try mine… Think about that … I guess you would have to say that I didn’t even take the path less traveled … Looking back I guess what I really did was come to the part of the forest where trees were so thick that there was no path so in DDP form I got out a bulldozer and made my own path…

      Actually I

      • Completely in agreement with all you say. I literally grew up in Texas honky-tonks in the 1950’s. Went in the Navy straight out of high school, served nine years in the Pacific in the sixties. Got out, worked on a pile driving crew. Got bored, joined the LAPD. Etc. I’ve put myself through the wringer. Started teaching yoga at age 60. I’ve learned that yoga is vast. You’re right, some see small boxes. That’s got nothing to do with you or your students. Nothing. Your students follow you for what they see in you, whether they can express it or not.

        Not saying you oughta do it, but that would not change if you bought some mala beads. It wouldn’t change because you could still meet your students where they are, make them feel welcome, make them feel understood. All of that comes from your depth. I find that students are thirsty for depth practice. As long as you are keeping it real, your students will see you for you. In fact, we could say that keeping it real is not a bad summation of what yoga is.

        Your cred is the “doorway” for your students. I wouldn’t want to mess with that, wouldn’t want that door to close. But a door is only a way to come in.

        Sorry for the soft stuff, bro. But when you come to a yoga blog you got to expect some yoga talk! And it gets worse… By the looks of the comments here, you might be in danger of acceptance and admiration by some mumbo jumbos!!! What next!!! Harmonium lessons???

        • DDP

          HA! Now that is funny:) You’re Kool Cat:)

  • dan

    it’s going to be interesting to see where these “up and coming” teachers end up in 10 or 20 years, if they’ll be teaching a more meditative practice (even if it’s dancing like Rea) or even if they’ll start talking about the science of the breath publicly in depth (like, is it a good practice to hold your breath)

  • Mahangun Kaur

    Great interview. And to the poster who was questioning why the names of the yoga poses are different… I teach kundalini yoga, and some of the names we use are different, too. Like frogs… camel ride… there’s even one that we refer to as the washing machine. Does that make kundalini yoga not yoga? No. And here’s a quote from Yogi Bhajan, master of kundalini yoga, that seems right on here: “Body affects the Soul. Soul affects the Mind.” : )

    • DDP

      Thanks Mahangun that’s how I have always seen it:)

  • Michael Mullins

    Does it really matter what kind of Yoga Dallas Page does or the fact that he calls the move a touchdown or that his Yoga isnt spiritual, because 75 days ago when I was in one of the lowest points in my life looking for anything that could get me to walk from my living room into my bedroom without being in unbearable pain, it didn’t matter. With all due respect Im kinda turned off by the pretentious attitude in this forum. DDP Yoga may not be “real Yoga” but the fact that Dallas Page and his positivity helped me out and gave me hope when I needed it the most, makes me wanna do DDP Yoga not “real Yoga”. I have been a prisoner of my body for 2 1/2 years now and just sitting back waiting for a hip replacement. I ballooned up to 300lbs and I dont know if anyone in this forum knows what its like to have living be more of a burnden rather than a joy but its not fun. Dallas doesnt claim to be a “real Yogi” but I like it that way. I was never one to frequent the “mainstream”. You can argue the “not real yoga” all you want but you cant argue results. When I was at the lowest point of my life Dallas Page put his hand out and showed me the way. Ive lost over 30 pounds in 2 months and more importantly im almost pain free. People like Arthur Boorman and Stacy, and the thousands of other people on his site dont care that DDP’s not “real Yoga.” You dont get it and thats fine but dont put down the people who’s lives are changed by this “less than yoga” because to me and the thousands of others who know DDP and believe in him and his product, its as real as it gets. If you spent 20 minutes with “Diamond” Dallas Page I dare you to not like him, his positivity and passion bleeds through his pores. So spiritual or not, real or not, DDP Yoga saved my life and thats pretty damn real to me.


    • David


    • DDP

      Now that’s Passion brother… Thanks for the kind words MM but don’t be so hard on the peeps here on YD… I think the YogaDork did a great job on the article… Let’s just say DDP & DDP YOGA is what I’ve been saying all along… it’s Own Animal and leave it at that 🙂

  • paul

    I am a yoga purist and snob (as in, “/I/ don’t even call myself a yogi”, and that I have to add my 2cents to what is said so well in the interview), and I love what DDP is doing. Many of us purists and snobs don’t want too many “feet in the pond” because we like the austerity and dealing with our own stuff without having to deal with people who rub us the wrong way, or the same “type” that have bullied us and otherwise been mean. We like to sit as if we have nothing to learn from anyone but Saints, and that because our path met us where we’re at, it must do that for everyone.
    But meeting people where they’re at is exactly what DDP and so many others are doing, and it isn’t a pond or even an ocean, its far bigger and there is room for everyone. Though he may not use the words, it is love and awareness that he is teaching; the sincerity honesty and follow through he has made the foundation of his approach and the 90%/10% are testament to this.
    Thanks for this great interview and introduction to his work.

    • VQ2

      @paul, say what you will about life being like high school and that “jocks” may have bullied “people like you” who look to yoga purism/snobbery to feel a sense of belonging.

      Well, the purists sporting the mala beads … if life really is like high school, are the “drama club wonks” who think nothing of bullying us nerds….

      DDP really actually proves that maybe it takes a jock … maybe injured, maybe former, maybe scared-straight–whatever–for the most part (except for the nagging pull of publicity or fashion) they don’t think much of absolutes such as “art”, “beauty” or “performance” …

  • DDP

    Paulie thanks for you kind words bro:)

  • Bryan

    DDP, I was a fan when you took on the NWO and had the classic feud with Macho Man (R.I.P.). After reading this and watching Arthur’s video, I’m an even bigger fan. I practice and love “your mama’s yoga,” but I cherish your efforts to bring more light into the world. BANG!!

    • DDP

      That’s Awesome bro what ever it takes to get you on the Manduka as much as possible bro:)

  • Mike B.

    Great article. I’ve been part of TeamDDP since I started DDPYoga just over a month ago (I started just before the “explosion”). The changes and improvements in how I feel are amazing. I never would have thought I would be the type of guy who would get into yoga. Now I just wish I had found it years ago instead of weeks ago. I’m happy to see DDPYoga is blowing up.

    • DDP

      That’s Awesome bro… Thanks for coming by and sharing that story:)

  • Like Paul above, I’m probably what you’d consider a “purist”… although I prefer to be called “traditional” 😉 I’m an authorized ashtanga teacher and pretty strict about following the ashtanga tradition as Guruji (K. Pattabhi Jois) taught it. Yeah, in my classes we don’t talk about Warrior poses, it’s Virabhadrasana and you’d better learn to pronounce that! But seriously, DDP, what you do is amazing. I think us purists/traditionalists/snobs could learn a lot from you. May you be an inspiration to all of us and kick our asses.

    • DDP

      Thanks for your post:) I have to say I am very Humbled by many of the comments that have come from this interview with YD…

  • Sarah

    I have been thinking about taking the plunge into DDP for a few weeks now. I think I am going to head over to the site and order in a minute.
    Mr. Page, you are beyond inspiration to me.
    My story is not so much of a story but simply this, I have been through a LOT of crap in my 29 years of life and it has taken a toll on my health. I’m not overweight but I NEED to regain my strength and own my life.
    Bonus: my son Gavin who is 6 is psyched about being about to do DDP yoga with me!
    Question: Does anyone know of any events/classes that DDP will be at in the near future in the NJ area…?

    • DDP

      Take that Plunge Girl! So are you a Jersey Girl? I love that your Son is really going to Love DDP YOGA! Anyway I’m coming to Jersey to see my family for a couple of days… If you put a few Jersey peeps together I may be in the mood to do spot on Class! … Because there is Nothing Better that doing DDP YOGA LIVE! Don’t forget I have the DDPYOGA Retreat Extravaganza JULY 25th to 30th… it’s going to be a Blast!

      • Sarah

        YESSS! When are you landing to visit?
        And how many people would you need for a class? Sad, I wouldn’t be able to make out to the retreat but I surely wish I could.
        WOW! I am so excited to start this, you have no idea!

        • Sarah

          Planning* to visit- not landing lol.

          • DDP

            What area of Jersey are you in?

          • Sarah

            Toms River

  • DDP

    Ah perfect… You’re from Down the Shore … I was born and raised in Point Pleasant and actually went to what ever they call St. Joe’s now before they threw me out… Ha! Yes in case you haven’t guess I was a bit of wild man in my younger days:) Tell you what Go sign up on http://www.TeamDDPYOGA.com and let’s talk about this there.

  • Sarah

    Oh…well I’m technically from a crappy little town outside of Philly PA. But I’ve been living in the Garden State for almost 10 years. It’s grown on me, lol.
    I signed up on TeamDDPYOGA, it says pending approval.
    And earlier today I went balls to the wall and ordered the YRG Max Pack with the last pennies in my checking account…well almost last.

  • Mike b

    Hey DDP; My daughter sent me the video of Arthur and told me “if he could do this so can you”. I was in a car accident and broke my back 30 years ago. I had spinal fusion and it was ok for like 15 years then I started to deteriorate gain weight and hurt much more which led to a vicious cycle of doing nothing to help myself. I changed my eating habits (all bad) and started the yoga program and in the first few times I just got through the “13”. I started “energy” program and was only able to do 5 minutes at first. In time I was doing the full21 minutes and started to feel it. In 6 weeks I have lost 22 lbs and almost 3 sizes in my pants. I just wanted to thank you and let you know I do the ‘Energy’ program every day now and soon will get to the next level. Thanks again for the change in my life. Mike B

    • DDP

      Mike that’s Awesome bro I’m PROUD of YOU! When you get a chance you should come by and join http://www.TeamDDPYOGA.com you’ll Dig the Energy (no pun intended) Keep up the Great work!

      • Mike b

        Thanks DDP! I have joined the ‘Team’ since May23rd and go there every day!

  • sarah

    hey ddp,
    my husband and i just ordered the dvds and are totally psyched to get started on your program.
    jonathan’s been a fan of yours since you were taking chairs to the head and tearing it up in the ring. i’ve never been a fan of wrestling.
    maybe a month ago j started talking about this yrg thing and i listened politely until i noted he was ACtually interested in your program.
    i’ve been fighting (poorly) my fitness and weight issues for a good 16 years and have always felt incapable of taking on such a challenge by myself. j and i have been together 6 years and i’ve always wanted he and i to get ‘into’ something together, something we could get passionate about and use to become healthy and sexy as a couple.
    when he started telling me your story, his eyes so bright, i knew something had bit. someone jonathan can be inspired by has finally brought my beautiful man up to the point of recognizing a need for change and the reality that it CAN and SHOULD be done.
    i’ve never been overly interested in the spiritual aspect of yoga, though as a spiritual individual i’ve always respected it. and boy did i envy the beauty and grace achieved by its practitioners. i just couldn’t do it because i thought you HAD to have the ‘mumbo jumbo’ to practice it.
    now that i’ve looked into what you’re bringing to the ‘rest’ of us, i am so hopeful and inspired. no, i’m fucking stoked. i’m going to do this and i’m going to be successful. so will jonathan.
    i’m telling people about it. ALL the time.
    thanks for what you’re doing. you’re a good man.

    • DDP

      Thank you for the Heartfelt blog buddy:) I love that you are continuing putting out your positive message and there… Keep UP the GREAT Work!

  • Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up.
    The text in your content seem to be running off the
    screen in Chrome. I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to
    let you know. The design and style look great though! Hope you get the issue resolved soon.
    Many thanks

  • Russ

    I did yoga as a kid. Later, I had a 20 yr military career during which I was a BIG WWF fan in the 80’s (my boys are hooked on WWE). Anyway, as a “middle aged” regular guy who kicked smoking some years ago, I now need something to get back in shape. Thanks Dallas for connecting some things I can relate to. It’s a good start.

  • Brandon

    DDP – Found myself researching DDP Yoga after seeing the video. I’m a young athletic guy, however, never once have I been able to do a full squat without lifting my heels. I know something is very very tight, because I have intermittent back pain and my lower legs are always extremely tight. So Idon’t know if it’s tight achilles/hamstrings/hip flexors but I was wondering if your program would benefit these muscles in anyway – I just want to be able to do a squat with my toes on the ground. After seeing that video, I feel like anything is possible.

  • I don’t leave a response, however after browsing through a few of the comments on this page YD Interview: Diamond Dallas Page on DDP Yoga, INTENSE Inspiration, ‘Head Fakes’ and the 90% – YogaDork. I actually do have a few questions for you if it’s allright.
    Is it only me or does it look like a few of these comments appear like they are written by brain dead individuals?
    😛 And, if you are writing at other online sites, I would
    like to keep up with everything new you have to post. Would you post a list
    of all of your social community sites like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin

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