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Guinness Book’s ‘World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher’ at 93, Tao Porchon-Lynch

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Congrats to Tao Porchon-Lynch! For making the record books and successfully making us feel duly inspired and incredibly lazy!

There’s been some confusion and minor dispute over who is the world’s oldest yogi – for all we know there are bearded 125-year-olds living in caves! – but to all intents and purposes, and world records, we have a new title winner and she is one tough cookie. Her name is Tao Porchon-Lynch, she’s 93-years-young, she’s been practicing yoga since she was 8 and teaching yoga since she was 73 (it’s never too late!).

Porchon-Lynch teaches yoga four days a week and also keeps busy ballroom dancing and guiding wine tours in New York State. And she certainly knows how to overcome a challenge. At 87, she had hip surgery but a month later she took to the dance floor, starting lessons.

“I believe that we can always reach just a little bit further,” said Porchon-Lynch. “I’m inspired to bring yoga into others’ lives along with helping people unearth new talents.”

And we’re grateful for it! According to the Guinness World Records, Lady Tao is the new “world’s oldest yoga teacher” a title that was given to Bernice Yates late last year, but has been revoked since she is just a wee 91. Come on, can’t we just give them both Guinness Book of “awesomely inspiring, make us want to tear up”  yogi awards?

See more photos in the slideshow here and video of TPL at 91 here.




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  • Wow, this woman’s amazing for her age. My aunt is the same age and looks nothing like this. Exercise, rather than watching tv might have something to do with it….

  • I totally dig how these older yoga practitioners always have some nice plush carpet under them when practicing. 😀

  • Totally inspirational!!

    I bought my grandma a yoga mat for her 80th, I’ll show her this post to remind her age isn’t a barrier!! Even with two new knees she’s embracing the idea that everyone who can breathe can do yoga…


  • What’s the norm, Jenifer, a bed of nails?? At their age they probably need the extra comfort.. Great site, by the way. Love the layout. Must have cost quite a bit??

  • Carl,

    Nah, the norm is just a yoga mat for most classes.

    Though the senior teacher here (she’s 87, I think), she just practices on the ground. But when she’s at home, she puts carpet over a mat over her hardwood. I love her. 🙂

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