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Bethenny Frankel Tries to Squeeze in Mommy Yoga Time, Moms Everywhere Empathize

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Mother’s Day was last Sunday, but it’s turning out to be yoga mommy week here on YD.

Bethenny and baby Bryn in "happy baby" pose in 2011

Maybe you know Bethenny Frankel from one of her many reality shows (ie The Real Housewives of New York City, Bethenny Ever After, Bethenny Getting Married, etc.) or from her Skinnygirl enterprises or from her several books or from her yoga-fueled enthusiasm and postpartum bounce back after having her first baby. The reality tv show star, natural foods chef and serial entrepreneur mommy is gearing up for yet another venture, trying her hand as a daytime talk show host for her own self-titled, self-produced show, ‘Bethenny’ with co-producer and fellow yoga fan Ellen Degeneres.

We don’t imagine getting in yoga time with like 15 businesses and a 2-year-old is the easiest thing to do. We’re exhausted just from writing that last paragraph. And we’ve no bubkins of our own, but we can empathize with the clip Bethenny posted on her site of her adventures in at-home yoga.

We’re no Bravo execs (and for good reason!), and not that we’re asking for it, but we’re not sure why she didn’t go full hanuman and create a reality tv/talk show yoga series. Two birds with one mind, body and gift of gab? Will we be sorry we said that?

Here the pair chat about Bethenny’s roller coaster career. It’s nice for perspective.



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  • VQ2

    There seems to be something bugging her all the time … at least we know she tries. Very hard.

    Don’t cue the candles. Don’t cue the incense.

    The life of the householder … illustrated.

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