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YogaDork Giveaway: ‘Learning to Breathe’ by Priscilla Warner

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In this life we have our ups, we have our downs. We have our TGIFs and our holy mother of what on earth just happeneds. One thing’s for sure. Some days are better than others. And it takes bravery, chutzpah and some good old fashioned deep breaths (and maybe a beer) to power through. We each have our own coping techniques, and many of us are lucky enough to thank yoga for being our guide through some tough times.

For Priscilla Warner, her anxiety and panic attacks were so intense she sought everything under the sun to help calm the storm. In her book Learning to Breathe: My Yearlong Quest to Bring Calm to My Life she outlines her journey and shares what finally stuck. Hint: it’s a practice.

Read the review and interview with Priscilla here.

WIN: We’re delighted to be giving away a copy of Learning to Breathe: My Yearlong Quest to Bring Calm to My Life by Priscilla Warner, courtesy of Free Press. Update: Good news! The giveaway is extended til Friday and we have 2 additional books to give away!

TO ENTER: Hi Haiku! How we’ve missed you. In the comments below share an experience, a yoga pose, a sutra, a special mantra, a special person, a special microbrew, your guilty pleasure TV show, your favorite yogi teabag quote, anything that helps bring you back to a state of all is ok with the world so you can face it again, in haiku form of course. That’s 3 lines, and goes 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.

We’ll try first:

setu bandha still
slow exhale, let it all go
friday, IPA.

Giveaway open until 11:59pm Wednesday, May 16th EXTENDED to Friday, May 17th! One THREE winners will be chosen at random and announced soon after. Good luck!

UPDATE: We have winners! Congrats to Amber, Stuart and Kimberly!



54 comments… add one
  • I needed this now
    Need to teach more yoga stat
    Love you YogaDork

  • Jeanette Hablewitz

    west maui mountains
    window of expansive view
    from my quite bedroom.

  • Amanda

    Iyengar? Yes, please.
    Plus Size Yogi in training.
    Bend, breathe, namaste.

  • Thinking of winning.
    Be funny? Props to YD?
    Maybe just random.

  • graig moriarty

    no past loss/future fear
    all joy resides here & now
    savasana helps

  • Eileen

    I’m learning to breathe
    In the quiet of my mind
    Or maybe my heart

  • Amy

    Haiku to win book
    *Learning to Breathe* so I can
    Write better haiku

  • Paula

    Inhale the life force
    Exhale letting go; release
    Repeat. Om Shanti

  • Embee

    Breathe in happiness
    Hold it in your fourth chakra
    Breathe out a new world

  • Amanda Densten

    Every time on the mat
    Is another chance; life
    breathes & beacons us

  • nicole b.

    Calm to quiet mind
    Monkey brain at 3 a.m.
    How to cope and dream again

  • Moi

    Got a new kitten
    He likes to yoga with me
    Furry yoga bliss

  • Many books I do own
    breath daily I must go slow
    win to top of pile

  • Gaugs

    You no like Bikram
    Why you no try, take a dive
    Big puddle of sweat

  • Ayse Gokce

    Need to feed my soul
    Embrace my fears and sorrows
    One breath at a time

  • Nancy B

    Today I start new
    One breath at a time in out
    Each breath fills my heart

  • Body like a mountain
    Breath like the wind
    Mind like the sky

  • Amber

    Wow, Yoga Dork!
    Last night I dreamt of a book
    wise, bestowing breath!

  • Steve

    Why is “I don’t know”
    Not an answer for us?
    Are we not mortal?

  • Steve

    Why is “I don’t know”
    Not a good answer for us?
    Are we not mortal?

  • mantra for my soul
    breathing deeply I inhale
    and go on my way

  • Margie Hunter

    early afternoon
    tea steeps in its brown vessel
    sitting quietly

  • My Meditation…

    peace breathe in breathe out
    breathe in breathe out peace

  • Cece Peterson

    I stand on my head,
    defy my personal fear.
    I know no limits.

  • It is what it is
    Sunday, newspaper, Malbec wine
    Breathe in, let it go

  • Martha

    My mat is my core.
    The center of all movement.
    To, from, and within.

  • Gaugs

    its hillbilly yoga
    putting your head in your butt

  • meira

    Great mountain ahead
    now looming inner discord
    when will i find peace?

  • Sarah B

    Moment after om…
    Particle of a second.
    Calm beyond belief!

  • Martina W

    Can Canadians
    Who need inspiration,win?
    Please please say we can

  • lainee

    happy go lucky
    sidewalk cracks will break my back
    leap now fearlessly

  • Dee

    Pigeon pose? Yes, please.
    No, never regret Yin Yoga
    Cold blueberry beer

  • Move to uncover truth
    Sarvangasana steadies
    Always there, so hum.

  • Neil

    Class brings happiness
    Amongst friends we calmly flow
    Finding peace and calm

  • in out thoughts they go
    deep breath tough to let one out
    return to the mat

  • Beneath the veil; Truth
    Sever the ignorant doubt
    no mud, no Lotus

  • Annie

    It is always there
    Love my harbor view from home
    Breathe and take it in

  • Deborah H

    I have read this book
    It is full of awesomeness
    I want to share it!

  • Holding each moment
    A stillness forms the backdrop
    from which all is born.

  • Stuart Pierson

    Sit, shake, wag tail, beg
    Long day, too tired no excuse
    Now go get my leash

  • Jilly

    Breathing my body
    Letting life be my practice
    I sway in the wind

    • Awesome haiku! I love it! This really resonates with me. Good luck! Keep Haiku-ing! Sincerely, Paige Pellegrino-Teti

  • Charlene

    Pine scent in the air
    Now close eyes, breathe in, breathe out
    Here is paradise

  • Sitting in the grass
    Each blade brings a new feeling
    And profound moments.

  • Real Housewives Bravo Junk
    Bad Day Junk food for my Brain
    Yoga grounds me otherwise

  • Däna LeAnne

    park yoga pigeon
    poops mandalas on my mat
    waiting for some rain

  • Ann Margaret

    Yoga is my love
    Breath, beauty, friendships, peace
    Unroll with my mat

  • Amy

    Loving late at night
    With the most wonderful man
    The rest of my life

  • Tamsin

    Stand in Tadasana
    Feel solid like a mountain
    Breathe in to the now

  • natalie g

    inhale the calmness /
    exhale negativity /
    this is the real you

  • sharon

    Just for fun since the contest is over:

    asanas relax
    pranayama enlightens
    samadhi achieved

  • Thank you YogaDork
    These haikus bring me much joy
    With each breath I take!

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