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Actress Sienna Miller Tries Prenatal Yoga and Yogi Mum’s Advice

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“I have been trying to do some pregnancy yoga as I’m definitely not a gym person. My mum started up one of the first yoga schools in London in the 70s, so I should probably utilise her expertise as I have really bad posture. But I think I’d probably kill her if she tried to tell me to sit up straight.”

30-year-old British actress Sienna Miller, whom we’ve seen in movies (‘Alfie,’ ‘Factory Girl’) but perhaps know best from tabloid coverage of her romance and public fallout with fellow actor and yogi Jude Law, will try prenatal yoga, but damn it if you try to get her to stand up straight.

Good for you Sienna! Wait, your mom was a what? According to Sienna’s bio her mom was a model and assistant to David Bowie and a yoga teacher. Killer trifecta. We can’t find many London yoga studio details about Josephine Miller, but it sounds like Sienna could use her yogi mother’s nagging, yet loving advice or read our post on the importance of good posture. Maybe baby daddy, actor beau Tom Sturridge can support? Happy baby bumping.

Hmm…could it be yoga is influencing celebrities and not the other way around?

Did you/do you practice prenatal yoga?

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  • i definitely did prenatal yoga. but i also continued my ashtanga practice (very modified) at the same time. kind of the yin and yang of yoga throughout my pregnancy. the best compliment i received after a vinyasa class was that i didn’t look pregnant from behind. aww… shucks. i also felt like a strong yoga practice made laboring without an epidural possible. very empowering!

  • Prenatal yoga is the best! I love the community aspect and learning about everyone’s pregnancy. There is laughter and love in prenatal classes. And I totally agree with Terri about laboring without an epidural thanks to yoga, it really prepares you to deal with labor better than anything else.

  • Not only did I practice Prenatal Yoga with both my pregnancies, I am a Prenatal Yoga instructor and a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. My prenatal yoga students had so many questions, I felt compelled to be able to answer with authority, hence the Lamaze cert. My childbirth ed. classes encompass yoga philosophy, pranayama and postural alignment. Yoga and Lamaze mix very well together.

    Sat Nam!

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