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Posture Matters: Stand Up For Yourself!

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Just a friendly reminder!

Sure we’re conscious of all that elongating the spine jazz on the mat, but how often do we dip into slumpasana the rest of the day? Not only does good posture help prevent back and neck pain and open air passageways for better breathing helping your brain and rest of your body function more efficiently (huzzah!), it can help improve your mood and overall outlook, and that’s not just because you’re standing two inches taller.

Hey good lookin’. Appearing perkier and more self-confident is also mighty sexy. Bonus! (Warning: it could also make you feel perkier and more self-confident.)

3 Tips for Better Posture:

1. Make it a practice to check in regularly with your posture, whether seated, standing or walking, just as you check with your breath, which we know you do ALL the time. Er, maybe set a timer. Are you standing on two feet? Sitting on both butt cheeks?

2. Examine your fashion and accessories. Have unsensible shoes? A super uncomfortable chair? Upgrade to better support and feel better!

3. Stack it up. Think Tadasana! Like ALL the time.

(and read YogaDork Ed: Is Your Posture Wearing You Down?, follow @posturepest on twitter)



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  • yes put me on your list and up date as you see fit.

  • Cathy Lilly

    “Yes, posture not clothes make the man or woman.” This I’ve often lightheartedly say when teaching a new student, including patients at a Dr Fishman’s office. I could probably write an essay about these experiences as it is rewarding to be present when someone discovers the healing power of being in their own tadasana. Such a powerful pain reliever!

    Thanks Yogadork for this illuminating post. It will be fun to share with my clients.

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