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Spc. Chris Daniel (left center) participates in a yoga class to help soldiers who suffer from traumatic brain injuries at Eisenhower Army Medical Center at Fort Gordon on Wednesday. photo: EMILY ROSE BENNETT

“Yoga used as therapy for Fort Gordon soldiers with brain injuries” is the kind of headline that can make our day. In a world where peaceful warrior is still just a nice stretchy yoga pose, we’re happy to see that yoga can still play its role in establishing a state of peace, and in this case rehabilitation.

Dr. John Rigg the program director of the TBI clinic at Eisenhower’s Neuroscience and Rehabilitation Center, said most of the soldiers in the program are dealing with the after-effects of multiple concussive injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan. The symptoms include mood issues, memory loss, sleeplessness and headaches.

“Medicine can relieve the symptoms, but it won’t fix it,” Rigg said.

So instead, the doctors and therapists turn to “mind and body medicine,” meaning adding massages, swimming, acupuncture and yoga to counseling sessions. For soldiers whose shoulders are constantly hunched with tension, it’s a welcome chance to empty the mind.

Yoga comes in all shapes and flavors, as do yoga teachers, and we’re incredibly grateful that some choose to get in the trenches so to speak, whether they’re sharing with thousands at a festival or a few veterans looking for peace of mind.

Once again we honor the efforts of Compass Yoga (check them out this weekend NYC!) and other organizations like Yoga for Vets, not to mention the past efforts and work that lies ahead for the Yoga Service Council (upcoming meeting at Omega May 18th-20th).

Also, we came across this campaign to raise funds for a special veterans yoga retreat to the Feathered Pipe Ranch:

Semper Fidelis Health and Wellness is teaming up with the Veterans Yoga Project to raise funds for an upcoming retreat to the Feathered Pipe Ranch.  100% of the money will be used to offset tuition for the event.  Durring the six-day retreat the founders of the Veterans Yoga Project will offer a unique opportunity for intensive training in a proven, mindful approach to teaching yoga to individuals suffering from PTSD and other trauma-related psychological difficulties, as well as an opportunity for personal healing, retreat, and practice.

If you’re feeling so inclined, head to their gofundme page.

[The Augusta Chronicle]



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  • Pavanatanaya

    I just volunteered to help the Men out

  • That is awesome!

  • Stewart J. Lawrence

    Madame Dork:

    I don’t thin k there was a thing wrong with my last posting elaborating on how the Pentagon views yoga – a topic with which I am am quite familiar.

    Are you bucking to make it into my forthcoming book as an example of how yoga blogs censor people they don’t agree with?

    Be glad to oblige you, but it seems silly and immature of you.

    You realize, you’ve almost descended to Carol Horton’s level – and that’s pretty damn low Sister.

    Grow a pair of ovaries, could you? if you want to censor me, send me an email stewlaw2009@gmail.com and spell it out.

    You’re never at a loss for words yourself.

  • HI! I’m Chris Eder…the yogi/22-yr Air Force raising the funds to offset tuition to the Feathered Pipe Ranch. Learn more about the great work Semper Fidelis Health and Wellness is doing @ sfhw.org

    Please help me spread the link. Share it as often as possible on as many social media sites as possible. Namaste!

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