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Sit, Yogis, Sit: Meditation is Totally Cool Now

in YD News

Hey you, yeah you. Want to know what all the cool kids are doing? It’s totally trippy and will leave you feeling light, calm and like so chillled out man. It’ll totally blow your mind.

Thanks for tolerating our cheezy hand at creepy meditation pusher talk. As it turns out, we don’t even have to go there since everybody’s already doing it! According to an article in The New York Times, alongside all the pomp and yoga primping, there’s actually a rise in just sitting the eff down. And it may actually be en vogue says Lovingkindness author, meditation expert and teacher Sharon Salzberg.

“Meditation is no longer seen as fringe, esoteric and weird,” Ms. Salzberg said. “Its main association is now its link as a stress-reduction modality, and not just for coping, but also for flourishing.”

Just ask Liz Lemon from ’30 Rock’ or Chris and Ron from ‘Parks and Recreation’ or those kids doing better in school!

Meditation is so cool it’s forcing some yoga studios to add more offerings.

Says ISHTA’s Alan Finger:

“There’s a flood of more people wanting more meditation. I used to have about three classes a week — I stepped it up to five.” (A sixth is taught by Mr. Bartelle, alternating with Peter Ferko.)

Why the sudden interest amidst weight-loss promises, talent show-like popularity contests and so much focus on melting just right into the pose?

Om’s Cyndi Lee is optimistic.

“The yoga community in New York City has matured,” Ms. [Cyndi] Lee said. “I remember a time when we started with five minutes of meditation and a woman got annoyed and said: ‘I want to move. I want to sweat.’ Now they want to meditate.”

And the best part? Way less injuries! Hear that Bill Broad? Some yoga doesn’t hurt.

Meditation: The upper and the downer. So ah, we got the time, you got the zafu? Take one of these and set adrift…

Need a little help? Try this – How To Meditate In a Moment (video)

What’s your experience with meditation? Do you have a regular meditation practice?



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  • glad to know I was always ahead of my time. meditated and OMed with Allen Ginsberg in 1973. google him, kiddies…..

  • Finally!! I am COOL!!!
    I’ve been meditation since I was a kid. Did my training with BeYoga and Alan is a true Guru!
    I love my daily meds!

  • Vision_Quest2

    I will really be convinced of a sea change when Yoga Nidra hits prime time studio slots here!

    Over and out ….

    • Yoga Chica

      Yoga Nidra is often part of class at ISHTA! Alan truly is a guru, and I feel blessed to study with him. Michael Bartelle, who was featured in the NYT article, but only touched upon here, is also a shining light at ISHTA and definitely someone whose class you should take.

      • Yep, VQ2, Yoga Chica is right- find Yoga Nidra in classes @ISHTA Yoga. In particular, Mona Anand, who has been teaching Yoga Nidra since her teens, includes it in all of her classes. I highly recommend! Enjoy! xoRebecca

  • YAAAAAAYYYYY!!! I include meditation in my Yoga classes, I love to see the serenity on the students faces as they sit. It is such a important part of my life and it feels right to share it.

  • Meditation has always been cool. I personally use it at home just to relax my mind. I don’t really go into yoga as I can’t afford it. Nice post though.

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