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Yoga in Top 10 Growing Industries Alongside Hot Sauce, Self-Tanning and Green Stuff

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While the economy is still looking to bounce back from savasana, some industries have sprung to life and are thriving. According to an IBIS World new report (pdf) on the 10 fastest-growing industries, Yoga as an industry is on the ups, right alongside other hot numbers like self-tanning and spicy sauce.

It’s not super surprising when you consider how much yogapop is poppin’ and even The White House has been getting down with the dog, not to mention an increasing public interest in overall fitness and wellness, and $90 yoga pants.

Here are the Top 10.

1. Generic pharmaceuticals
2. Solar panel manufacturing
3. For-profit universities
4. Pilates and yoga studios
5. Self-tanning product manufacturing
6. 3-D printer manufacturing
7. Social network game development
8. Hot sauce production
9. Green and sustainable building construction
10. Online eyeglasses sales

Though pharmaceuticals don’t exactly have us squealing with joy, it’s nice to see some eco-conscious greenies on the list. Plus, “Pilates and yoga studios” is the only one on the list that notes “no major industry players.” And that gives us some sort of (perhaps false) relief, though there are certainly a few poised players.

So who’s going to create the next eco-conscious yoga studio/video game/self-tanning center where you can make your own yoga pants with the 3-D printers and take a hot sauce bath (the latest and hippest detox trend!)? Bikram? Wanderlust Live? Place your bets.

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  • We are seeing a huge influx of studioless yoga business owners. Lower overhead, responsibilities and lots of flexibility. (HA! Pardon the pun) Yoga teachers holding classes at museums, in businesses and on the road. As far as hot sauce goes, well time to add some flavor to those boring recipes. 🙂

  • Haha what an interesting list for yoga to be a part of. In good company…??

  • I totally have this great idea. . . . 😉

  • Jon

    Hmm… Hot sauce + Yoga… Gives new meaning to the term “hot yoga”.

  • Wanda Gumm

    Yoga an industry! Along with so-called green energy, for-profit universities, social networking, generic pharmaceuticals, etc. All paid for and promoted by the government to artificially create job growth and direct attention away from the real issues. Such as debt and stagnation, unnamed wars, and depletion of natural resources. The state now determines who shall produce what, how much, and at what cost. Reducing the individual to a state of collective myopism. And replacing his soul with a brand. You call that yoga?

  • I sometimes wonder if the growth in studios is matched by a growth in number of students. Already now studios and teachers are fighting to bump up numbers, with classes at smaller studios getting 1-5 students. While small classes are lovely for the practitioner, can studios thrive (survive?) on that? All the quick-and-easy-teacher-trainings didn’t make it any better, flooding the market with hopeful teachers-to-be who might need to go through some tough times before being able to make it work.

  • Americans are amazing. Even Yoga – the purest and most extraordinary thing in this world, you manage.

    To bad that the talibans did not nuke you. The rest of the world would be so much better if you would just roll over and die….

  • nice… it was censure.

  • Lynwood Holbrook

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