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New ‘Rock Your Yoga’ TV Show Will Star Yoga’s Rock Star Sadie Nardini

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Sure you practice yoga. But have you been asking yourself lately, am I really rocking my yoga? Or is my yoga rocking me? These questions and more will surely be answered in the new TV show called “Rock Your Yoga” starring Sadie Nardini to be unleashed upon unassuming Dish and Verizon FIOS customers May 14th.

Did we ask for a yoga TV show? Well, we’ve got one! The series is to be the first of many yoga/wellness programs produced by the cable network Veria Living, which just set up shop with a studio (production, not yoga) in Manhattan. More fitness, cooking and talk shows will follow including some more original primetime programming like a series starring the zexy Middle East peacemaker Yogi Cameron and healthy food dude chef Nathan Lyon, currently in production. We take it our idea Bikram the Bloviator didn’t work out in story boarding.

As for Sadie Nardini, this is completely expected. Sadie is a YogaDork. We know this. She also happens to be one of the noted few who’ve made no bones about stepping her bare feet beyond the sanctum of a yoga studio for yoga tours across the country and across the internets with YouTube videos along with spirited, and somewhat punchy and hyperbolized online marketing. Her talent agent and management have surely raised the stakes.

Says Paul Cestari, the assistant general manager for Veria Living, “Sadie’s show encompasses everything Veria Living stands for – a wellness journey that’s fun.”

Elizabeth Browde, vice president of programming for Veria Living says, “Sadie’s show — she not only teaches how to do yoga, but how to live yoga.”

And rock it, we assume. Stay tuned.




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  • “she not only teaches how to do yoga, but how to live yoga.”

    one of my students just said the same thing about me the other day.

    how come I don’t have a TV show — I figure with all my tattoos I’d be a shoe-in…. 😉

  • Sharon Floyd

    Ugh. Nice, but someone please tell her to tuck her thumbs if she’s going to claim “rock.”

    • Amanda

      Maybe she just loves to rock so much, her thumbs are untuckable! 😉

  • Gavin

    UUUUURGH!…Only in America!!!…Viva La Yoga! ;ø9

  • Nancy Leigh-Smith

    I feel a YogaDork contest coming on – pitch a new yoga show or movie! 24 yogis set out on a survival journey, some falling in love with vampires, others losing weight while trying to maintain a steady yoga practice and attract sponsors. Several enter an alternate universe and one becomes a serial killer, but in a good way, while living on raw food. The winner gets to play Marilyn Monroe doing yoga in a TV Broadway musical with characters from Glee as back-up singer/posers.

    • ryan

      How about we just put these “yoga-stars” on an island, conveniently forget about them and then realize that they never really mattered anyway.

    • I would L-O-V-E to star in a “Tabatha’s Salon Take-Over” meets “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” for Yoga Studios.

  • Kokopelli

    Clearly American yoga is becoming more and more of a joke as time passes. Most of these self declared ‘teachers’ seemed to have embraced superficiality and the dumbed-down approach as the quickest way to attract the almighty dollar. Let’s call it ‘Bhoga’ instead of yoga. In Sanskrit the term ‘Bhoga’ (instant sensual gratification) is the polar opposite of ‘Yoga’.

  • simply yoga

    The photo alone makes me feel ill. It’s all kinda wrong. It’s actually the antithesis of everything yoga to me. And no, you don’t have to pose in a cave to represent the practice. But OMG that is just just a turn-off.

    What is she trying to represent anyway? I don’t get it.

  • Pavanatanaya

    At the Y where I teach, a Yoga instructor was FBing how she just needed to find a nice Devil worshiping guy with a huge c@ck. That wasnt enough to get her butt fired in our politically appropriate world. I guess that driving a hearse around is a prime indicator of One’s tendency toward darkness.

  • Normally, I would feel really turned off by this news, but I’ve read a lot by Sadie Nardini online, and I have to admit that she’s won me over . . . she doesn’t seem to be pretending to be someone or something she’s not. And she’s obviously smart. And very willing to engage with diverse and even highly critical POVs. That takes strength and a certain centeredness. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  • We love Sadie. She’s one of the most popular writers on elephant:
    (Just look at her readership numbers down the right hand side.)

    Bob W.

    • Benny

      Go back to Elephant you freaking shrill. It is highly offensive that you are whoring for Waylon here on this site.

  • Just a little food for thought:

    Carol: Being into someone because “she doesn’t seem to be pretending to be someone or something she’s not” seems to set the bar quite low. Personally, I assume everyone I hang with DOES NOT pretend to be someone they’re not. That’s just standard. I suggest watching this classic bit by Chris Rock for a more direct example of what I mean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaPHPQt91w8

    Bob W: You love Sadie because she’s one of the most popular writers on your site? Was that a Freudian slip, or is that really good enough? We, The Babarazzi, are HUGELY popular, but that don’t mean we deserve it. This hilarious YouTube video of people falling and slipping and getting into accidents and just basically hurting themselves has almost 2 million views: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaPHPQt91w8

    Come on, peeps. Let’s raise the standard just a touch! We love Sadie too, but mostly ’cause of that gorgeous thick hair! Damn! Great genes!

    • Hi, AB,

      Have you read Sadie’s articles? We also love Sadie because she is an excellent and highly provocative writer, a fine human being, a good friend, and by all accounts a wonderful inspiring teacher.


      • Hey, we love Sadie too. Right there with ya. But, “answering” a question with a question? Shucks… Missed opportunity for that good ole timey bar(n) raising.

        Speaking of the Amish, did you know their numbers roughly double in size every two decades? Wild. Who doesn’t love the Amish….

      • Sarah

        I guess Waylon and Kate can’t generate enough comments on their zillions of daily posts so they have to send this guy over to try to get the commenters here to their creepy site. Between them deleting comments and doing away with the thumbs down button, they have gotten pretty pathetic.

  • JJ Love

    I love you so much Babarazzi

  • Tish

    I love this show, I can’t believe all of the negative comments that I’ve read. And to the people who made them, you’ve accomplished what???


    Sadie has very beautiful feet.

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  • I love Rock Your Yoga especially with Sadie’s style. I am a 65 year old retired from a 35 year career in mental health. I only found and fell in love with yoga about 2 years ago. I was working my body up to the flexibility and strength I wanted (have exercised weekly since ’91) and now am in my 3rd month of recovery from back surgery. I have used Sadie’s program to watch every morning at 6 am (Central Time) for this time to help in my healing. Hopefully, will be able to begin some of the practice in about 3 weeks. Thank you for this programming!

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