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Bikch, please.

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Oh, Bikkie. You make for scintillating headlines, head-shaking of the “no” variety, and the occasional chuckle. Recently, fellow YogaDork YogaDawg dug up a collection of oldie-but-goodie quotes from ol’ Bikram Choudhury. One sweet little gem in particular stood out amongst the eye-widening crowd.

“Why are your legs spread? Women should not spread their legs any time, anywhere! Only in emergencies.”

To this, we say:

Our heads are spinning with all the girl grinding, lady bashing, and “slut shaming” running rampant in a number of misshapen circles these days. We semi-expect this spewing from d-bag politicos, but not from yoga teachers. Non, nyet, nevahhh!

In case anyone else out there has forgotten all the miraculous things that happen when ladies’ legs open, this list is for YOU.


1. This is a contributing factor to the conception of wee babes.
2. Also a contributing element of said baby birthing.
3. Warrior I, II, and III.
4. Ah, recreational conceptive efforts without the intention of conceiving. (Read: HOT SEX)
5. Happy Baby Pose.
6. Taming of wild beasts; i.e., horses, motorcycles, and bicycles.
7. Upavistha Konasana, Baddha Konasana, Hanumanasana, and more.

Peace, poses, and pliés represent.

Lo is the editor-in-chief and master enlightenment lightener-upper at yisforyogini.com. The love child of Bruce Lee and Notorious BIG, she believes that laughter, sick beats, and stretching into the body glove are key elements of a life’s practice. Her latest catch-phrase? “If you can’t hang with the big dogs, stay on the porch.” Woof.



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  • Melig

    once in class Bikram said, “You can Fu#& with God, but you can’t fu#* with your knees.” Umm…yeah…he really does rub many folks the wrong way.

  • I read it with my legs spread..i needed to open up an receive the fullness.

  • holla!!! doesn’t he realize that’s how he came into this life.. his momma had to spread ’em to make him and get him out into the world (thanks momma bikram..) i’ll do my best to keep ’em closed, but as a lady i find there is a lot covered under “emergencies” 😉

  • yeah, i’m way familiar with those “emergencies,” too… 😉

  • Mark LaPorta

    How much of what yoga instructors say is to be taken literally? In fact how much of yoga itself? It’s mostly — if not all — metaphor.

  • Ranoo

    Ummm, you really think he was being serious? With all the leg spreading in yoga? Try not to be offended so easily.

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