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Cutest Yoga Peeps Show

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Happy Peepster! It’s that time of year when folks take to creating Peep-o-ramas, you know, those super adorable scenes designed with the help of marshmallowy Peeps and other sugary friends. The Yoga Peeps have been so clever and cute that we had to create our own Yoga Peeps Show to share our favorite sweet creations. Eat your heart out yogsters.

Bikram Bunny Burn

Bikram Yoga Peeps

Oh no! Bikram bunnies practice melted yellow pose. Via MSN.com where you’ll find a nice slideshow of Peeptastic dioramas from Van Gogh to ‘Survivor’ to ‘Linsanity’.

Original Peepasana

Via YisForYogini.com the original sweet Peepasana, a close sister to marshmallow-supported reclined hero’s pose.

Yoga to the Peeps

It’s a sticky free for all at Yoga to the Peeps. Via SeriousEats.com offers a sweet little diorama how-to on creating your very own Yoga Peeps Studios, including candy and of course that damn yoga pretzel. One in every class.

Bunny Yoga Masters in Savasana

Ahh, the sweetness of savasana. Can you spot the bunny earstanders? Via NYDailyNews.com who held a Marshmallow Peeps Contest which also includes an entirely too entertaining Peeps show with representations of Brad & Peepalina at the Oscars, The Monkees, Occupy Peep Street and others.

Yoga Peeps Festival

And then all the Yoga Peeps gather together for Yoga Fest-o-rama! One sweet yoga love, y’all. [image via NYTimes]

YogaDork Peep

shhhhh…supported dorkasana in progress.



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  • So de-peep-ful! Namaste.

  • I gotta give props to Lo who started the whole yoga peeps thing last year. She’s a trendsetter!

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