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TWISTed: Funny New Web Series Not Entirely About Yoga Needs Your Help!

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Welcome to the latest edition of YogaDorky Things We Dig. Funny yoga music videos, viral parodies and yoga cat cuteness seem to be spreading all over YouTube like breath of fire lately. Some are hilarious, some, well, they give it a good try. On a scale of lame to hilarious we found this latest project to be right on the clever, tongue in cheeky, crack-us-up-asana mark. And they need fundraising help to keep bringing the funnies. Check it out! (trailer below)

Meet Sheila, Leanne and EarthJoy, aka Noelle Romano, Gabrielle Ilg and Anna Luke Frazier the three really funny ladies behind TWISTed, a new web series project poking fun at the yoga studio world, which we know and admit is plenty ripe for comedy. What we appreciate about the TWISTed approach is their spot-on humor and almost too-close-for-comfort caricatures to which we can all relate, for better or for worse!

Here’s more about the project from their Indiegogo campaign page:

We are Anna Frazier, Gabrielle Ilg and Noelle Romano, three friends and actresses who share a sense of humor and a love of yoga. This is a collaborative process: All three of us write, act and create the characters for this project. The initial idea came from Anna, who worked for several years at a yoga studio and quickly realized that the people and interactions she witnessed there were ripe for comedy. Now we are merging our talents to create a comic web series about yoga. Well, sort of. It’s more about the people who do yoga. Or rather, the people who do yoga and work at a yoga studio. And the funny situations they get themselves into. And out of.

Oh, did we mention that Anna grew up on a commune? True story. Obviously, we will be using this as inspiration for her character.

Have a look at their web series trailer and if you like it enough to want to see more head over to the TWISTed Indiegogo campaign and contribute.

Besides being an all-female team they are backed by a diverse and strongly female crew. Go on, sisters!

They can also be found on facebook and twitter. Yay for smart yoga funnies!



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  • Vision_Quest2

    Until I’d made the switch to some place a little old-school (for New York City), this video is surprisingly accurate. Scarily so.

    To get to what’s portrayed here, it’s just a matter of degree, and not of kind.

  • I love the idea but the execution was a little over the top at times. I think there is definitely a market for yoga mocumentaries and yoga comedies.

    • simply yoga

      Yeah, it was a bit hackneyed. I’m waiting for someone to do a really great one. Haven’t seen anything that hits the spot all the way through yet.

  • iggy

    I thought it was wonderful. I’ve love to see it as a regular show.

  • joy

    eh- not really funny, too contrived and simplistic- although I like the idea of making fun of things… a good one was the lululemon youtube short on s..t yogi’s say… a little more funny…

  • Sylvia

    I thought it was hilarious!!!!!!!

    And so accurate!!!!!

    Love it love it love it!!!

  • Cathy

    There’s also the Ogden and OM Inc. series on YouTube.

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