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Rusted Root’s Jim Donovan Still Drumming to Send Us On Our Way

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It’s the same kind of place you go when you take a power nap. Most people wouldn’t put drumming and meditation together because drumming can be loud,” says Rusted Root founding member Jim Donovan, just in case you had any doubt that one of the folks responsible for the infectious whimsy whistling and head-boppin’ beat of “Send Me On My Way” had given up his mubbitysaymubbityohh.

Donovan believes the drumming, combined with rhythmic breathing and vocal exercises, is a good form of meditation, and he has been drum circling his way around the US holding workshops for the past 13 years. You can catch him at a 2 and a half hour drum and chant energy session Friday, April 13th at Emmaus Yoga in Emmaus, PA if you’re so inclined.

And hey, this 1996 hit song will probably be stuck in your head til then, so you can just hop, skip and hippie shimmy your way there. You’re welcome.

We feel a Wade Morissette (Alanis’s yogatastic twin brother) and Jim Donovan collabo coming on.

What’s your take on drum circles and meditation?




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  • simply yoga

    Wow! How great is that video?! Love it. I’ve heard the song, but never knew who sang it.

    He’s 1000% right. Drumming takes you right into that meditative space. You’re present, there is no time. Everyone should pick up a drum and go at it.

    I play mridangam, and lots of different kinds of two-headed drums, frame drum, congas… whatever! Not a professional, but love to play with local kirtan groups, etc.

    It’s true. Drumming is the shizzit. 🙂

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