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First Ever Invisible Yoga Clothing Line Solves Yoga Fashion Crisis

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Finally, the solution to the yoga fashion crisis! All the debates over proper clothing in class: Should guys be allowed to remove their shirts? Are ladies too scantily clad? Should we all just go naked? No, just invisible!

Introducing the first ever Synthetic Optic Fibre clothing, the clear answer to all your yoga fashion problems. The best part? If you can’t see it, you can’t smell it! Sustainability in invisibility. Brilliant!

In collaboration with the University of The Isle of Wight, eco-fashion brand Rapanui have developed a textile that appears invisible to the naked eye. Synthetic Optic Fibre uses its light-transmitting properties to capture and relay an image at the speed of light from one side of the garment to the other.

And they’re not stopping at the t-shirt, Rapanui has plans to create a whole fashion invi-solution, including a yoga line. Just think, no more distractions and judgements of who has the nicest yoga clothes in class. You won’t even be able to see them! Now that’s bliss. Eat your heart out lululemon fabric forecasters.

Watch the video about this magical innovation:

Amazing, right?! Have you guessed it by now? No, there is no Isle of Wight University based at Carisbrooke Castle and no invisible t-shirts. April Fools! But, we thought the folks at Rapanui made a funny campaign and strong point in a very clever, uh, clear way. Their message is about transparancy and traceability in the clothing industry.

Says co-founder Rob Drake-Knight:

We feel that it’s not that people don’t care about the environment, it’s just that they don’t know. We aim to redress the balance by providing accurate information about where and how our clothing is made so consumers can make informed decisions about the products that they buy – and that is what this video is about – raising awareness of transparency in clothing – so you get the pun – transparency – an invisible t-shirt.

Rapanui is an eco-fashion clothing company from the Isle of Wight that makes it their business to offer organic, ethical products using renewable energy. When they came to us with this silly video we thought it was funny, but we were impressed with their story as well.

The company, just a few years old, started by two brothers, Rob and Martin Drake-Knight, has won a slew of innovation, entrepreneurial and sustainability awards and the team has also started making waves with eco labelling initiatives. They’re currently working with Members of the European Parliament to lobby the EU to develop an ecolabelling system to provide more detailed info on clothes packaging, making it easier for consumers to shop consciously. They believe in traceability of their own products and are able to track them from seed to shop. Not many companies can do that, or are willing to share that information. And that includes yoga clothing companies.

Two visible and sustainable thumbs up.

Now we’re going to get onto our invisible yoga mat and watch our invisible breath. It’s magic. Happy April all!



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  • Thank you for tricking me into believing there could be invisible clothing (which I was hoping would make me invisible as well). But still very happy that there’s innovation and humour in a sustainable clothing company.

  • Barbara S

    snort! April Fools!

  • I’m not a big fan of naked yoga…Sounds like a lovely company and very clever marketing. Nice april fools dorks!

  • Ha ha 🙂 good one!

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