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Liz Lemon Meditates Away Her Monotony on ’30 Rock’

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Last night on NBC’s ‘30 Rock‘, Liz Lemon, the smart, witty, dorky and often totally awkward character come to life by Tina Fey, sought to find the answer to end the monotony of her everyday life with, yes, meditation! Liz with her “off brand Cheetos” fetish and endearing day of the week underwear took to her “meditation stool” to get out of her “permanent rut” on last night’s episode called “The Shower Principle.”

The Shower Principle being basically a made up, yet surprisingly accurate principle that the mind can conjure up amazing ideas when being distracted by something else, like showering, exercising or you know, meditation. We gather “The Meditation Principle” didn’t sound funny enough.

Of course, Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) makes fun of Liz, but she forges ahead despite him and comes to a point of “total enlightenment” wherein she’s told by her Jack-guru, speaking his best Deepak-ese, that she achieved “transcendence: a state of peace where all pants have built-in underwear” and that meditation is a waste of time. (wah wah) But THEN, Jack in his desire to break out of his own rut of Kabletown doldrums, is now desperate enough to give meditation a try, clearing away the Lemon-vrittis to find the answer within.

We’ve seen random snippits of yoga or new ageyness on the show before as a jokey gag, but this episode ends up as an entertaining ride down the usual rabbit hole with an unexpectedly mindful twist.

Funny enough, Tina Fey has had some real life turns with yoga, and a yoga birthday party? And Alec Baldwin, he’s dating a yoga teacher and lots of credit has been given to yoga for his weight loss and healthier lifestyle.

Who says yoga can’t be good for you and comical? and ridiculous.

Check out the two funny clips below. And you can watch the whole episode on hulu.

Liz Lemon’s enlightenment:

Jack gets inspired:



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  • Pavanatanaya

    Just this morning I was working out my Anterior Superior Temporal Gyrus,,,What are the odds?

  • I look forward to this season becoming available in NZ. 😀

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