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Yoga Time Machine: ‘Yoga is Newest Beauty Fad’ 1950

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Welcome back. Today we venture in the Yoga Time Machine to the beauterrific year of 1950.

Hey ladies, fighting crow’s feet and wrinkle lines? Pucker up for face yoga!

It’s always fascinating to take a glimpse back in time at beauty trends, and when they include contorting your face into ridiculous shapes to resist the lines of aging, or facial yoga as it were, we’re doubly intrigued. The trend of beautifying and smoothing one’s feminine* face is clearly not a new topic – aren’t we still getting tips from Cleopatra?

And beauty/anti-aging has undoubtedly become a profitable, massive industry that pushes every remedy from creams, to electromagnetic vibrator whosiwhatsits to gelatinous injections that freeze fascial muscles (CBS reports botulinum -aka botox – injections were #1 cosmetic procedure in 2011 with 2,619,739 procedures). Yeep. Show us the face yoga.

Via The Miami News October 25, 1950, in an article titled “Yoga is Newest Beauty Fad” by Betty Clarke, NY beautician Joyce Sloan, a student of Yoga for over 20 years, describes the secret to real beauty:

“Before you start your exercises, you must practice the Yoga method of breathing, which is part of the beauty therapy, she says.”

Ah and now the secrets to full, rounded lips and erasing eye wrinkles, demonstrated by the lovely musical comedy star Kate Murtagh.

Funny how some things don’t change much. The Face Yoga of today, featuring poster yogi Annelise Hagen:

Verdict? Ridiculous, but cheaper and safer than botox and boxes of magic cream.

*we know men are in on the trend, too.



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  • I love this part, “breathe deeply enough to chase the cobwebs out of the brain…” I’ll have to use that phrase sometime!

  • This is so awesome! Anti-aging the natural way…. got to love that!

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