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This Week In Yoga: Naked Yoga Hoo-ha, Superbrain Yoga, Don’t Get Dull Get Dorky

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Spring has sprung. Hooray! Though, if you’re like us, lately you may have been working on fine tuning your cat yoga position #40. So while Spring is a wonderful time for deep cleaning and detox, it’s also a perfect time for ‘the sickness.’  If you know what we’re talking about and have been nursing ‘the sickness’ the past few weeks we send you barrels of well wishes, and heck, barrels of monkeys too because heaven knows we could use the amusement. And can’t those monkeys whip up some yummy tea and soup or something?

In honor of all of you healthy cats, or kitties on the mend, we raise a glass of hot lemon water and toast to the powers of Spring cleaning, inside and out. And if we sound a little off it’s because the putridness of goldenseal has finally gone to our brains. The yoga must go on!

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

Breaking news stuff if you’re into Hollywood directors and deep sea diving.

We posted this story the other day: James Cameron, King of the ‘Deep Sea’ World, with Yoga. And now Jammy Cams is currently submerged and headed to the DEEP and tweeting about it. We’re crossing our eagle arms for you JC.

Diamond Dallas Page used to be a wrestler. To our delight, he’s now a yogi who apparently comments on yoga blog posts. Still unsure about the “o” fist though.

Time for the Annual State of the Yoga Pants Address. Not to scare you or anything, but…

Perhaps you don’t even care because yoga fashion to you means leaving your fancy pants at the door:

What if all this yoga stuff (in the buff, or whatever) could elevate your IQ?

We might just stick with getting dorky with it. ‘Don’t Get Dull, Get Dorky’ – 2012 YD slogan contender! If there were a YD slogan contest.

Some discount the power of celebs practicing yoga. We embrace their candid naiveté.

Important issues for NYC Yoga Folk and studios across the country:

More updates from AnusaraGate, in order of latest news first:

OH! And huge congrats to the winners of the ‘Scoliosis and Yoga’ by Marcia Monroe book giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered and share their own experience with scoliosis or offered some bit of trivia they learned about the spine. Fun and educational. We feel so grown up.


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  • It’s really quite amazing how flexible cats are…

  • Chris


    Is it safe to assume that we have now gotten over the whole Anusara non-event / distraction ? Hooray ! Welcome back home !

    Yoga is a 5000-year-old Hindu science – Hinduism’s gift to Mankind.

    There was Yoga long before Yoga, Inc. ever was, and Yoga will endure, long after the last retail-outlet of Yoga, Inc. has pulled down its shutters.

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