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James Cameron, King of the ‘Deep Sea’ World, with Yoga

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As if having the top two highest grossing films ever with Titanic and Avatar and the highest number of tissues used by an adolescent (yours truly) for any 3-hour film about a sunken ship, wasn’t enough for director James Cameron, the man with so many golden statues he’s shipped them to the moon, he is planning to pioneer a dive to the mysterious Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the world’s oceans. And film it, of course!

Jimmy Cams is planning to scrunch his 6’2 body into a three-foot wide cross-legged pretzel as he traverses the underworld in an underwater space ship for nine hours. It’s all in the name of science and filmmaking! This video from National Geographic shows the tiny bulbous ship JC will cram himself into which is covered in multiple cameras to record the subterannean mission and give us all first-ever views of the deepest depths.

Instead of a shrinking machine, which is surely where he could’ve spent some of his millions (think Dennis Quaid, Innerspace), Mr. Cameron took up yoga to help him squeeze into the tight quarters and stay put for all those multiple hours. We just can’t wait to see what wonders are dug from the dark trenches of James’s imagination after this trek.

A note: Try a little Sitali breathing when the enormous sea monster tries to eat you. Best of luck!




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