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Are We Still Freaking Out Over Naked Yoga?

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Now we may be the first to get our panties in a twist in the bare bootie convo, but this is different.

Quite literally every newsie blog we saw (NYMag, Gawker, HuffPo to name a few) blasted a story last week about Naked Space in Park Slope Brooklyn and their no ladies allowed, this is a boys-only no-girl-cooties yoga rules. No, we do not think dudes getting naked to do yoga together and letting their wangs fly freely in the downwind is news. Nor is it really a big deal ladies aren’t invited. Though they’re not usually banned, how may men are asked to attend Shakti Moon Circles?

We do find it pretty funny that the rest of the media gets all googley eyed over this and of course giggly over the most penetrating question: what if you get an erection? *gasp* *snicker*

The best answer? Well, what do you usually do when you get an erection? *snicker* pause for reflection.

From Naked Space FAQ:

What if I get an erection? Congratulate yourself for having a healthy reproductive system. Seriously, erections are natural. Some guys will get them, some won’t; either way, it’s not a problem. What you choose to do with your erection is another matter. Be responsible for your actions and aware of the other people sharing the space.

So yeah, dudes, you can totally go to Park Slope to Naked Space and find out for yourself. The ladies will just have to use your imagination, or your rights to create an all chica class. (Turns out there are some Naked Space co-ed events, too.)

Honestly though, the shock value has long gone from the thought of nudie yogis, and we’re not talking buck naked bakasana in the window of Lululemon, this is in an enclosed, and hopefully hygienic environment. And be real, how many times have you taken the liberty to practice at home in your underwear, or less?

Clothes are oppressive. We say, let the men strip down and practice however many legged down dogs they want! Our only request is if it goes beyond yoga’s borders into orgyland we don’t need to hear about it. Now free yourselves!

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  • Sarah Ongiri

    I was not freaked out until I read that FAQ I consider myself open minded but whoa

  • Pavanatanaya

    Smile, run naked, be free

  • he needs to drop his rib cage a bit, to correct his alignment

    • YD

      now could we see that as well with big ol floppy clothing in the way? 😉

  • Pavanatanaya

    I would never belong to a naked yoga studio that would have me as a practitioner…~Sayin.

  • yogaartist

    In an odd way, all of this crap is good for people who actually know what they’re doing when it comes to Yoga. The more “you” point out and focus on all of the shit, the more it inspires me to stay away from all of the shit that is associated with Yoga. I read Yogadork to help remind me of what I’m supposed to ignore. Naked Yoga. Wow. Now I can see, as an absolute fact, that anything can be turned into shit. Even Yoga. Please, keep making Yoga less popular. Please keep defiling it and please keep driving it into obscurity.

  • Westley Anson

    As a Yogi AND a Nudist, I don’t really see the “big deal” about doing Naked Yoga Classes. With some of the Yogini Yoga Clothes I see nearly everything anyway! I suppose being around other “nude” Yogis would give you a sense of Community.

  • Also see the graph of The Popularity of Nude and Naked Yoga over 2004-2011 here:
    as part of the Yoga Trends in the World Study (2004-2011)
    a noteworthy surge in the trend (15 times the normal interest) happened on Sat, Oct 23, 2010 when a video featuring Playboy model Sara Jean Underwood performing various yoga postures while naked, has caused outrage in the Indian community. see more details on page linked above

  • most people look better with their clothes on. when I did the nude hot tubs at Esalen I noticed most of the skinny chicks had the droopiest asses. sorry, skinny chicks…..

    • bigpro

      i did a nude co ed yoga class once. i’ll just say that is wasnt intentional or pre-planned (i didnt even pay). anyway, so i thought it a bit peculiar that the teacher didnt use a mat, and seemed to really like the feel of wood on her body. i came away with the idea that being nude affords for a different experience. however, i also thought the class was way too basic and needed some physical catharsis. it also needed to be much darker in lighting and much more spread out. A well done nude co ed class would be a candlelight class with about 8 feet or more between students, and probably no more then 10 students.Then it would trully not be sexual. If it was advanced, i’d def rock it every now and then

  • Blissboy

    My path to yoga began at Hotnudeyoga 10 years ago. As my understanding of my pratice got deeper I went to main stream yoga and have never turned back. I find it better to keep shorts on, as your junk just gets in the way in many poses plus there is an underlying sexual energy that comes with nude yoga that can be distracting. Having said that, if throwing your balls to the wall and doing full Monty yoga rocks your world then go right ahead dude.

  • octopus

    Certain body odors are better trapped in clothing than floating around a room. The thought of it makes me gag.

  • Cathy

    Why is it that neurotic white people are the only people who seem to do stuff like Naked Yoga? I don’t see Indians, Chinese, African-Americans, South Americans doing this.
    I’d rather go watch “Ancient Aliens” on the History channel.

    • Timothy

      “Neurotic white people”? “South Americans”? Where is this shit coming from? Just as not all white people are neurotic, there are scores of “white” people in South America, neurotic and otherwise. Take a deep breath.

  • Doing Hot Yoga (Bikram Yoga) Naked!

    Hot Yoga is performed in an environment of 105 degrees F and 40% humidity. So doing this naked will create puddles of sweat. Could be fun but probably just disgusting. It would eliminate the need to wash your Yoga clothing at the end though.

    Keep lots of towels handy!

  • actually it shows that he needs to cut more deeply from the thigh hip crease to align his rib cage..his pose is better seen without clothes but not better performed……containment of the pelvis improves mula bhanda…
    it’s only skin afterall…big deal……….

  • The instruction and practice of yoga without clothes reveals a wealth of information about the alignment of both teacher and student, which is otherwise hidden from view. The naked practice also fosters commonality and community, which can lead to a deeply supportive experience for everyone involved.

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