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Diamond Dallas Page Now Prefers Putting Foot Over His Head To Up Someone’s Ass

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“Not in the ring. I’m done, if I was to do one run it would only because I got so over that they wanted to do something with me. I don’t see me coming back to run anymore, my body feels too good and it’s more important for me to put my foot over my head whilst standing on the other one, than it is to stick it up somebody’s ass.” Wrestling dude turned yoga guy, Diamond Dallas Page, shares his thoughts on returning to the ring, and a welcomed restraint from pile driving yoga students.

DDP is of course famous for his Yoga for Regular Guys which has now become straight up DDP Yoga, and is just as much about T&A as it is about Namaste. And yes, that is a fist as an “o” in yoga. They come in all shapes, sizes and strangle-holds don’t they.

What is our mama’s yoga anyway? Less punching?




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  • This is the first that I’ve heard of DDP Yoga and I’m horrified but also slightly amused (thank you for pointing out the fist in the O–that’s hysterical!)…I mean, is this what it takes to get “regular guys” to do yoga? I hope not! And not in my experience. But why does the advertising industry try to “macho” everything up in order to get guys to try it?

    Thanks for sharing this ridiculousness. I’m usually of the opinion that no matter what it is, it’s great if it gets people (who wouldn’t have otherwise tried it) to try yoga, but this time I’m not so sure…

    • DDP

      Mary I normally don’t care how people comment to what I’m doing with DDPYOGA… I know I’m the Black Sheep of yoga and I’m Kool with that… but the Clown who wrote this blog about me and what I’m doing today took some cheap shots at me and took my words totally out of context and he pissed me off… Ha! (what a surprise a writer not writing exactly what was said) The Real interviewer asked me if I would do one more RUN … Meaning Wrestle again… I said No I wouldn’t be getting back in the Ring again… and then to be funny I said… it’s more important for me theses days to be able to stick my foot over my head while standing on the other then it is for me to stick it up some ones ass… that was audience and it was funny…

      Anyway Mary… I’ve brought my form of yoga to Iraq & Afghanistan a number of times to work with our troops most all of whom would have never been caught doing any type of yoga but I can promise you many of them would feel different about that today… You can see clips of one of my trips in YYOGA the Movie http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6102969207841439516 right here … and you can goto http://www.DDPYOGA.com to see the number lives I’ve helped changed…

      The FIST is simple … I’ve mixed my yoga with rehab moves mixed with Mixed Martial Arts moves (Punching and knees) mixed with slow burn calisthenics but what makes DDP YOGA it’s Own animal is Dynamic Resistance… Oh YEAH and the “it AIN’T your MaMa’s yoga!” is to get people wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga to laugh and then… Listen… I’ve found most REAL yogi’s Get IT and lastly the T&A is Tone and ATTITUDE… but I’m sure you got the attitude part:) Have a Great day

      • Thanks for your detailed response, DDP! After a bit more research, I definitely see where you’re coming from and am sorry I jumped to conclusions after reading this post. I’ve written an apology for pre-judging you and shared some details about what you’re doing on my blog, here: http://tinyurl.com/cj7vfrb.

        • DDP

          Mary I read your apology blog above and I wanted to THANK YOU for taking the time to do that:) It was Very Classy of you and I appreciated it in it’s entirety:)

          I know DDP YOGA is not your style but at least now you know where to direct men or women who give you that “they wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga:) Attitude” One my biggest supporters besides WWE SuperStar Chris Jericho is a guy named Chuck Zito… You can catch him on my Celeb & Athletes who do DDP YOGA… Chuck was the President of the New York chapter of Hells Angels for over 25 years and as you can imagine is a Man MAN… Like I said I know I’m the Black Sheep of yoga and I’m Kool with that:) Thanks Again

    • heather

      DDP yoga may be called yoga for regular guys, but my husband, my son, and I do it. It’s wonderful. We’ve lost weight and toned. DDP yoga is great, don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.

    • Robert Bernard Bennett

      I don’t care how he does it as long as he is helping people and u or anyone should be ashamed of urself he’s getting people off there asses and doing something to say ur not sure come on the man is helping people ..how’s this u don’t do his yoga and get a grip how that ddp thank man for getting reg Joe’s off there but and in the gym

  • JeffreyD

    It seems like a nice change from the hyper-feminine aesthetic and programming normal to yoga.

    If there’s something to be ridiculed, it’s the idea of celebrity yoga teachers.

  • Hawaii Nei

    ‘Diamond Dallas Page’ …

    I Love the super gay tranny drag queen porn star name .
    I Love the Jazz hands
    I love the homo-erotic wrestling-in-spandex and foot-up-other-dude’s-asses background
    But I draw the line at getting fisted bro.

    Is that subliminal or what? Come out already!

    • DDP

      Hawaii if you knew DDP YOGA you would know that use a FIST in the logo because we do a lot of punching in the workouts… Which you could have seen for yourself if you went to http://www.DDPYOGA.com and checked out the workouts.

    • Dimitri

      Dear Hawaii,
      When you, yourself, help as many people achieve a better healthier life through yoga, then run your mouth. No person at peace with themselves would ever scoop so low as to write what you wrote.

    • Seriously Hawaii? You obviously never saw him wrestle in the ring… He wore JEANS.. Not spandex- but A for effort! By the way… Food for thought: How many lives have YOU changed or SAVED? And before you answer check out how many HE HAS SAVED! #period #endofdiscussion xo Brittany Page

  • leo


    • Chris

      Shoulders back, chest out!!

  • boom

    there’s the sound of the bastardization of yoga hitting a new all time low.

    • DDP

      You have NO IDEA what you are talking about Monkey!

  • Paige

    I have to tell you, this has got to be the weirdest time *ever* to start investigating yoga.

  • David

    It’s not really yoga until you take off your shoes…

  • Kathleen

    DDP, I was so happy to read about you and your work! My son is pursuing his life-long dream, a career in Professional Wrestling, while I do all that I can to support that dream. I also practice power yoga on a regular basis. At a recent show, I had my photo taken with him and a fellow wrestler and we flexed our muscles. The other wrestler (who was quite ripped) commented on my arms and I told him it was “all yoga.” He couldn’t believe it! I can’t wait to share your work with them!

    Keep doing what you’re doing and spreading the love of yoga among the most unlikely folks! 😉


    • DDP

      Thanks Kat … Tell you son I said Live your Dream! Anything’s possible with Hard Work!

  • octopus

    DDP, I watched the video and I think that what you’re doing is wonderful. You’re teaching what you love and making other people happy in the process – lucky duck!

  • webnik

    Speaking as a regular guy myself (we call them ‘normal blokes’ where I’m from), I wouldn’t have taken up yoga in a million years without what was called YRG and is now apparently DDP Yoga.

    I love that it’s not po-faced – it’s fun, well taught and it works. I don’t understand why anyone would have a problem with trying to help guys to get fitter and healthier (plus the poor sods who wreck their bodies wrestling for our entertainment). You only have to go to a yoga or pilates class at the gym to see that how yoga is being put across is not appealing to men very well.

    Keep at it, DDP. 🙂

    • DDP

      Webnik That’s great to hear that you even know what YRG now DDP YOGA is bro… it actually proves the whole “Head Fake” type of teaching… You said you would never have done yoga if you didn’t start with YRG … And now I find you or you find me on The YogaDork’s Page… One Word says it all… PRICELESS:)

      • webnik

        Thanks DDP – when I started I was 5’8″ and over 300lbs, couldn’t reach my knees with my legs straight … nowadays I can put my palms on the floor, my back feels amazing, I sleep better and have even been able to take up running – oh, and at 230lbs, I’m not finished yet. YRG/DDP Yoga has been great for me, and since my original comment I’ve been gradually getting into traditional yoga too to learn relaxation/breathing exercises. I owe a lot to DDP Yoga!

  • Personally I don’t give a dam about all of that spiritual mumbo jubo namiste crap (this is my opinion and does not necessarily reflect the view of DDP) As long as it is helping people to be pain free and healthy what is the problem? DDP is making it accessible to everyone cos I would never do YOGA. To me it is funny about all these traditional YOGA enthusiasts who go on about inner peace yet are being extremely disrespectful to DDP. DDPYOGA is the futre and that’s not a bad thing it’s a good thing

  • Jerry

    I am so much like arthur, I can`t walk 20 feet, But< swim a mile in an hour and a half. Please let me know of any way yoga can be done and same results in water, Pool, ? I do want to be like Arthur, I want to run again 312 lbs… Please get me started in the right direction , Sincerely Jerry

    • DDP

      Jerry it’s funny you say that about yoga in the water… Google it… I literally just left a buddy of mine who was telling me about that very exercise… Good Luck with that:)

  • Jerry

    Thank You from the bottom of my heart, I mean that. I have just started the on line “Core hell “, After just doing the breathing , I felt the burn and the stomach muscles on inside. So far Dallas this has been the most positive I`ve been in 10 years “never Give Up” I have a picture of a big bird at a little pond and it has a frog in his mouth , EXCEPT , the frog has both hands around birds neck, absolutely a must see. It can be Googled. Thanx Steve.

  • Pixie

    The disrespectful tone of this article is uncalled for.

    If DDP Yoga is not for you, then move on and find something that is. But there is no need to make fun of it or to act as if other yoga is so much better.

    I am new to DDP Yoga after having seen Arthur Boorman’s inspirational video on YouTube. I was searching for a new workout to help me continue on my weight loss journey. I have to tell you that the DDP Yoga is a great workout with no impact (which is important to my 51 year old knees!) Even my husband has gotten interested in it after watching me workout, and now he is planning to start with the DDP Yoga too.

    This may be “Yoga for real guys” but it is also great for women, and people of all shapes and sizes. I am 100 lbs overweight but I can do the DDP Yoga because Diamond Dallas Page always has someone on each workout who does modifications that I can do at home. I don’t feel like this is “guys yoga”. This is anyone’s yoga!

    And in the end, if a workout gets people moving and trying to improve their health, then why would you ever make fun of it?

    • DDP

      Hey Pixie Thanks for speaking up for me… You’re a Sweetheart:) But I do want you to know the Yogadork has been very Kool to me and DDP YOGA in the next couple of articles she wrote… But I do love your passion:) Come by http://www.TeamDDPYOGA.com and say Hey to me and mention the YogaDork … I won’t forget you:) That’s GREAT to hear that you hubby is jumping on board with you… Never Give UP!

      • Pixie

        Thanks DDP! I’m glad that Yogadork is cool with you! And no, I will never give up! I have a long way to go but I know I can do this!

  • Dimitri

    Dear yoga dork,
    I have been practicing DDP yoga for 2 months now. It made my quality of life better, I do more active things. I even attend yoga classes at my gym.
    If you had any idea what you’re talking about, which you do not, you would read DDP’s book.
    He actually promotes regular guys attending regular yoga classes. He doesn’t bash other forms of yoga. He speaks very highly of power yoga and talks about all the people that he learned from.
    You just picked up on a few surface things like the motto: “it ain’t your mama’s yoga” or the fist.
    Clearly you have not gotta off your rear end to try it, research it or made any kind of attempt to come off like you know what you’re talking about.
    DDP introduced so many people to yoga that otherwise wouldn’t have tried it. He also added several things which make the yoga work out better, at least for some people looking for specific results.
    Based on reading some of your other blogs I can say this:
    You are filled with negativity and very linear thinking. You cannot be in any position to promote yoga or a better healthier life when you spend your day behind your computer bashing what others are doing to make the world a healthier place.

  • Jim

    Weighed 339 pounds and was a mess, then started a calorie count and used DDP Yoga almost every night for the past 2 months. I am now at 315 and going down and can do things with my body that I haven’t done in years! My wife also does DDP Yoga and loves it, we work out together and it has brought us closer. Thanks DDP!!

    • That’s Awesome Jim please keep me posted on @RealDDP and @DDPYOGA on Twitter!

  • Jenny Carlson

    As someone that has personally done the DDPYoga program I can tell you that it truly is for everyone. The one thing that makes this program different from other Yoga programs is the use of “dynamic resistance”…your are using your body’s own powwe instead of using free weights. As a lifter I can tell you that you will sweat. This truly “ain’t your momma’s yoga”. I think people really need to open their eyes. If you have not already go to http://www.ddpyoga.com and watch Arthur Boorman’s story. The first time I watched it it brought tears to my eyes. I knew that this was a program I needed to try. Sorry to pick on Hawaii but before you judge someone and what their doing maybe you should take a moment to reflect on yourself. DDPYOGA has touched countless lives with this program.

  • LordV81

    Having been through the hell of countless surgeries to my body. Including a blood clot in my right leg and shattered Tib Fib. Most recently a procedure to fix arethemia in my heart. I was 230 pounds fight. Gave up Drinking beer and eating like a slob. Found DDPYoga and the rest is history. I walked with a limp for 16 years of my life a year into DDPYOGA I’m limp free. a 181 pounds. My body has healed itself after this program. Dont hate what you are to afraid to try. Cowards judge, hero’s fight.


  • Kirstie Walklate

    I practice DDP Yoga alongside ‘regular’ yoga. And let me tell you, there is no ‘bastardisation’ or ‘new low’ here. DDP Yoga, I believe, comes from a place of love and peace. Just like ‘other’ yoga. It’s helped me work on my core and stamina and I love it!! He’s done an amazing thing, bringing yoga to those who would never try it. My boyfriend for one. We practice together and he would never set foot in my other yoga classes. Maybe those being critical (and snotty!!) should take a LONG look at themselves. Your yoga is no better or worse than DDP Yoga. It’s all yoga. It’s all love. I will wear my DDP Yoga shirt with pride (I didn’t own one. But I’m buying one now – to show my support and love!) keep going DDP – I love you!!

  • I’ve been doing ‘DDP Yoga’ for a few months now, and I can’t believe how into it I am. My core strength, balance, flexibility, cardio, etc. has greatly improved, and all with zero impact on your joints. I always look forward to doing ‘DDP Yoga’. It’s simply the best fitness program I’ve ever tried. Thank you, DDP!

  • Sinan Logan

    I have worked at Medieval Times NJ as a knight for 7 years and five months ago I started DDP Yoga and let me tell you that it has changed my life! My flexibility, dexterity, agility, and core strength has improved drastically. Jumping off of galloping horses and swinging heavy weapons in armor has become much easier. I do ENERGY, FAT BURNER, STRENGTH BUILDER, and RED HOT CORE every week at least 3 times a week. I feel better at age 31 than I did when I was 28. When WWE and WCW were going head to head in the 90’s one of my favorite wrestler’s was and still is DDP. When I heard (through Chris Jericho’s facebook page not too long ago) that he formed his own variation of Yoga I couldn’t help but be interested. DDP, thank you for changing my life!

  • Marco

    firstly, let me say that while this started on a bad note, both DDP and Mary have handled themselves with class, credit to Mary as well for doing some research and realizing her initial reaction may have been unwarranted. as far as everyone dissing the program, it just shows that you havent had the balls to try it! i also notice that most of the people making insults in here arent actually insulting the program (how could they? they clearly know very little about it) but taking cheap shots at DDP, now it could just be me, but i think that taking cheap shots at a guy thats doing something to help people heal there bodies is completely tasteless!

    as for the program itself, the doubters can doubt it all they like, but if you stick with it, it works, i dont need to say anything more on it but this, it works, i’m proof! \||||/

  • Brian E

    This article and some of the completely uneducated comments are hilariously uninformed, ignorant, and a complete waste of time. Without going into all the benefits of Dallas’ system (which has personally helped me gain incredible core strength and flexibility, while actually making me open minded about more traditional yoga), the idea that someone thought this was a responsible post is absurd. It would have taken, what, all of 10 minutes to research DDP Yoga and find out what it’s actually about? But no, better to scribble out a snarky excuse for a post that disregards all the good this have done for thousands around the world. Aren’t you yogis supposed to be about positivity and inner peace? I don’t think exclusion and prejudice really falls into that realm.

    Thank you, DDP, for developing DDP Yoga. I’m extremely thankful for all your hard work and positivity.

  • Dietrich

    It was unfortunate that this happened and I am glad to see that it was resolved peacefully. Recently there was talk about litigation between Crossfit and the NSCA over approach. For the last decade I have read about Eddie Bravo’s struggle to have his system of Jiu-jitsu accepted in the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu community. DDP yoga, Crossfit , and 10th Planet Jiu-jitsu are innovations and innovations challenge the status quo. They challenge us to think and mistakes are made in thought. Mark Cuban is a billionaire and he underestimated DDP Yoga. He thought it was one thing…Its not. There is a non impact exercise here that can combat morbid obesity( I know- 145 lbs. in one year). There is an answer to combating chronic pain(Think about the NFL lawsuits for players with bodies destroyed by a collision sport). There are books(Motivational, Nutritional). Even at its simplest level Arthur had 11 million hits on his youtube video. There is a potential biopic for the right screenwriter and a potential Oscar vehicle for the right actor. Disney bought Marvel because they had over a 1000 characters. DDPYoga has access to millions everytime the infomercial runs. Now that “ain’t your mama’s yoga” and that’s a good thing.

  • Becca @DDPYoda

    I was kind of appalled at this article. Seriously? And I have been following YogaDork on Facebook for a while.

    Here is the reality of what DDPYoga is. It’s a kickass cardio workout with minimal if not any impact to your joints. IE, if you are extremely overweight then you can do this, and you can learn how to build self confidence.

    Not only is DDP about saving lives, but he is also a firm believer in a positive attitude. He also teaches many people what it actually means to EAT CLEAN. Not the Standard American Diet bull that you are fed in school when you learn about the food pyramid.

    DDP is a very invested person in what he is doing. He is trying to create a revolution on the way people perceive Yoga. For example, there are many people who I have come in contact personally who are Yoginis and love hearing about DDPYoga. Do you know why? It’s about Attitude. How to overcome your own emotional struggles and really learn who you are inside.

    Not only that but he provides a website full of people who are committed to helping others lose weight and get healthy. The people on http://www.teamddpyoga.com are amazing. I have met a few of them in real life and would always call them a friend.

    My point is, that this article shows how much you are biased, inside of a box, and cannot look outside said box.

    Learn to grow… outside of Namaste… and what you would consider Yoga.

    I believe anything that helps get our bodies in shape by practicing yoga poses is enough to make anyone happy and healthy.

  • Katie

    yoga dork, you should be ashamed of yourself. This article is uninformed, rude, arrogant and flat wrong, but I do to think it shows your true colors. I would never practice yoga or any exercise program under a person who was judgmental, shallow, and rude, such as yourself. DDP is unconventional, but he is CHANGING LIVES and giving people, yoga dork, who are usually ignored and mocked by people like you, a chance at health. Just wait until your health is taken from you and you are faced with the scary realities of limited mobility and pain. I don’t know DDP personally but I commend him for giving the other 98% of society a fitness plan that that works, is affordable, and taught from the position of a partner and encourager that people like you are too shallow to associate with. Having done the DDP workouts, your article rubbed me the wrong way. Before you start making comments about how to better yourself and put yourself as an expert in all things yoga, maybe check out the videos DDP has produced that millions of Americans have been inspired to take one step towards fitness. Good for you for having a nice body yd, you have a heart of stone.

  • Robert Bernard Bennett

    I don’t care how he does it as long as he is helping people and u or anyone should be ashamed of urself he’s getting people off there asses and doing something to say ur not sure come on the man is helping people ..how’s this u don’t do his yoga and get a grip how that ddp thank man for getting reg Joe’s off there but and in the gym

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