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This Week In Yoga: Ashtanga McYoga, Beyonce Baby Yoga, Yoga Sex Cults, Anusara Updates

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Hey yogis, is it hot in here or is that just the yoga sex cult we’re all part of? Maybe you’ll think twice about calling your props “toys” now eh? Oh, we kid. Lighten up! Or days just did. Maybe it’s the imminent springtime turning up the temps. While we’re busy saving daylight, we’re going to save you time by skipping right to the goods this week. There’s a lot to cover!

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

If you’re not caught up on the saga, then you best be informed. We’re talking ‘Star Wars’ Yoga of course! Star Wars ‘Yoga Galaxy’ Indulges Dorkiest Fantasies

Oh you’re wondering what other drama lurks in the shadows? Have a seat. A steady, comfortable seat.

One of the biggest stories of the week sees Ashtanga Yoga joining the ranks of Bikram and Iyengar in branding possibilities.

Continuing our coverage of the Anusara tumult and subsequent ripples, there are updates:

On resigned, formerly licensed teachers: Resigned Anusara Teachers Create Independent Yoga Coalition, Free from Anusara, Inc., John Friend

On the ownership and direction of what still stands as Anusara, Inc.: New CEO Moves to Save Anusara, Buys 50 Percent Stake in 50/50 Partnership with John Friend

Those who disagree with such decisions: Douglas Brooks: Anusara Inc. Must Cease to Exist to Avoid Further ‘Irreparable Harm’

Those who continue to sensationalize yoga and sex: William J Broad on John Friend Scandal: Yoga is a Sex Cult and We’re All Ignorant Minions

And continue to piss people off: Reactions and Rebuttals to William J Broad’s ‘Yoga Sex Cult’ NYT Article, ‘Misinformation’

And those who are taking this opportunity to air personal grievances on their way to personally moving on: True Confessions of Former Anusara Teachers

In other, brighter news!


Also, speaking of baby yoga, Swinging Babies is not your average Mommy and Me Yoga class, we swear.

Hey Ladies! It’s yours, own it. Get down with your pelvic floor knowledge.

Latest in YogOpinions: Lest Not Birthrights Be Forsaken – Yoga and the Pain Index by J. Brown

Last but not least…a giveaway! Marcia Monroe Q&A, ‘Yoga and Scoliosis’ Book Giveaway!



This Week In Yoga: Anusara Rehab, Ryan Gosling, Nazi Yoga, Things You Won’t Hear at Lululemon

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