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Did Beyonce just simultaneously change public perspective on natural birth, baby yoga and nursing-in-public debate?

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Beyonce Brings Baby Blue Ivy to Yoga Class, Plans Yoga Holiday with Gwyneth Paltrow

New mama Beyonce has been enjoying time at home with her new baby girl Blue Ivy, born (vaginally, not by scheduled c-section, thankfully) Jan 7th, but a yoga trip to Italy with the Coldplay couple might be just what she needs to rejuvenate herself before getting back to work.

We’ve sure learned a lot this year so far, but perhaps the most important lesson? Become a celebriyogi before having a child. Even Snooki knows what’s up! Here’s what we’ve learned from Beyonce’s motherhood thus far.

Things you can do as celebrity mom Beyonce:

  • block off an entire wing of a hospital to deliver your baby.
  • name the baby Blue Ivy and still people will tell you what a beautiful name that is.
  • hire a personal trainer to live with you to teach you yoga and pilates twice a day for two hours to get your pre-baby bod back.
  • plan a luxurious ‘yoga holiday’ in Tuscany, Italy with hubs Jay-Z and your pals Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin and their brood.

Gwynnie and Chris and Jay-Z have already made yoga part of their ‘style, so it only makes sense Bee joins in. According to a source, G.Pal has encouraged Beyonce to bring Blue Ivy to yoga class as well. It sounds like everyone’s bonding beautifully, and Bey has even been spotted breastfeeding freely in public.

Wait, did Beyonce just single-handedly and simultaneously change the public’s perspective on natural birth, mommy and baby yoga and nursing-in-public debate?

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  • Embee

    I am so happy for her that she has come to the practice.

  • Ryan

    Pretty cool that she is open to yoga cool thing about babies though then tend to teach us more about yoga and joy then any $15 yoga class. I noticed the article seemed very pro natural which I think is great if you so choose and that there are alot of c-section done that may not be necessary. But at the same time infant mortality was a bigger issue before and has saved alot of mothers/babies. All about the pro natural choice but got to respect live saving c-sections too.

  • LA

    I don’t know how I feel about this….. I also had a “natural birth”, but my natural birth was vaginal and drug free (and at home). Typically that is what natural birth refers to (vaginal + drug free). Not too sure if Beyonce had a natural birth by that definition…… No judgement if she did; it’s just that the term “natural” can be quite vague, and tends to give the impression that things were more “natural” than they actually were. There are A LOT of drugs that can be used during a vaginal birth! (Again; no judgement of anyone who has used drugs during their labour experience- I am more questioning the term “natural” here!)

    Also- I wish that all of these celebrities who practice yoga also started to practice yoga off the mat as well. With all of their money and status, they potentially have the means to do some good in the world and make a real impact. When celebrities practice asana without any work off the mat, it just seems to be more superficial and meaningless to me. I love yoga- just wish that more celebrities represented what it is TRULY about, not just how great your body looks from doing it!

    That is all!! Great blog!!

  • I’m glad that she is getting into yoga and natural living, and hope she inspires her fans to do the same. But it’s always important to make any kind of health decision with your doctor and not your celebrity idol 🙂

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