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This Week In Yoga: Anusara Rehab, Ryan Gosling, Nazi Yoga, Things You Won’t Hear at Lululemon

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Hey girl, so then Ryan turns to us and says “and that’s when George flipped his dog!” …uproarious laughter!

And then all the yogis disperse, some who’d been in spray range of George’s pee, shooting back stink(third)eye glances, while others dote on and giggle. Ryan just smiles, puts his arm in ours and we stroll down the street humming the tune to one of RyRy’s own love ballads, collecting litter and putting it in the proper recycle receptacle. Ah, just another day in the life of yoga with Ryan Gosling and his dog George.

And then we woke up. Drat! But hey, if life is but a dream, or a bowl full of cherries, or a rare combination of beautiful poems, guru scandals, Third Reich yoga, hilarious lists and adventures in Kundalini (and Ryan Gosling, ahem) we’ll just have to take it. We think we’re alone now, but these dreams go on when we close our eyes…and so do the 80s music references. Good or evil? You decide!

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

An update to the updates. Anusara reorganization and new CEO, but same old rhetoric.

We’ve had our say about this already, as probably did much of the yogaweb but if you haven’t read it yet definitely check it out.

Why all the Ryan Gosling fuss? By George, he’s a yogi too!

Get your giggles on with this witty list. Have your own to add?

Yoga has influenced many cultures over thousands of years. Should we be surprised the Nazis were curious?

Psst. You hear that? It’s the sound of being alone, which turns out to be a pretty beautiful place to be. Enjoy!

Something to do alone or in a group? (sorry you’re going to look goofy either way. be ok with that.)

Last chance to enter!

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