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Apparently the Third Reich Had a Fascination with Yoga in Nazi Germany

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Nazi commander, and yoga enthusiast, Heinrich Himmler.

Excuse us? News like this doesn’t exactly help to brighten up the week. According to a German historian, Mathias Tietke, who’s putting out a book on the subject, the Third Reich had a real interest in yoga and some S.S. death camp guards were even recommended to try the practice. In Tietke’s new book, Yoga In National Socialism, he tells how S.S. overlord Heinrich Himmler was fascinated with yoga, and manipulated it to justify the Holocaust, and the Nazi goal to attain ‘perfect spiritual insight and tranquility’.

It actually sounds like an interesting if not perverted and somewhat horrific story. As it turns out, middle and upper class Nazis were just as curious about Indian mysticism as the rest of the western world in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Via Daily Mail:

During the Wiemar Republic, as the Nazis gained strength, yoga enjoyed a boom among a people weary of war, inflation, unemployment and misery.

More than 50 yoga books were published in the 1920’s in Berlin alone. And, as the Nazis corrupted most things they touched, so it was with yoga.

It was seized on by race experts in the party as being the pursuit of ‘Ayran’ people. Jakob Wilhelm Hauer, an S.S. captain and yoga expert, who influenced his chief Himmler and convinced him that ‘yoga can internally arm us and prepare us for the forthcoming battles.’

In 1937, four years after the Nazis attained power, the country’s first yoga centre opened up in Berlin and operated until it was destroyed by Allied bombs in 1943.

The teacher who ran it had disciples in 50 German towns and cities, Himmler, obsessed as he was with hocus-pocus race theories and mysticism relating to his S.S. ‘supermen,’ carried around a German copy of the Bhagavad Gita with him wherever he went.

He regarded the ancient Sanskrit epic as being a blueprint for cruelty and terror, using it, said Tietke, to ultimately justify the Holocaust.

He wrote; “He identified himself and the SS with the old Indian Kshatriya caste and its publicised attitude of unscrupulous killing for one’s ‘higher purpose.’

Shudder up our spine. Maybe yoga has been used for bad and for good, as it’s evolved over the years, but at least we can find peace in the fact that yoga Nazis are the least of our worries now, especially when yoga’s being pushed to the Olympics. Besides the book, Tietke is planning an exhibition in Berlin later this year in the Gestapo museum called the Topography of Terror.

Now go give someone a hug.


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  • Pavanatanaya

    This explains Bikram

  • I had heard that the Nazis were interested in Zen but didn’t know about the yoga connection – thanks for posting.

  • I thought that this was already common knowledge?

    I wouldn’t say, necessarily that I knew Himmler was a devote yoga practitioner and reader of the bhagavad gita, but I already assumed that eastern philosophy (“occult” ideologies) had taken root within the Nazi system, and their claims around Aryan-ism would of course be blended in? And of course, completely misunderstood and misinterpreted. They were good at that. Did it with a lot of norse things too. And lots of other things as well.

    I don’t think it’s a shocker, but it certainly will make an interesting read when it comes out.

  • It makes complete sense. The spirit of Yoga was trying to set them straight.

  • Jai Ma!
    I have told a few people about the true meaning of swastikas and then they look at me as if I am the crazy one! I have beautiful swastikas in my home. Pisses off my Jewish friends… and I am sure my grandfather is rolling over in his grave. But most people do not want to know anymore than the swastika is an evil symbol.
    This auspicious symbol, the swastika was altered it. It doesn’t even look the same as a true swastika. The same way a Mezuzah is in the doorway of many homes, swastikas are in the entry of homes as well, mine included.
    “May God be Auspicious to All Who Enter the Home.”
    I will always have one in my home and on my alter.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Jennifer Lawrence

      Doesn’t surprise me as a Kundalini yogi, sex worker, con artist and all-around angry person. I like to use the word Hitler to offend Jewish people I know.

  • ShirleyB

    Sorry, but if the quote is an extract is from the UK Daily Mail, we don’t tend to take that paper too seriously over here! There has been a fiar bit of negative press on yoga recently, mainly by one of their fitness writers, can’t recall her name but wouldn’t spend money on the tabloid to find out either. She’d’ve just loved the nazi slant – fits her bill perfectly!

  • ShirleyB

    Sorry, but if the quote is an extract is from the UK Daily Mail, we don’t tend to take that paper too seriously over here! There has been a fair bit of negative press about yoga recently in there, mainly by one of their fitness writers, can’t recall her name but wouldn’t spend money on the tabloid to find out either. Wouldn’t mind knowing what she’s got against yoga though. She’d’ve just loved the nazi slant.

  • JeffreyD

    And Hitler was a vegetarian! And Gandhi wrote letters to Hitler addressed “My friend,” and after the war suggested Jews should have gone along with their extermination!

    Germany was into some larger Aryan identity that included Indians. The swastika was knowingly taken from Indian culture, going along with the theory that Aryan invaders from the North (and speaking vedic) were responsible for much of Hindu culture & religion, including yoga. And the Nazis has friendly relations with Indian independence movements, largely as an enemy-of-my-enemy thing with England.

  • Here is a film on the subject… http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3014581497309209211 (The Occult History of the Third Reich).

    This goes back to the European misunderstanding of “Arya” as a racial term, when it just means ‘noble’ or ‘cultured’.

    The following is an excerpt from “A Survey of Hinduism” (SUNY Press) entitled ‘The beginnings of Hinduism”… some of the ridiculous early European thinking is found here in its proper historical context… http://www.sunypress.edu/pdf/61438.pdf

    Now that the Aryan invasion theory has collapsed (see above link), one can really see how crazy it all was. Europeans were wondering which of Noah’s sons was the begetter of Hindus, for example (at above link). This also led to the ridiculous dating of the Rg Veda to an impossibly late date of 1500 BCE, when current evidence takes it back closer to 6000+ years before present.

    The Nazis fancied themselves as the descendants of Brahmin priests who had apparently fled Atlantis during the ‘great flood’ of yore.

    Interesting though is the fact that 10,000 years ago, at the end of the last ice age, sea levels arose 400 feet, and submerged vast coastal areas. 10 years ago there was this incredible discovery of 2 submerged pre-Harappan cities, each the size of Manhattan, off the West coast of India (Gujarat)… links below:

    “Lost cities could rewrite history”… http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/1768109.stm

    Archeological report of above… (excerpt below) http://www.grahamhancock.com/forum/BadrinaryanB1.php?p=1

    “So, from the foregoing it is very evident the prehistoric civilization that matured and developed in the present day Gulf of Cambay was the forerunner and model to the subsequent advanced Harrapan civilization known to history. This wonderful twin prehistoric metropolis of Cambay lasted from about 13000 BP to about 3000 BP making it the most ancient and largest city civilization not only in Asia but in the entire world. It is seen to be at least 7500 years older than the oldest Mesopotamian city civilization. However strong evidence supports the presence of humans from at least 31000 BP who were evolving and developing and formed a great hitherto unknown civilization that were submerged by the flood, giving credence to local and global flood myths.” — [ 31,000 years!!! ]

  • JeffreyD

    Current mainstream thinking is that Vedic and associated Vedic culture (including yoga) did come from settlers/invaders from the North (what would be called “Aryans,” except now of course people hate to say “Aryans” and maybe say “Rigvedic.”) There’s a whole lot of evidence that something along these lines happened, although it’s difficult to piece together exactly what (for instance- invasion, or mass migration? Were there also immigrants from the NE as the same time?)

    The “Gulf of Cambay” certainly doesn’t prove anything. How old it is, or whether it even represents a settlement at all, is in doubt, much less that it’s a great civilization from 10K years ago. Indian history remains very poorly understood and perhaps the area will prove to be of interest, but it hasn’t yet.

    Really it’s all a very interesting subject, politically charged both in modern Indian nationalist politics and Nazi mysticism.

  • Chris

    It was the German Indologist, Max Mueller, who propounded and propagated the fallacious theory that the 5000-year-old Ancient Vedic (Hindu) Civilization of India was founded in India, by white-skinned “Aryan” tribes that emigrated into India from the Caucausus region of Europe, via Iran, and into India, via its North-West boundary.

    The motivation for propagating this fanciful theory was to stake claim for Europe to the extraordinary intellectual, scientific, and philosophical and artistic treasure-trove that was the ancient Hindu Civilization of India. By claiming that it was the white-skinned emigrants that gave birth to the ancient Hindu civilization of India, Max Mueller disingenuously attempted to plant the European flag on the stunning achievements of an extremely advanced, non-European, Hindu civilization.

    The facts are otherwise. It was the native inhabitants of ancient India that gave birth to the very advanced Hindu civilization of India. Certainly, these inhabitants of India were not fair-skinned ( The Sun-burn will get ya in India, you know ! ) Certainly, the emigration into India of Europeans barbarians did occur . These European barbarians came into contact with the advanced, peaceful, Hindu civilization of India, and were assimilated, peacefully and without coercion, into the grand Hindu civilization.

    Hinduism did spread, OUTWARDS however, from India to Europe.

    Can you even visualize that the vile Taliban (who do not hesitate to behead men and stone women, at the drop of a hat) of today’s Afghanistan were once peaceful Hindus, until they unfortunately succumbed to the “Arabic Plague” of Islam ?

    In 300 BC, the arrogant Emperor Alexander the Great invaded India to conquer her, only to himself be humbled by the profound Hindu and Buddhist philosophies of India, where Alexander lay down his arms, and became a student of Hinduism and Buddhism. Many of Alexander’s nobles and generals in India adopted Hinduism and Buddhism. When Alexander began his overland retreat to Europe via the Middle-East, he fell ill, and passed-away en-route. However, his vast army and his nobles and generals carried back to Europe the Hindu and Buddhist civilizations that they had acquired in India.

    Some centuries later, the world’s first Semitic-Hindu, JC, journeyed to India in his youth (the missing years of JC’s life, that the Bible won’t talk about), and apprenticed himself in the Gurukuls and Ashrams of the learned Hindu sages (Rishis) of India. There, the excellent pupil JC imbibed the ancient Hindu philosophies from his Gurus, and himself became an enlightened, self-realized soul – a Mahatma, a true Yogi.
    The enlightened JC then traveled back to the Middle East to preach to his people from the wisdom that he had imbibed in India.

    After surviving the Crucifixion, JC sought save-haven in his alma-mater, India, and traveled to the Kashmir region of India (Kashmir is the land of the ancient Hindu sage, Rishi Kashyapa. The name Kashmir comes from the Sanskrit “Kashyapa-Meru” ( Kashyapa’s Lake) ). JC lived in Kashmir to a ripe old age. JC is buried in Kashmir.

    Thus, the white-man has certainly had prior contact with the ancient Hindu civilization of India. It is therefore understandable that today’s white-man should feel some nameless, ancient, stirring in his soul, whenever he comes into contact with facets of the Hindu civilization, for many millenia ago, the white-man had already embraced these philosophies as his own.

    So too was Adolf not entirely misguided in his attempts to seek a connection between the European civilization and Hindusim.

  • Chris

    The Nazis : Patanjali ::: The Vatican : JC

    Just as the Nazis took profound, ancient, sublime things like Hinduism and Yoga, and cynically converted them into perverted, brain-washing, propaganda tools for Nazisim, so too, did the Vatican seize upon the sublime wisdom of JC, the world’s first Semitic-Hindu, and pervert his wisdom into the Empire-Building propaganda-Cult, that we know today as Catholicism.

    In his youth (the missing years of JC’s life, that the Bible won’t talk about), JC journeyed to India, and apprenticed himself in the Gurukuls and Ashrams of the learned Hindu sages (Rishis) of India. There, the excellent pupil JC imbibed the ancient Hindu philosophies from his Gurus, and himself became an enlightened, self-realized soul – a Mahatma, a true Yogi.
    The enlightened JC then traveled back to the Middle East to preach to his people.

    JC’s teachings are very much in consonance with Hinduism :
    (1) ” As you sow, so shall you reap ” —> This is JC’s exquisite way of stating the Hindu law of Karma.

    (2) ” Let him throw the first stone, who has not sinned”.
    This is JC’s recognition of the fact that every souls (Aatma) present on this earth is present on the earth, only because that souls is as yet, not without sin.

    The Hindu philosophy of Reincarnation (Punar-Janam) believes that the Aatma is indestructible, and undergoes several cycles of Birth, Life, Death and Rebirth. Properly guided, the Aatma attains a higher-state-of-being in each successive life, until that Aatma ultimately becomes self-realized and sinless, and attains Moksha ( Liberation from the cycle of Birth, Life, Death and Rebirth).
    Thus, any Aatma that is actually present on this earth, is not without sin, and is at some intermediate point along this Great Journey towards becoming a self-realized soul.

    (3) There is much evidence to suggest that JC was a vegetarian.

    (4) After surviving the Crucifixion, JC sought save-haven in his alma-mater India, and traveled to the Kashmir region of India ( Kashmir is the land of the ancient Hindu sage, Rishi Kashyapa. The name Kashmir comes from the Sanskrit “Kashyapa-Meru” ( Kashyapa’s Lake) ). JC lived in Kashmir to a ripe old age. JC is buried in Kashmir.

    (5) Being a self-realized Soul, JC recognized that there are several different Paths to Enlightenment. Thus, JC never said peevish things like, ” I am the ONLY WAY” ( I am the ONLY ticket to Heaven). These mean-spirited statements were disingenuously inserted into the Bible, after JC’s passing, and falsely attributed to JC, by the Vatican, the Marketing Department of the Unholy Roman Empire, as part of its Empire-Building-Strategy, via the Giant Pyramid Scheme of Catholicism.

  • Talk about Yoga being pushed to the Olympics – do you know this video about from 1936?


    • baba

      No on who could do such a perfect downward dog AND speak German could be an evil man! LOL

  • baba

    Ummm…. Do we have any pictures of Mr. Iyengar before 1945? I kid…. The synthesis seems to have been pretty well achieved by Lululemon, though. Maybe the Objectivism thing is a cover for something even deeper and darker.

  • Well I know they were interested in some Tibetan practices and certainly perverted the concept of Aries, but I never heard about connection to yoga. After Third Reich, it’s quite unusual for Europeans to see swastikas in India.

  • Truth sayer

    Here so much bull shits were told by some friends without knowing most relevant recent archaeology and genetics,
    Aryan Invasion theory is the greatest fraud in the entire human history.
    Aryans are origin in North India which is AryaVartha.
    Rigveda vouch Aryan origin in AryaVartah with completely giving geographical limits.

    VEDAS:Vedas are the oldest attested Aryan Document.Vedas are unchanged language!Why?Vedas are most holiest texts for Vedic people.Vedic people followed ‘Shruthi’ system by which a very small phonetic change also not allowed while chanting Vedas.This is followed still today.This kind of preservation of originality of Vedic texts from ancient times is unparalleled in the entire human history.Another,system called ‘smirthi’ where meaning should never allowed to change but one can expand. ‘Shruthi’ only meant for Vedas and ‘Smirithi’ applicable for other texts other than VEDAS..We can say Vedas are simply tape recorder of what Vedic Aryan ancestors chanted many many thousands of years ago in all aspects.Being totally unchanged and every details in that preserved with utmost attention, the historic details given in them are very accurate to the extent it contained in them.

    Now,I am presenting the scientific expert study from two Western astronomers on Vedic age from the details available in the Vedas..Anybody can verify this!If needed,I will divulge more details on this.

    The Vedic corpus being vast one of the earliest estimates of the date of the Vedas was at once among the most scientific. In 1790, the Scottish mathematician John Playfair demonstrated that the starting-date of the astronomical observations recorded in the tables still in use among Hindu astrologers (of which three copies had reached Europe between 1687 and 1787) had to be 4300 BC. His proposal was dismissed as absurd by some, but it was not refuted by any scientist. Playfair’s judicious use of astronomy was countered by John Bentley with a Scriptural argument which we now must consider invalid. In 1825, Bentley objected: “By his [= Playfair’s] attempt to uphold the antiquity of Hindu books against absolute facts, thereby supports all those horrid abuses and impositions found in them, under the pretended sanction of antiquity. Nay, his aim goes still deeper, for by the same means he endeavours to overturn the mosaic account& foundation of his Xtian religion.

    Bentley did not object to astronomy per se, in so far as it could be helpful in showing up the falsehood of Brahminical scriptures. However, it did precisely the reverse. Falsehood in this context could have meant that the Brahmins falsely claimed high antiquity for their texts by presenting as ancient astronomical observations recorded in Scripture what were in fact back-calculations from a much later age. But Playfair showed that this was impossible.

    Back-calculation of planetary positions is a highly complex affair requiring knowledge of a number of physical laws, universal constants and actual measurements of densities, diameters and distances. Though Brahminical astronomy was remarkably sophisticated for its time, it could only back-calculate planetary position of the presumed Vedic age with an inaccuracy margin of at least several degrees of arc. With our modern knowledge, it is easy to determine what the actual positions were.

    And what the results of back-calculations with the Brahminical formulae would have been, e.g.: “Aldebaran was therefore 40′ before the point of the vernal equinox, according to the Indian astronomy, in the year 3102 before Christ.[Modern astronomy] gives the longitude of that star 13′ from the vernal equinox at the time of Calyougham agreeing within 53′ with the determination of the Indian astronomy.

    This agreement is the more remarkable, that the Brahmins, by their own rules for computing the motion of the fixed stars, could not have assigned this place to Aldebaran for the beginning of Calyougham, had they calculated it from a modern observation. For as they make the motion of the fixed stars too great by more than 3” annually if they had calculated backward from 1491, they would have placed the fixed stars less advanced by 4 or 5 degree at their ancient epoch than they actually done What Hindu astronomical lore about ancient times cannot be based on later back-calculation, was also argued by Playfair’s contemporary, the French astronomer Jean-Sylvain Bailly: “The motions of the stars calculated by the Hindus before some 4500 years vary not even a single minute from the [modern] tables of Cassini and Meyer. The Indian tables give the same annual variation of the moon as that discovered by Tycho Brahe – a variation unknown to the school of Alexandria and also the Arabs.”

    Prof. N. S. Rajaram, a mathematician who has worked for NASA, comments: “fabricating astronomical data going back thousands of years calls for knowledge of Newton’s Law of Gravitation and the ability to solve differential equations.” Failing this advanced knowledge, the data in the Brahminical tables must be based on actual observation. Ergo,the Sanskrit-speaking Vedic seers were present in person to record astronomical observations and preserve them for a full 6,000 years: The observations on which the astronomy of India is founded, were made more than three thousand years before the Christian era. Two other elements of this astronomy, the equation of the sun’s centre and the obliquity of the ecliptic seem to point to a period still more remote,

    Now,I like to move quickly for archeological details of very recent origin just within 10 to 12 years. Rigveda the most ancient Veda, praises river Saraswathi more than 60 times and it says it is mighty river,mightier than all and most holiest. Rigveda says it originated in Himalaya,being south of Indus and finally merged in sea.Day to rituals also Saraswathi river is prayed along with river Ganges and Indus.Rigveda tells Saraswathi river is most holy and source of Vedic Aryan’s sustenance.

    Here for your knowledge just giving original lines from Rigveda itself. Here elaborate details on Rigvedic river.Because,you may not belong our culture,so your exposure to this knowledge may be very little.Iam giving bit more scientific details.Please go through with patience.

    A large number of the references of the Sarasvati river come from the Rig Veda, the most ancient literacy work of the world. At the first glance, the hymns are seemed to be the prayers. But in the analytic eyes, they reveal valuable historical information of the palaeaoclimate, the types of rains, the waters in the mountains and also on the earth, the clouds and their formations, the draughts, the river beds, the floods and the river, the floodings and the waters, digging or eroding of the new channels, the takes and so on. (Griffith; 1889; Shri Swami.1972).

    They are interwoven in the prayers. Rig Veda clearly describes the origin of the Sarasvati, its whole course, the nature and the behavior and its flood mechanism. It also describes its role in shaping of the life of the people residing in the flood plain. Maximum number of the references on the Sarasvati river come from the Mandala 2nd, 6th and 7th of the early text (Singh, Shivaji. 1998 : 29-33).

    Rig Veda clearly mentions that the Sarasvati had its origin in the Himalaya and not in the Siwalik Hills. It clearly mention that the
    Ekachetaat Sarasvati Nadinaam Suchiryati Giribhya aa Samudrat. (RV :VII :95:2)

    This is conformed by the work of puri. The renowned glaciologist (Puri.1998 per commu.) The Rig Veda also informs us that when the Sarasvati was in spate the river was becoming uncontrollable and its current was the swiftest of the swifts. It further says that the velocity of the Sarasvati was so high that it broke the hill ranges and the river carried them ( as the flood load) down like lotus stems – see below:
    Iyam Shushmebhihibisakhaa Evaarujaatsaanu Girinam Tevishebhirumibhih Paravaathdhaneemavase Sruvruktibhihi Sarasvatimaa Vivaasemadhitibhihi. ( RV: 6:61:2)

    Yasya Ananto Ahutastveshashacharishnuranavah : Amashcharati roruvat (RV: 6:61:8)

    The flood water was also overflowing both the banks and the flood waters filled or say inundated the earth, that is the vast urea of the flood plain and the heaven that is the Himalayan region.

    Aaapashushi paarthivaanyuru rajo antariksham Sarasvati Nidaspaatu

    When in spate the might of river was sweeping away all the other waters and was mightiest among all the other rivers.
    Prayaa Mahimna Mahinsu Chikite Dhumnebhiranya Apasaampastma Rath eva Bruhati Vibhvane Krutopastutya Chikitushaa Sarasvati.(RV: 6:61:13)

    Now to know the might of the Sarasvati over all the other rivers here, it is essential to know the Sindhu Flood mechanism as it has also a long history of the floodings. The Imperial Gezeteer notes ( Enthovon 1909:164-65,167-168). “Before taming, upstream to the confluence with the five river including the Satlej, the ancient Satudri, the width of the Sindhu is about half a Km. When the river was on its peaks of the floods, the velocity of the flood discharge at the up treamwas 8 km. per hour and the flood discharge was about 250 cms. to 800 cms. per second. But downstream the confluence, the river Sindhu becomes mightier and larger and the Sindh where the gradient is very low the width of the river channel varies from one km. to one and half km. and during the flood of the high magnitude the width of the channel increases to two kms.

    However, in the flood of the high magnitude, the velocity in Sindh is about 12 km. per hour and the flood discharge increases to 27000 cms to 28000 cms. per second”. This behavior of the river Sindhu is recorded right from the ptolemy, the Greek auther of the Medieval writers. The records indicate that when in spate the Sindhu erodes new channels, meanders and suddenly shifts its water into the newly cut channels, recharges these lakes and the abandons channels and swings towards the west as the flood plain slopes towards the south- west. This comparison of the Sindhu with the Sarasvati also clearly shows that the how mightier Sarasvati could be when the shatudri – present Sutlej was its tributary and how moderate the Sindhu could be without Shatudri – Present Sutlej !

    Secondly, this overflowed water of the Sarasvati used to bring tremendous water and fertile silt for agriculture and faunal and floral wealth. Therefore, in praying the river, the Reg Veda described the Sarasvati as (Very important verse also)

    Ambitame Naditame Devitame Sarasvati Aprashastaa Eva Smasi Prashastim Amba Naskrudhi (RV 2: 16:41)

    It says that the Sarasvati was superior to all the other rivers, best of the mother rivers as the Sarasvati was the main source of the prosperity and survival and was the life line of the inhabitants residing over there on the flood plain. The Sarasvati was also best of the goddesses as it used to bring prosperity in tremendous. The text describes its flow white in complexion indicating it was a glacial fed river.

    The Rig Veda describes the Sarasvati as Saptathi and Sindhumaataa Aam Yat Saakam Yashaso Vavashaataa Sarasvati Saptathi Sindhumaataa (RV 7:36:6) This indicates including the Sarasvati, There were seven rivers. This shows that the river had six tributaries and disbutaries. The word Sindumaataa denotes two things. One, the Sarasvati was the mother of all the rivers, the disbutaries. Second, the river was abundance in water to feed – fill the ocean like a mother feeding her child.

    The Sarasvati being the mightiest river must have brought such a large volume of the water into the sea, the present Ranns of Kachch, the then sea, showing her might ever the sea. This statement of the Reg Veda is supported by the numerous deltas and the bets in the Great Rann of Kachchh. ( Malik et. al 1999 : 163-174).

    And also in the little Rann of Kachchh. Secondly, the very name of the Sarasvati denotes the river of having many lakes. Reg Veda refers many lakes. Among these, the Sharyanaavaan and the Dronkalash are the examples. Now, in the Rajasthan, several lakes and playas having riverine origin have been reported ( Rammurthy. 1999:158), this strengthens the very meaning and the name of the Sarasvati and also the Rig Vedic description of the river. So, from the Rig Veda following picture of the Sarasvati emerges out. That the Rig Vedic Sarasvati had its origin in the Himalaya and it used to fall into the sea. In the flood plain the Sarasvati had the seven channel an it was the mightiest among all the rivers. When not in spate its glacial fed water was pure and white and the channel had golden sand. The river was very rich in the lakes, the channels and the silts. However, when the Sarasvati was in spates of the high magnitudes and of the long duration it used to become fierce, uncontrollable and destructive. During the floodings, its current was extremely swift and fast having very high velocity which naturally generated and released high degree of the energy. The river had very amount of the flood discharge which must have cut the meanders and the disbutaries. During the floodings the river was roaring. The frequent floods used to spread over the vast areas recharging the lakes and bringing abundant water, silt and fertility and food and prosperity to all. That is why Sarasvati was praised by the Rsis. This Rig Vedic descriptions thus clearly show that during the early Rig Vedic period, the Sarasvati was the most superior, the mightiest, mature and the most important river of this part of the continent. In the time of Yajur Veda, which seems to be a recomposition of the Reg Veda Mandal – 6, .the Sarasvati enjoyed the same status and the might. The details of the channels are recorded in the Vaj Sanehi Samhita of the Shukla yajur Veda. It says,
    Panchanadhya Sarasvatimapi Yanti Sasroyasah Sarasvati to Panchadhaa sodeshe abhavat sarit.( Y.S.34:19).

    This indicates that the river had five mouths – the disbutaries. This clearly shows that like other mighty, mature rivers, in the flood plain of the Rajasthan, the Sarasvati eroded five channels through the horizontal erosions of the frequent floods of the very high magnitudes and used to flow through these five channels. This description of the Yajur Veda is supported by occurrence of more than one channels in Rajasthan and the deltas in the Sindh, South – west of the Rajasthan and in the Great Rann of Kachchh ( Malik et al.1999; 163 – 174, also see the figures).

    This also confirms the statement of the Rig Veda that Sarasvati was Saptathi meaning the Sarasvati had five disbutaries and two tributaries of the Satudri and Drashadvati. Now, these texts do not speak about the aridity, desert conditions in the region, the change and the shift in the water regime and drying of the Sarasvati river. The fact is that these compositors knew only the mighty and the mature river. Secondly, this also shows that there is very little or no time gap between composition of the Mandal 2nd ,6th and 7th and original text of the Yajur Veda.

    Discovery of dried river Saraswathy by experts.

    As early as 1900AD,British posted in Thar desert reported big paleochannels there and opined that some big river ran once.But fnally truth exposed by satellite pictures which accurately provided entire paleochannel pictures of the river which is exact with the Rigveda details.After,this many expert groups both Indian and western conductd elaborate field study and scientiic analysis such salt content,isotopes level etc., on the river bed.

    Those experts conducted field studies, finally proved by all independent studies both Indian and western that the so called river Saraswathi dried in 1900BC before running as a mighty river for thousands and thousands of years and finally due to techtonic movements which resulted in feeding river like Dristadvati changed the course to Indus river.Now,it is proved Harappans left wonderful constructed cities in 1900BC because of severe famine.Not because of any Invasion. Another side Harappan seals were busy studied by experts.

    One group keeping it Dravidian script elaborately tried hell bent but finally could not move even an inch ahead.But those experts studied with open mind like S.R.Rao finally proved that Harappan scripts are earlier form of sanskrit scripts.Again K.N.Natwar Jha also decipered most of the scripts using information from Yaskas Nighantu.(Ancient sanskrit text)Most of words from both

    Rigveda and Yajurveda, proved Harappan was Late Yajurveda period Now proving worthyness of Rigvedic version on Saraswathi river, experts concluded that the river was mighty only in 6000BC or above.This proof pushed back the age of Rigveda atleast 6000BC or above.Another group studied proof of destruction for any invasion in all Harappan sites nothing is found to prove, it is proved beyond doubt that in 1900bc(end of Harappan period)no invasion not at all happened.Experts debunked totally Aryan Invasion theory of British period.

    Another very powerful proof of Vedic age is given by Lord Krishnas Dwarka underwater excavation done in 2002.One can see online all submerged cities,fort etc and details.All forts and cities submerged were found which exactly as per Mahabharata version.Many artifiacts were found.Two drilled wood pieces were sent for scientific dating to two places in Europe.One gave value of 5500 BC and another is 7500BC.But 7500 BC is more stronger as per experts.Which conforms antiquity of vedic culture.

    The conclusion through Saraswathi river on Vedic age conformed by another gulf of cambay underwater excavation.One more proof is from harappan site of Dholavira where many skeketons were excavated.Vedic altars also got.Artifacts found were sent to scientific dating gave value of 7000BC.One after other conforming Vedic time scale.

    In 1920,Harappan cities were excavated and also Mohenjadero excavated.The superior architecture with modern amenities of those cities simply 5000 years ago made west awestruck. Scripts called Harappan scripts were excavated,Which appeared apparently different from present Sanskrit script.This made them to give another foolish theory that nomadic Aryans Invaded India around 1500BC and destroyed those old civilization,Dravidian civilization.

    See the funny CONTRADICTION because of the real twisters of the history. As per the Aryan Invasion theory Aryans invaded India between 1500BC to 2000BC and after writing Vedas everything,they are PRAISING on already dried river that time(Because it is most satisfactorily proved by Isotopic salt analysis of the dried bed that the river dried COMPLETELY in 1900BC) and also unknown TO ARYANS of the existence of the river as mighty river,mightier than Ganges and Sindhu and vital for their life,above all as their mother like etc.
    How much bull shit!

  • Truth sayer

    I have given genetic study details with name of the expert as on date.Genetic studies conclusions are most reliable!
    All prove that Indian origin of Aryans.
    Anybody can verify these studies by pasting those expert name given below in the Google browser.Most of the expert were westerners!!

    The Aryan Invasion Theory is False – Genetic Evidence

    * No trace of “demographic disruption” in the North-West of the subcontinent between 4500 and 800 BCE; this negates the possibility of any massive intrusion, by so-called Indo-Aryans or other populations, during that period.
    * Deep late Pleistocene genetic link between contemporary Europeans and Indians, provided by the mtDNA haplogroup U, which encompasses roughly a fifth of mtDNA lineages of both populations. Our estimate for this split [between Europeans and Indians] is close to the suggested time for the peopling of Asia and the first expansion of anatomically modern humans in Eurasia and likely pre-dates their spread to Europe.”
    * Haplogroup U, being common to North Indian and “Caucasoid” populations, was found in tribes of eastern India such as the Lodhas and Santals, which would not be the case if it had been introduced through Indo-Aryans. Such is also the case of the haplogroup M, another marker frequently mentioned in the early literature as evidence of an invasion: in reality, haplogroup M occurs with a high frequency, averaging about 60%, across most Indian population groups, irrespective of geographical location of habitat. Tribal populations have higher frequencies of haplogroup M than caste populations.”

    – U.S. anthropologists Kenneth Kennedy, John Lukacs and Brian Hemphill.

    * Migrations into India “did occur, but rarely from western Eurasian populations.” There are low frequencies of the western Eurasian mtDNA types in both southern and northern India. Thus, the ‘caucasoid’ features of south Asians may best be considered ‘pre-caucasoid’ — that is, part of a diverse north or north-east African gene pool that yielded separate origins for western Eurasian and southern Asian populations over 50,000 years ago.

    – U.S. biological anthropologist Todd R. Disotell.

    * There is a fundamental unity of mtDNA lineages in India, in spite of the extensive cultural and linguistic diversity, pointing to a relatively small founding group of females in India. Most of the mtDNA diversity observed in Indian populations is between individuals within populations; there is no significant structuring of haplotype diversity by socio-religious affiliation, geographical location of habitat or linguistic affiliation.

    – Scientists Susanta Roychoudhury and thirteen others studying 644 samples of mtDNA from ten Indian ethnic groups.

    * mtDNA haplogroup “M” common to India (with a frequency of 60%), Central and Eastern Asia (40% on average), and even to American Indians; however, this frequency drops to 0.6% in Europe, which is “inconsistent with the ‘general Caucasoidness’ of Indians.” This shows, once again, that “the Indian maternal gene pool has come largely through an autochthonous history since the Late Pleistocene.” U haplogroup frequency 13% in India, almost 14% in North-West Africa, and 24% from Europe to Anatolia. “Indian and western Eurasian haplogroup U varieties differ profoundly; the split has occurred about as early as the split between the Indian and eastern Asian haplogroup M varieties. The data show that both M and U exhibited an expansion phase some 50,000 years ago, which should have happened after the corresponding splits.” In other words, there is a genetic connection between India and Europe, but a far more ancient one than was thought.
    * If one were to extend methodology used to suggest an Aryan invasion based on Y-Dna statistics to populations of Eastern and Southern India, one would be led to an exactly opposite result: “the straightforward suggestion would be that both Neolithic (agriculture) and Indo-European languages arose in India and from there, spread to Europe.” The authors do not defend this thesis, but simply guard against “misleading interpretations” based on limited samples and faulty methodology.
    * The Chenchu tribe is genetically close to several castes, there is a “lack of clear distinction between Indian castes and tribes.

    – Twenty authors headed by Kivisild – Archaeogenetics of Europe – 2000.

    * “Language families present today in India, such as Indo-European, Dravidic and Austro-Asiatic, are all much younger than the majority of indigenous mtDNA lineages found among their present-day speakers at high frequencies. It would make it highly speculative to infer, from the extant mtDNA pools of their speakers, whether one of the linguistically defined groups in India should be considered more ‘autochthonous’ than any other in respect of its presence in the subcontinent.”

    – Mait Metspalu and fifteen co-authors analyzing 796 Indian and 436 Iranian mtDNAs. 2001.

    * Geneticist Toomas Kivisild led a study (2003) in which comparisons of the diversity of R1a1 (R-M17) haplogroup in Indian, Pakistani, Iranian, Central Asian, Czech and Estonian populations. The study showed that the diversity of R1a1 in India, Pakistan, and Iran, is higher than in Czechs (40%), and Estonians[12].
    * Kivisild came to the conclusion that “southern and western Asia might be the source of this haplogroup”: “Haplogroup R1a, previously associated with the putative Indo-Aryan invasion, was found at its highest frequency in Punjab but also at a relatively high frequency (26%) in the Chenchu tribe. This finding, together with the higher R1a-associated short tandem repeat diversity in India and Iran compared with Europe and central Asia, suggests that southern and western Asia might be the source of this haplogroup”.
    * “Given the geographic spread and STR diversities of sister clades R1 and R2, the latter of which is restricted to India, Pakistan, Iran, and southern central Asia, it is possible that southern and western Asia were the source for R1 and R1a differentiation. ”

    – Kivilsid – 2003

    * Based on 728 samples covering 36 Indian populations, it announced in its very title how its findings revealed a “Minor Genetic Influence of Central Asian Pastoralists,” i.e. of the Indo-Aryans, and stated its general agreement with the previous study. For instance, the authors rejected the identification of some Y-DNA genetic markers with an “Indo-European expansion,” an identification they called “convenient but incorrect … overly simplistic.” To them, the subcontinent’s genetic landscape was formed much earlier than the dates proposed for an Indo-Aryan immigration: “The influence of Central Asia on the pre-existing gene pool was minor. … There is no evidence whatsoever to conclude that Central Asia has been necessarily the recent donor and not the receptor of the R1a lineages.”
    * “Dravidian” authorship of the Indus-Sarasvati civilization rejected indirectly, since it noted, “Our data are also more consistent with a peninsular origin of Dravidian speakers than a source with proximity to the Indus….” They found, in conclusion, “overwhelming support for an Indian origin of Dravidian speakers.”
    * The frequencies of R2 seems to mirror the frequencies of R1a (i.e. both lineages are strong and weak in the same social and linguistic subgroups). This may indicate that both R1a and R2 moved into India at roughly the same time or co-habited, although more research is needed. R2 is very rare in Europe.

    Sanghamitra Sengupta, L. Cavalli-Sforza, Partha P. Majumder, and P. A. Underhill. – 2006.

    * “The sharing of some Y-chromosomal haplogroups between Indian and Central Asian populations is most parsimoniously explained by a deep, common ancestry between the two regions, with diffusion of some Indian-specific lineages northward.”
    * “The Y-chromosomal data consistently suggest a largely South Asian origin for Indian caste communities and therefore argue against any major influx, from regions north and west of India, of people associated either with the development of agriculture or the spread of the Indo-Aryan language family.”
    * “Southern castes and tribals are very similar to each other in their Y-chromosomal haplogroup compositions.” As a result, “it was not possible to confirm any of the purported differentiations between the caste and tribal pools,” a conclusion that directly clashes with the Aryan invasion theory which purports that male European Aryans chased tribal adivasis and aboriginals down south.

    Sanghamitra Sahoo, T. Kivisild and V. K. Kashyap. – 2006.

    * When Homo sapiens migrated out of Africa, he first reached South-West Asia around 75,000 BP, and from here, went on to other parts of the world. In simple terms, except for Africans, all humans have ancestors in the North-West of the Indian peninsula. In particular, one migration started around 50,000 BP towards the Middle East and Western Europe: “indeed, nearly all Europeans — and by extension, many Americans — can trace their ancestors to only four mtDNA lines, which appeared between 10,000 and 50,000 years ago and originated from South Asia.”

    -Lluís Quintana-Murci,Vincent Macaulay,Stephen Oppenheimer,Michael Petraglia,and their associates

    * “For me and for Toomas Kivisild, South Asia is logically the ultimate origin of M17(Y-DNA Haplogroup R1a, associated with the male Aryan invasion theory) and his ancestors; and sure enough we find the highest rates and greatest diversity of the M17 line in Pakistan, India, and eastern Iran, and low rates in the Caucasus. M17 is not only more diverse in South Asia than in Central Asia, but diversity characterizes its presence in isolated tribal groups in the south, thus undermining any theory of M17 as a marker of a ‘male Aryan invasion’ of India. One average estimate for the origin of this line in India is as much as 51,000 years. All this suggests that M17 could have found his way initially from India or Pakistan, through Kashmir, then via Central Asia and Russia, before finally coming into Europe.”

    -Stephen Oppenheimer

    * A (2009) study headed by geneticist Swarkar Sharma, collated information for 2809 Indians (681 Brahmins, and 2128 tribals and schedule castes). The results showed “no consistent pattern of the exclusive presence and distribution of Y-haplogroups to distinguish the higher-most caste, Brahmins, from the lower-most ones, schedule castes and tribals”. Brahmins from West Bengal showed the highest frequency (72.22%) of Y-haplogroups R1a1* hinting that it may have been a founder lineage for this caste group. The authors found it significant that the Saharia tribe of Madhya Pradesh had not only 28.07% R1a1, but also 22.8% R1a*, out of 57 people, with such a high percentage of R1a* never having been found before. Based on STR variance the estimated age of R1a* in India was 18,478 years, and for R1a1 it was 13,768 years.
    * In its conclusions the study proposed “the autochthonous origin and tribal links of Indian Brahmins” as well as “the origin of R1a1* … in the Indian subcontinent”.
    * S. Sharma, argued for an Indian origin of R1a1 lineage among Brahmins, by pointing out the highest incidence of R1a*, ancestral clade to R1a1, among Kashmiri Pandits (Brahmins) and Saharias, an Indian tribe.

    – Sharma et al 2009

    * “This paper rewrites history… there is no north-south divide.”
    This first time most elaborately done genetic study and released in 25th Sep2009.
    * “There is no truth to the Aryan-Dravidian theory as they came hundreds or thousands of years after the ancestral north and south Indians had settled in India.”
    * The study analysed 500,000 genetic markers across the genomes of 132 individuals from 25 diverse groups from 13 states. All the individuals were from six-language families and traditionally upper and lower castes and tribal groups. “The genetics proves that castes grew directly out of tribe-like organizations during the formation of the Indian society.”
    * “Impossible to distinguish between castes and tribes since their genetics proved they were not systematically different.”
    * The present-day Indian population is a mix of ancient north and south bearing the genomic contributions from two distinct ancestral populations – the Ancestral North Indian (ANI) aka Aryans aka R1a people and the Ancestral South Indian (ASI) aka Dravidians
    * “The initial settlement took place 65,000 years ago in the Andamans and in ancient south India around the same time, which led to population growth in this part,” said Thangarajan. He added, “At a later stage, 40,000 years ago, the ancient north Indians emerged which in turn led to rise in numbers here. But at some point of time, the ancient north and the ancient south mixed, giving birth to a different set of population. And that is the population which exists now and there is a genetic relationship between the population within India.”
    * The study also helps understand why the incidence of genetic diseases among Indians is different from the rest of the world. Singh said that 70% of Indians were burdened with genetic disorders and the study could help answer why certain conditions restricted themselves to one population. For instance, breast cancer among Parsi women, motor neuron diseases among residents of Tirupati and Chittoor, or sickle cell anaemia among certain tribes in central India and the North-East can now be understood better, said researchers.
    * The researchers, who are now keen on exploring whether Eurasians descended from ANI, find in their study that ANIs are related to western Eurasians, while the ASIs do not share any similarity with any other population across the world.

    Thangaraj and Singh at a press conference.(Aryan-Dravidian divide a myth: Study – India – The Times of India)

    “Reconstructing Indian Population History”
    – David Reich, Kumarasamy Thangaraj, Nick Patterson, Alkes L. Price & Lalit Singh

    The important deductions from the above recent study.

    Dravidians occupied South India from ancient times and reached South India via South sea and Dravidians nowhere related to North India or Northern routes!

    Aryans were in India around 40,000 years and concentrated in North India.At some point of time the was admixing between the Aryans and Dravidians!.
    There is no more original or pure Dravidins in mainland India.

    The closest Dravidians are Ongees tribe of Andaman Nicobar Islands living there.

    Who are still living secure life but most primitive with uncultured life.
    So,ancient Dravidians had civilization and culture is myth and fraud!!
    Then why the safe and secure living pure Ongees Dravidians have no culture!!

    Aryans forced Dravidians to move South is greatest lie!!
    All Northern Indus culture found by long living Aryans in North India.This is already proved by archeology.
    Those Sanskrit Vedic texts details which talks about thousands and thousands of years of details and it claim for antiquity is justified!!
    Those records are not only very ancient but reliable!!

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    read savitri devi if you want to get really messed up with nazi yoga. She believed hitler was the tenth incarnation of Vishnu that destroys society and reforms the world by the law of the gods and ends the kali yuga.


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    Does any of this really matter? We are all part of each other. You are me and I am you. That makes us all both Nazi and Hindu and also part of that guy on the corner who gets on your nerves too. Human genome project has basically shown we are the same person replicated over and over. Less than 1% of genes make up superficial outer differences. Consistent with Course in Miracles: one flame is source which lights all the candles. Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs shows once baser needs met will focus on spiritual and self – actualization. Nazis are people too. And some not so good ideas originate in India with the good ones like the unclean “untouchables” – not very enlightened and nothing to be proud of. No one is all bad or all good. Yoga is just one path to transcendence. Unity not division should be the focus.

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