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This Week In Yoga: John Friend Takes Leave, Key to Digestive Health, Yoga in the Olympics

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Remember that MTV show ‘Diary’ with the tagline “You think you know. You have no idea” that followed celebrities around and brought us a behind the scenes look into a day in the life? Which was all production, lights, smoke and mirrors anyway? Well, that tagline has been playing on a loop in our brains for the past few weeks and it’s so played out we’re waiting for Black Eyed Peas remix.

Without ignoring the obvious story of the hour (of the year? it’s only February!) we’re happy to say we’re grooving back into regularly scheduled programming of sassafras and spunk. Thanks for sticking through the wild ride with the us and sharing in this important conversation. Because just like you were totally shocked that Christina Aguilera doesn’t wear her makeup 24hrs a day and puts her pants on one leg at a time – OMG! – in this crazy world of yoga, one day you know, and the next you realize you have no idea.

Cap it all off with a little love (keep reading).

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

Things happened quickly in the Anusara/John Friend scandal. More teachers have spoken out, many more have resigned. Here are the updates from the week:

And for the full sequence of updates here’s the Running Timeline of Anusara Controversy, Updates and Teacher Resignations

As if our world revolved around controversy (it doesn’t!). Here’s some yoga humor, a little facebook meme-erifficness to share with your virtually real friends.

Are you reading for Lady Gaga and Bikram Yogis at the Olympics? In your dreams, your Olympic dreams.

And because we could ALL use some help digesting. Check out our new YogaDork Educator Jillian Pransky!

She’ll help you get your pipes and plumbing in order!

And finally, one of the our favorite things we saw on the interwebs this week. It’s called The Love Competition and it is beautiful. From a science perspective it’s pretty freaking neato. From a yoga (and human) perspective, it really says something about metta, meditation and our own loving thoughts. Enjoy 🙂



This Week In Yoga: In Which the Fate of Anusara Yoga and John Friend Hang in the Balance

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